Polestar's Global Design Contest Winner Revealed at Munich Auto Show

Polestar revealed the full-scale model of its award-winning design, ‘Polestar Synergy’, from the global design contest at the Munich International Auto Show in 2023. The design, a result of work amalgamated by Devashish Deshmukh, Swapnil Desai, and the first Chinese designer to win the award, Li Yingxiang, will be displayed in future Polestar spaces. Converging beautiful designs that form sustainable modes of future transportation is an innovative endeavor for Polestar.

Since 2020, Polestar hosts a global design contest annually. The 2022 contest themed ‘High Performance’ garnered over 600 entries worldwide. The first award won by a Chinese designer, Li Yingxiang, for his work ‘Polestar Performance Stable’ in the interior design category, grabbed a lot of attention.

The design inspiration for ‘Polestar Synergy’ is drawn from nature and emotions, with a single-seat floating interior design centered on control, it demonstrates Polestar’s high-performance ethos. The model, measuring 1.07 meters high and 4.56 meters long, gives viewers a strong visual impact. Polestar’s design concept is reflected through ‘Polestar Synergy’, showcasing the possibilities of a high-performance electric car.

The aim of this global design contest is also to discover global design talent. Li Yingxiang, the winning Chinese designer in the contest, has participated in the design of several concept cars and mass-produced cars and received recognition from the design team. His communication with the team also helped him form a new, more efficient design approach.

Polestar’s design contest is not just about the innovative thoughts of the designers, but more about helping them realize these thoughts. The journey from a designer’s idea to the final award-winning work, interspersed with various exchanges and improvements, is reflected in this full-scale model.

Finally, Polestar welcomed Hot Wheels, a brand under the Mattel company, as a partner. In the next global design contest, they will incorporate Hot Wheels’ innovative and bold design ideas and include its mass-produced car models into the collector’s toys of Hot Wheels and Matchbox. This is with the intent to introduce the charm of electric vehicles to a wider audience.

This article is a translation by ChatGPT of a Chinese report from 42HOW. If you have any questions about it, please email bd@42how.com.