Discover the 2024 AION V Plus: Family-Friendly Electric SUV with Upgraded Features & Attractive Financial Incentives

On June 20th, AION released the 2024 AION V Plus, with prices ranging from ¥159,900 to ¥232,900.

It is understood that AION conducted in-depth research into family travel scenarios and upgraded the 2024 AION V Plus for six commonly used family scenarios. The new model has a wheelbase of 2830mm and a width of 1920mm to meet the needs of large families. In addition, the 2024 AION V Plus is equipped with a 180kW electric drive and offers 5 driving modes, including ECO, NORMAL, and SPORT, for drivers to choose from.

Apart from product performance, AION has also launched a series of financial policies and custom optional packages for the 2024 AION V Plus. Diverse custom optional packages, such as the V2L external power supply kit, are provided to meet the needs of family users. The first 1,000 customers who order a remote parking kit can also enjoy a 50% discount.

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