Revolutionizing EV Charging: NIO's 1,400 Battery Swapping Stations & Cutting-Edge Tech Enhance User Experience

On May 15th, as the NIO battery swap station at the Shanghai Metro Putuo store was put into operation, the total number of NIO battery swap stations nationwide exceeded 1,400. On that day, eight NIO swap stations were put into operation, bringing the total number of completed stations to 1,403, and the “Powerhouse Zone” coverage rate increased to 71.30%. So far, NIO has provided over 22 million battery swap services to users.

At NIO Day 2022, NIO released its third-generation battery swap station. The new station adopts a three-position collaborative swap mode, which increases the service capacity by 30% compared to the second-generation station and boosts the maximum daily battery swap capacity to 408 times, shortening the swap time further. The third-gen station will also be equipped with two laser radars and two NVIDIA OrinX chips, with a total computing power of 508 TOPS, enabling vehicle summoning and battery swapping features.

To date, NIO has completed the construction of 1,403 battery swap stations nationwide, including 1,029 stations in urban areas—covering 71.30% of the “Powerhouse Zone” (residential or office spaces within 3 km of the swap station)—and 374 stations on highways, connecting 6 vertical, 3 horizontal, and 8 major city clusters with high-speed battery swapping networks, providing more than 22 million battery swap services to users.

This year, NIO plans to build 1,000 new battery swap stations nationwide, with around 600 in urban areas, focusing on tier-3 and tier-4 cities and county towns with a certain user base but no stations yet; about 400 stations will be built on highways to accelerate the layout of the 9 vertical, 9 horizontal, and 19 major city cluster high-speed battery swapping networks. By the end of 2023, NIO aims to have over 2,300 battery swap stations, continuously deploying a comprehensive energy service system that enables charging, swapping, and upgrading.

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