Nezha Auto Sees 26% Year-Over-Year Increase in April Deliveries, Totaling 285k by April 2023

On May 1st, NIO announced its delivery data for April: NIO delivered 11,080 vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 26%, across the entire product lineup. Among them, 4,727 of the NIO V series were delivered, 3,821 of the NIO U series were delivered, 2,237 of the NIO S were delivered, and 295 of the NIO GT were delivered. As of the end of April 2023, NIO has delivered a total of 285,011 vehicles.

At the 20th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition, NIO made its debut with its three major product series, “supercar, sedan, and SUV”. At the auto show, NIO held a launch event for its first pure electric supercar, the NIO GT, positioning it as the “new generation of GT high-tech electric supercars” and its starting price is CNY 178,800, relying on the technical advantages of the NIO’s “Shan Hai” platform.

In April, two “U Show version” models of the NIO U-II, the 400U Show Version and the 500U Show Version, were launched and delivered. The new car has four core product advantages: “beauty, space, intelligent driving, and safety” which brings a super U-class driving experience to young people at a price range of CNY 110,000-130,000.

In April, the NIO V V Travel Edition was launched. The new car continues the advantages of the NIO V in terms of modeling, safety and space, and the price is also lower, bringing a new car value upgrade to the 70,000 level market.

It is worth mentioning that the Thai AutoLife website has released data on the registration volume of pure electric vehicles. According to the data, in March, the volume of NIO V registrations was in the top three for three consecutive months. In the first quarter, the volume of NIO V registrations reached 2,502, ranking second on the list and accounting for about 17% of the total number of registered pure electric vehicles in the first quarter.

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