Discover Haval's Hi4 Electric AWD: Revolutionizing the EV Era at the 20th Shanghai Auto Expo

On April 18th, 2023, Haval brand presented its Haval Owlon MAX, Haval Owlon, and Haval 2nd Generation Big Dog PHEV new energy vehicle lineups at the 20th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition.

Mr. Qiao Xinyu, Executive Deputy General Manager of Haval, expressed to the attending guests and media: “Haval has been focusing on the emotional responses of users in driving scenarios and delivering a superb electric 4WD experience. If quattro represents the traditional 4WD example in the fuel age, then Hi4 will undoubtedly become the benchmark for electric 4WD in the new energy era.”

Hi4, a new intelligent 4WD hybrid technology, heralds a new era of Haval new energy vehicles with its revolutionary electric blend

As one of the only four “A-class” car shows in China, the Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition has a global impact. Haval Owlon MAX is equipped with Hi4, a new intelligent 4WD hybrid technology from Great Wall Motors that carries epoch-making significance. H (Hybrid) stands for hybrid, i (intelligent) for intelligence, and 4 (4WD) for four-wheel-drive. Hi4 is designed specifically for high-level driving demands in new energy scenarios, endowing vehicles with multiple driving characteristics.

The new intelligent 4WD hybrid technology, Hi4, adopts a “new configuration” of triple power sources for dual-axis distribution through front and rear axle dual motor layouts, realizing a series-parallel 4WD hybrid architecture, broadening user driving scenarios;

With the “new breakthrough” of the iTVC intelligent torque vectoring control system in industry technology, based on the high-precision perception of vehicle speed by the electric motor rotation, iTVC rapidly allocates and dynamically adjusts torque on the front and rear axles at millisecond frequencies, effectively suppressing low-adhesion road surface skidding and understeering or oversteering tendencies during cornering, enhancing handling stability and driving safety;

Lastly, the electromechanical coupling transmission system brings a “new height” to user scenarios, with an innovative dual-shift electromechanical coupling unit design, achieving engine direct drive coverage for nearly the entire speed range, satisfying user driving demands in all scenarios.

The brand-new intelligent 4WD hybrid technology Hi4 will empower Haval’s return to the mainstream global market, winning the breakthrough battle in the second half of the new energy era. Meanwhile, the all-new intelligent 4WD hybrid technology Hi4 will **bring down the price of 4WD with its strength and genuinely achieve overflowing value.

Haval Owl MAX debuts, launching the popular electric 4WD era

The Haval Owl MAX, which made its first appearance at the Shanghai Auto Show, carries Great Wall Motors’ 33 years of car-making experience and features three core technologies: the new generation Coffee OS intelligent cockpit system, the Coffee Intelligent Driving System, and the all-new intelligent 4WD hybrid technology Hi4. **It aims to become a leading model in the new energy market.

The Haval Owl MAX is equipped with Great Wall Motors’ industry-leading new generation Coffee OS intelligent cockpit system, featuring wakeup speed of 300 milliseconds, response speed of 400 milliseconds, and vehicle control skill response of 900 milliseconds. The ultra-fast visible-and-voice control function allows direct access to vehicle controls, covering 12 areas such as vehicle controls, system settings, navigation, multimedia, and air conditioning.

In terms of intelligent driving, the Haval Owl MAX comes with the Coffee Intelligent Driving System. With 1 ADAS intelligent front-view camera, 5 millimeter-wave radars, 4 surround-view cameras, and 12 ultrasonic radars, this top-tier hardware setup enables L2+ level intelligent driving assistance for all road conditions, time periods, and weather. Features like HWA lane change assist, intelligent cornering, and smart evasion, commonly found in vehicles above the 300,000 price range, truly achieve technological equality.

The Haval Owl MAX, the first model to feature Great Wall Motors’ all-new intelligent 4WD hybrid technology Hi4, is powered by a 1.5L hybrid-specific engine. Its rear-axle motor uses an efficient flat wire + low drag reduction gearbox design, with a combined power output of 205kW and total torque of 585 N·m. WLTC fuel consumption is 1.78L/100km, with WLTC energy regenerative efficiency at 5.5L/100km and 0-100km/h acceleration in just 6.8s.Please provide the Chinese Markdown text that needs to be translated into English.

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