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When nature and technology collide and merge, when scenes and life intertwine and give birth, how will future travel change? Polestar is committed to creating green, convenient, and intelligent travel life for people who love life. Based on the scenarized car-making concept, Polestar has created the new Alpha S Forest and Alpha T Forest versions. These two cars use the “misty gray” paint color jointly created by Polestar and Huangshan, which brings the unique temperament of Huangshan into the car and creates organic green interiors to allow people living in bustling cities to return to nature from a sensory perspective. At the same time, the new cars have been comprehensively upgraded in terms of design, comfort, intelligence, and endurance to meet users’ full-scenario travel needs, bringing a comfortable, relaxed, and enjoyable driving experience and injecting vibrant vitality into urban life.

We would like to invite you to visit our Polestar booth 4A08 in Hall 4.1 of the Shanghai Auto Show, to deeply experience the extraordinary charm of these two new cars. We have prepared related materials for you. We hope that you will focus on the following topics for interpretation and comments, and spread the word through original content and publishing, allowing more users to understand the innovative interpretation and ultimate charm of the new Alpha S and Alpha T Forest versions. Thank you for your support!

I. Recommended Exhibition Headlines:

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  2. Early previews of new cars: The Polestar Alpha S Forest version leads the debut of three new cars at the Shanghai Auto Show
  3. Truly satisfying users’ scenarized travel needs: Three new heavy-duty Polestar cars debut before the auto show
  4. See the new energy vehicles at the Shanghai Auto Show: the new Alpha S and Alpha T Forest versions, and the Polestar Koala
  5. Get a sneak peek at the highlights of the Polestar booth at the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show

II. Recommended Booth Audit Headlines:

  1. New cars debut at the Shanghai Auto Show: The new Alpha S and Alpha T Forest versions, and the Polestar Koala

  2. Booth car audit: The “forest oxygen bar” new Alpha S and Alpha T Forest versions of Polestar, creating a mobile forest in the city

  3. Static audit of the new Alpha S and Alpha T Forest versions at the Shanghai Auto Show, featuring scenarized travel!

  4. Breathe in the fresh “forest” air even in the city, the new Alpha S and Alpha T Forest versions debut at the Shanghai Auto Show.5. This is the true embodiment of user-oriented design. Three heavyweight new cars from Jihoo Auto made their debut at the Shanghai Auto Show.

  5. Shanghai Auto Show’s new car static appreciation: the brand new Alpha S and Alpha T Forest Edition bring the Huangshan charm into the world of cars.

  6. Exclusive coverage of the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show: Scene-based car manufacturing company Jihoo Auto has brought three new products with a bang.

New Car

Topic Focus #2

Topic: Good air quality every time you enter your car, regardless of the weather!

Core information:

  • Forest Oxygen Bar: Achieving full air purification within the car, ensuring clean air with every breath. Before entering the vehicle, the user can remotely engage the air quality testing function. With the use of the CN95-rated cabin air filters, PM2.5 levels can be reduced to below 30 within just 5 minutes. This function is particularly important for individuals with respiratory sensitivities. Meanwhile, the lysozyme, humidification, and negative ion filtration systems work in conjunction to purify the air, ultimately guaranteeing a safe environment.
  • The air conditioning system should be set to the external circulation mode, while the negative ion generator initiates the process of air purification along with the CN95 filter. At the highest wind speed level, users can enjoy cool breeze blowing against their faces.
  • Once the humidifier is activated, the moist air can provide a sense of refreshment to the senses, truly reminiscent of the healing qualities of nature.
  • The automated release of woodsy fragrances fills the car with the natural scents of the forest, providing an immersive experience.
  • Upon activating the “Forest Oxygen Bar” mode through voice commands or screen prompts, the center console will be replaced by forest imagery, accompanied by the natural sounds of the forest such as bird chirps and rustling leaves.
  • The morning fog, interspersed with clouds, adds a mystical, immersive touch to the forest imagery. The grey hues of the fog represent the potential for the rejuvenating, green growth of the forest, creating a harmonious blend between nature and technology.

Topic: The collision between light and electricity not only generates lasers, but also evokes personal pride

Core information:

  • Welcome Light Display, Illuminated Logo, AR-Sensing Tailgate: The sense of exclusivity and grandeur is heightened for the user. Upon approaching the car, little fox-shaped sensors will automatically recognize the key and unlock the doors, with the illuminated logo and welcome light display signaling a grand entrance.
  • AR sensing tailgate: As the user approaches the rear of the vehicle, the AR projection system will be automatically activated. As long as the user steps onto the image projected onto the ground, the tailgate will automatically open, freeing up hands for carrying heavy objects. This feature offers both flexibility and safety.- Floor light carpet and light dance mode (for Alpha S Forest Edition only): Approaching the vehicle will automatically activate the light dance mode, with the angel wings on both sides of the vehicle lighting up, and the headlights, tail lights, and illuminated logo responding to each other, creating a red carpet-like experience for the user and generating a sense of happiness and ceremony.
  • Different light dance effects can be started with a single key on the vehicle system, and the exterior lights will dance to different music rhythms. The car lights and doors can also be controlled to match the light dance music, creating a ceremonial show.
  • In different scenarios such as welcoming, charging, and leaving the car, the logo light will interact and light up with rhythm, creating a sense of vitality and ceremony.
  • Starting with power: Setting off with a full battery, enjoying outdoor hot pot more freely. The front row supports 50W wireless charging for mobile phones with fan cooling, and the rear row supports 65W Type-C, freeing you from the anxiety of low battery and allowing you to set off with a full battery anytime. The trunk has a 220V (2.2 kW) power socket, making camping and outdoor hot pot scenarios more convenient and simple.

Turning on this function (light dance show + door dance) will make adults feel stylish and children will be thrilled!

  • With the increasingly rich configuration of external lights for new energy vehicles, the diversified lighting methods for different scenarios have become a development trend. Many new car models have added light dance show functions through facelifts or upgrades, providing users with more entertainment experiences.
  • When approaching the Alpha S Forest Edition, the vehicle will automatically activate the light dance mode, with the angel wings on both sides of the vehicle lighting up, and the headlights, tail lights, and illuminated logo responding to each other, creating a red carpet-like experience for the user and generating a sense of happiness and ceremony.
  • Different light dance effects can be started with a single key on the vehicle system, and the exterior lights will dance to different music rhythms. Three music pieces are available in the scenario mode, each matching a different light effect.
  • By forwarding the signals of the car lights and doors to each control unit through the vehicle system, the whole car lights and doors can be controlled to match the light dance music, creating a ceremonial show.
  • At night, you can enjoy the new light dance show of the little fox together, plus the door dance, watching the performance of the little fox, and children will be thrilled.
  • During stargazing camping, with many people around, entertainment media can be used to enliven the atmosphere. Turning on the light dance show and door dance can create a sense of ceremony and add laughter and joy. It could also give your partner/friend a little surprise with the special ceremonial feeling of the light dance…

Topic: Hot pot and camping are a perfect match, drinking beer and eating hot pot, dancing and singing!

Key information:

  • Equipped with a 220V power socket with a power of 2.2 kW, this car meets the electrical needs of small car refrigerators and electric hot pots, making camping, outdoor hot pot and other scenes more convenient and simple.
  • At night, switch on the camping mode, and enjoy the unique pleasure of outdoor KTV with your family using the car-mounted KTV or an external karaoke machine. Combine the dynamic atmosphere light with the experience of watching fox performances and dance displays, making it a perfect way for families to enjoy the unique joy of outdoor KTV.
  • When you’re tired from playing, use the one-click camping mode to let the car seat rapidly transform into a bed, the air conditioner, atmosphere light and other settings quickly enter the rest state, saving you from having to adjust them yourself and allowing you to directly lay down and rest.
  • Additionally, the front 50 W wireless charging for mobile phones comes equipped with a fan cooling function, while the back has 65 W Type-C charging, relieving your mobile phone battery anxiety and allowing you to charge a computer even in emergency outdoors.

Topic: When Huangshan’s “Misty Grey” meets “Organic Green Forests,” you can always return to nature

Key information:

  • The car paint is created by Polestar and Huangshan together, inspired by different scenes such as the unique Huangshan Sea of Clouds, sunrises, peaks, pine forests, rain and mist, starry skies, and other scenes, with “Misty Grey” designed to present a vision of nature’s expectation through the sun-filled, dynamic green.
  • “Misty Grey” brings together the beautiful scenery of Huangshan, making people feel as if they are traversing the top of the Huangshan mountain range in a second, enveloped in the great beauty of nature.
  • The mysterious and advanced grey shade brings a poem-like, elegant and tranquil, soothing sensation. At a glance, “Misty Grey” has a soft, fresh and luxurious tone, instantly smoothing the anxiety of urban families who live in a fast-paced modern city, providing a soothing atmosphere and spiritual healing.
  • The naturally organic green interior design (Polestar Alpha S Forest Edition interior is organic green, Polestar Alpha T Forest Edition interior is ionic green): natural feel, comfortable when seated. The use of the same color scheme for natural organic green interior with the “Misty Grey” hue transports Huangshan’s natural essence into the car, creating a pure and relaxed atmosphere, and bringing the “New Luxury” style to users from a sensory perspective.
  • With the use of naturally organic leather materials, the stitching design is inspired by the bright beams of forest streams, interweaving and interlacing, randomly reflecting light, finding balance between order and freedom. The membrane design is inspired by the texture of organic plant leaves, presenting a comprehensive interlocking technology curve, with the tension and natural feelings of life, the most beautiful interpretation of technology in nature.- The car infotainment system presents a fresh and comfortable green forest scene, coupled with a lush atmosphere light and a clean and concise instrument interface, providing a friendly and luxurious feeling in connection with nature and technology.

Topic: No more pretending. Charge only once a week, and feel exclusive every time!

Core information:

  • Ultra-long endurance: Eliminating travel anxiety, unlocking the freedom of the forest. Thanks to a whole vehicle weight reduction of 13kg, a wind resistance coefficient reduced to 0.234 count, and a tire rolling resistance coefficient lowered to 6.3, the Alpha S Forest version now has upgraded endurance of 735 km, and the Alpha T Forest version 688 km;
  • Accurate and no exaggerated mark: With the support of advanced HEA technology, the energy consumption is only 16 kW/h per 100 km, leading the same class of products in terms of energy saving;
  • Electric/inductive charging port cover: In addition to the original left and right side charging port doors, the Alpha S and T Forest versions have a newly added electric function. When the vehicle is charging, the charging port cover will automatically open and comes with a charging indicator light, making it easy to operate and full of high-tech features;
  • When charging at a private charging pole, the charging port cover will automatically open, providing a unique and exclusive experience for vehicle owners, leading the same class of vehicles. (Only available in the Alpha S Forest version)

Topic: The only car model with both electric and suction doors priced at 300,000 RMB

Core information:

  • It has an induction electric door, which provides users with five different experiences, namely convenience, interaction, safety, comfort and ritual, meeting the different needs of users in different scenarios.
  • The Alpha S Forest version is also equipped with an electric and suction door. Just slightly touching the door, the car door will automatically lock, while carrying the key to the front of the car, the car door will automatically open, saving users the need to operate by hand. It feels like there is an invisible doorman helping to open the door, making it very convenient to get on the car, and also bringing users a sense of ritual and technology;
  • After getting on the car, lightly stepping on the brake, the car door will automatically close, which is both elegant and safe.
  • The Mercedes C-Class, E-Class, BYD Han, and Xiaopeng P7 do not have this function; The high version of HiPhi X/Z and Jikr 001 are equipped with this function.

Topic: Is Fatigue for middle-aged people from their children? Forest Comfortable Seats and Private Meditation Room Can Cure You

Core Information:

  • Youthfulness disappeared suddenly, and middle age came quietly. It is said that middle age is the most tiring time: elderly parents to take care of, young children to raise, and oneself to work hard, but no one has the strength to yell “I’m tired”. Every child is like an ATM, and every mother is like a fighter jet. After work, people do not want to go home, they just want to sit in the car for a while.
  • Forest comfortable seats: immersive SPA, instantly eliminate fatigue. The entire car seats can give massages. The front seats can be turned on through the car’s infotainment system, which can help alleviate stress, and the rear seats can be turned on by voice commands, releasing pressure. The rear seats can be heated, providing a quiet and comfortable corner for relaxation.
  • Power Nap mode: If you arrive early at work and have plenty of time, you can take a power nap before starting your work, keeping you more energetic. If you have some free time during your workday, you can enter power nap mode in the car to refresh yourself, which can improve your ability to cope with things and enhance your memory. Turn on the one-button power nap mode, and the car will create a comfortable environment suitable for rest automatically.
  • After experiencing a day of exhaustion, people hope to relax, release negative emotions, and adjust their state to be more positive. By shifting from a work-based and managerial role to a family-based role such as that of a husband or father, the One-button meditation mode can be selected to start a meditation training session. The car will be transformed into a private meditation room. When parked with the car turned on and in park, voice commands or one-click activation can enter power nap mode, and the seats, air conditioning, audio, and door locks will automatically enter a preset state, providing a comfortable rest environment.

Topic: Walking Office, Business Meeting Space with More Privacy

Core Information:

  • Besides the office and home, there should be a third space where people can work in emergency and hold business meetings with high privacy.
  • When facing a sudden meeting, the smartphone screen is too small and hard to read. The car’s infotainment system can be used to cast the meeting content onto the screen, making it easier to read. People are no longer restricted to holding their phone low or carrying their laptop around. The current screen casting system supports multiple office software and can easily handle various meetings.
  • At the same time, if multiple people need to participate in a meeting in the car, the screen casting system on the car becomes like a separate meeting room. It can increase the efficiency of the meeting and avoid the situation where everyone works on their own.
  • Flexible charging in the car: Keep the battery charged anytime, anywhere. The car supports wireless charging for the front 50W mobile phone, which also has a fan for heat dissipation. The rear seat has a 65W Type-C port. People can get rid of their worries about low battery levels and be fully charged when leaving home. The 220V (2.2kW) power socket in the trunk makes it more convenient to charge laptops.- Super Silent Space: Even at high speeds, you can speak quietly without hindering communication. With outstanding noise reduction performance better than similar models, all outside noise is isolated when the doors are closed, creating a quiet cabin space through chassis tuning, motor noise suppression, sound insulation and noise reduction design, and silent tires, providing a luxurious driving experience.
  • Super Large Space: For business use, size matters. With the highest space utilization rate among its class and higher models, the wheelbase reaches 2,915mm, providing spacious and comfortable seating space even for passengers who are 1.8 meters tall, ensuring plenty of legroom in the back seat.

Topic: Who is the King of Scenario Modes? The Answer is Here

Core Information:

  • There are many scenarios for car use, and the Jixuhu Alpha has a rich variety of scenario modes that can easily match users’ various car usage needs. For example, when taking a nap during lunch on a workday, you can restore energy; in the tired afternoon, you can meditate in the car to improve focus and quickly awaken the body’s function.
  • Going camping with family on the weekend, you can activate the camping mode: quick response in the cabin, multiple systems including seating, air conditioning, ambient lighting, etc. work together to achieve the best camping and rest state.
  • When traveling with your baby, you can activate the baby mode: multimedia silence, automatic air conditioning, front and rear temperatures adjusted to 24 degrees, wind speed at gear 1, front air vents avoiding direct blowing, rear air vents closed, ambient lights off, car windows closed, sunroof and sunshade closed. This mode can provide a quiet, enclosed, and safe space to help the baby fall asleep quickly.
  • In-car projection is a function that perfectly combines outdoor travel and urban entertainment, and has broad prospects for promotion. With one key to enter the movie-watching mode, the front seats move forward, the backrests of the front seats tilt forward, the sound field moves backward, the rear air vents open, the ambient light in the back seat turns on, the fragrance is turned on, the curtain is hung up, and the projection is turned on. The rear luggage compartment’s sunshade is reused as the projection screen holder, and the customized white screen is fixed to form a projection screen through magnetic suction buckles. The projection screen is installed on the B-pillar position inside the car via an adapter block and nylon rope.
  • With one key to enter the car wash mode, the vehicle will actively close the windows, sunroof, electric trunk lid, and automatically lock when leaving the car, creating the best car wash environment.
  • In case of cigarette smoking, dining, or other situations that cause air pollution in the car, the one-key ventilation mode can be activated. When there is no rain detected outside, the car windows can be opened by 20%, the sunroof by 30%, and the air conditioning turned on for air purification and negative ion and external circulation function. After exiting this mode, all functions return to their previous state.- Additionally, there is a customizable cockpit, and users can build new scene modes according to their own needs. There is nothing the Arctic Fox cannot do.

Topic: Layered “locks” provide you with true security

Core information:

  • Electronic child safety locks, battery safety monitoring, and one-click queries: Power use with ease of mind while driving safely. Equipped with an electronic child safety lock, the driver can control the lock with one click, reducing the risks associated with traditional mechanical locks. Remote monitoring: Backend technicians monitor battery safety 24/7 and provide timely solutions for safety risks and maintenance and upgrading services; One-click query: During daily use, users can check the vehicle with one click to view the battery level and health status, and receive feedback at any time when the battery is abnormally healthy.
  • Active tensioned safety belt: Turning passive into active, this safety belt is intelligent. It provides pre-tensioned protection to fix the driver and passengers in their seats before potential collision hazards, reduce forward displacement of personnel, provide maximum survival space for drivers and passengers, and ensure their safety to the greatest extent possible. (only available in the alpha model forest version)

C-NCAP five-star collision safety standard: Five-star safety provides hardcore care and high-level safety performance can reduce human injury levels and even personally unharmed through the absorption of vehicle structure energy and restraint system response when high-speed collisions occur.

III. Five Major Upgrades of New Products

Model upgrade

  • The new car adopts the “Foggy Grey” color inspired by the swirling clouds and mists in the depths of Huangshan. This mysterious and high-end gray brings a poetic, elegant, serene, and relaxed feeling.
  • Adopting natural organic leather material with overlay stitching design inspired by bright light in the forest, interlaced vertically and horizontally, randomly reflecting light, finding balance between order and freedom. The membrane design is inspired by the texture of organic plant leaves, presenting a comprehensive and interlacing sense of technological lines with tension of life and naturalness, which is the most beautiful interpretation of nature to technology.
  • Welcome light language and glowing logo: When the little fox recognizes the key, it will automatically unlock, and the illuminated logo and welcome light language work together to greet the user.
  • Ground lighting pad: Approaching the vehicle, the light dance mode will automatically turn on, and the two sides of the vehicle will emit angel wings, and the headlights, taillights, and illuminated logos will respond to each other, making users feel like walking on a red carpet and experiencing a full sense of happiness and ceremony.- AR Induction Tailgate: When approaching the tailgate, the AR projection will automatically open, and the tailgate can be unlocked by stepping on the image behind the car, freeing your hands in the safest and most flexible way, no matter how many things you are holding.
  • Light Dance Mode: With the push of a button on the car system, the exterior light group dances to different music rhythms. In the scene mode, there are three pieces of music matched with lighting effects. The car system forwards the signals to the control units of all the lights, doors, and windows of the vehicle, and the lighting effects and control action of the light dance music are realized. (Only available in Alpha S Forest Edition)

Endurance Upgrade

  • Ultra-long Endurance: Eliminate range anxiety and unlock forest freedom. By reducing the weight of the whole vehicle by 13 kg, reducing the drag coefficient to 0.234 count, and reducing the tire rolling resistance coefficient to 6.3, the endurance of the Alpha S Forest Edition has been upgraded to 735 km; the endurance of the Alpha T Forest Edition has been upgraded to 688 km.
  • Equipped with Advanced Technologies, accurate and with no exaggerated numbers, the electricity consumption is only 16 kW/h per hundred kilometers, saving electricity and worries, leading the same level of competitors.

Comfort Upgrade

  • Full Vehicle Seat Massage: The front row can have their seat massage turned on through the car system to relieve fatigue, and the back row can turn on the massage function through voice control to release pressure. The back seats are heated, providing a quiet and comfortable space to enjoy the warmth.
  • Forest Oxygen Bar: Before getting on the car, remotely activate the air quality detection function; the cabin will monitor air quality indices such as PM2.5. Lysozyme, humidification filter element and negative ion disinfection will work to purify the air and ensure environmental safety. High-efficiency filter element of CN95 level, the highest air purification level for vehicle use, filters PM2.5 in the car to below 30 in five minutes, providing clean air for sensitive groups, making you feel like you are breathing fresh air in a big forest. The fragrance is added to create your exclusive aroma.
  • Supports front row 50 W wireless charging with fan cooling function and back row 65 W Type-C, freeing you from concerns about low battery life and allowing you to leave with full battery anytime. The trunk is equipped with a 220 V (2.2 kW) power socket, making camping and outdoor hot pot scenes more convenient and simple.- Equipped with induction electric doors, providing the five experiences of convenience, interaction, safety, comfort, and ceremony, meeting different car usage needs in various scenarios. Additionally, the car is equipped with an electric suction door that will automatically lock the car once the door is gently pushed, providing an elegant and safe experience. (Only available for Alpha S Forest Edition)
  • Electric/induction charging port cover: On the basis of the original left and right fender charging port doors, the car now features an electric function that automatically opens the charging port cover when the car reaches its destination, with a convenient charging indicator light and a strong sense of technology. During private charging, the charging port cover will automatically open, providing a unique and luxurious experience that surpasses other cars in its class. (Only available for Alpha S Forest Edition)

Smart Upgrade

  • Brand new car system UI interface: Customize the cabin based on personal driving habits and experience holiday surprises with festive Easter eggs popping up on the car system. The car system UI theme will change intelligently with different festivals and holidays to surprise family members and create a more festive atmosphere.
  • Scene modes: There are many scenarios when using the car, and the Alpha Fox has plenty of scene modes that can easily match various user needs. Take a relaxing nap in the car at noon on a workday to regain energy, engage in meditation training in the car during a tired afternoon to improve concentration and quickly refresh body functions, or go camping with family on weekends with rest and ambiance services provided by the Alpha Fox. For those taking their children on trips, the car offers a suitable in-car environment for them. Additionally, there is a customizable cabin, allowing users to create new scene modes based on their own needs. Whatever comes to mind, the Alpha Fox can make it happen.
  • Full-scenario smart voice interaction: No barrier services that improve both the user’s intelligence and emotional intelligence with voice interaction. Continuous conversations without wake-up: meet continuous conversation needs under various and specific scenarios, with the option to continue listening for 30, 60, 90, 120, or 150 seconds after the language broadcast ends without having to use a wake-up word to issue continuous instructions. Achieve multi-round interaction dialogue and true wake-free interaction. Intelligent emotionalization: reduce user voice interaction frustration, increase recognition accuracy of ambiguous speech recognition, enhance the efficiency of voice interaction, and execute successful actions in a more timely manner. Strengthen response time and enhance the user’s voice interaction experience.- Eco-system of car equipment massively upgraded: By using various rich eco-applications such as Huawei Map, Music, Audio Books, News, Entertainment, Payment, and including Leishi KTV, Member Center, Mango TV, Bilibili, etc., the cabin application experience and service will be greatly improved through screen projection.

Security Upgrade

  • Electronic Child Safety Lock and Battery Safety Monitoring with One-Click Query: Equipped with an electronic child safety lock, the driver can control the lock with one-click to reduce the risk caused by traditional mechanical locks. Remote monitoring: Technical personnel in the background will monitor the safety of the battery 24 hours a day, solve safety hazards or provide maintenance and upgrade services in time; One-click query: During daily use of the vehicle, users can also self-check the vehicle with one-click, and check the battery level and health status in real-time. When the battery health is abnormal, feedback can be received at any time.
  • Active pre-tension safety belt: Before potential collision danger occurs, it can pre-tension to protect, and fix the occupants on the seat in advance, reducing the forward displacement of occupants, providing maximum survival space for occupants, and better safeguarding their safety. (only available for Alpha S Forest Edition)
  • C-NCAP Five-Star Collision Safety Standard: High-level safety performance can reduce the degree of human injury, even if the person remains unharmed, when a high-speed collision occurs, by absorbing energy through the vehicle structure and through the response of the restraint system.

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