Avatr 11 HarmonyOS Edition: A Bold Step into the High-end Market?

On August 24, the Avatr 11 HarmonyOS version was officially unveiled.

It includes 4 models:

  • 90 Degrees rear-drive version, priced at 300,000 yuan;
  • 116 Degrees rear-drive version, priced at 335,000 yuan;
  • 90 Degrees luxury version, priced at 350,000 yuan;
  • 116 Degrees luxury version, priced at 390,000 yuan.

The Avatr 11 HarmonyOS version features a deeply customized HarmonyOS cockpit and Huawei’s high-end smart driving system, ADS 2.0. Tan Benhong, Chairman and CEO of Avatr Tech, said:

As a brand built with the best resources in the Chinese auto industry, Avatr must take on the duty and mission of seeking upward breakthrough and challenging the high-end market. The Avatr 11 HarmonyOS version is our sword-drawing moment.

First, let’s look at the HarmonyOS cockpit. The cockpit has an operating logic highly consistent with users’ smartphones, enabling fast and intuitive use.

Moreover, the cockpit can achieve cross-device transitions with smartphones and other smart terminals, allowing seamless switching between navigation, music and other information within the car system and the phone.

Additionally, Avatr Tech also employs its proprietary ‘Scenario World’ function to achieve deep linkage between mobile and onboard information.

Next is ADS 2.0. ADS 2.0 has introduced several industry-leading features.

The Avatr 11 HarmonyOS version is equipped with 3 LIDARs and a total of 34 smart driving sensors, adding a universal obstacle detection AEB feature.

In high-speed scenarios, additional features include risky lane changes, same-direction obstacle avoidance, ETC toll station passage, and construction site lane changes. For city scenarios, added features included smart transit through special lanes (e.g., tidal lanes), risky lane changes, opposition/directional obstacle avoidance, urban U-turns, and roundabout navigation.

Official information states that Avatr ADS 2.0’s urban smart driving functions can cover 90% of urban driving scenarios.

Lastly, the Avatr 11 HarmonyOS version made tweaks and refinements in certain details.

The Avatr 11 HarmonyOS version comes with 22-inch wheels and Brembo high-performance four-piston aluminum yellow calipers. The interior is made up of premium leather and faux suede materials, along with an upgraded 256-color ambient light feature, adding luxury to the vehicle’s interior.

Additionally, the new vehicle offers a precise and smooth stopping system, fine-tuning braking forces for smoother driving.

Avatr 11 Harmony Edition enhances overall product quality while introducing a variety of car buying benefits. These include a deposit of 5,000 RMB discounting 25,000 RMB off the car purchase price, as well as a unique benefit of a lifetime electrical system warranty for first-time car owners.

Avatr technology hopes that with this new model, it can break into the luxury electric market in the 300,000 RMB range, and create an exquisite lifestyle experience with customers.

This article is a translation by ChatGPT of a Chinese report from 42HOW. If you have any questions about it, please email bd@42how.com.