Long Great Wall Auto Unveils Over 15 Cutting-Edge Intelligent New Energy Vehicles at the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show

On April 18th, Great Wall Motors appeared with their intelligent new energy achievements at the 2023 20th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition. The five major brands, Haval, WEY, ORA, TANK, and Great Wall Cannon, brought nearly 30 products, including over 15 heavy-weight intelligent new energy products, multiple masterpieces that premiered worldwide, and technologies such as the first 6×6 super off-road platform and the off-road super hybrid framework Hi4-T which have attracted attention.

More than 300 media and dealers from over 60 countries and regions overseas gathered at the Great Wall Motors booth to feel the leading intelligent new energy products and technologies of Great Wall Motors. Foreign media and businessmen praised the company’s strong car-making power and rich matrix of intelligent new energy products. At the auto show, the signing ceremony of Great Wall Motors’ global dealerships was also successfully held, accelerating the globalization process of GWM.

The newly launched Haval Xolong MAX, equipped with the brand-new Hi4, officially appeared, leading the era of four-wheel drive for everyone

The models of Haval Xolong MAX, Haval Xolong, and the second generation of big dog PHEV were all dressed to appear. With the positioning of “global SUV expert,” Haval New Energy is carrying out their mission of “making the best SUV of each era”.

Equipped with the brand-new intelligent four-wheel drive hybrid technology Hi4, the Haval Xolong MAX is specially designed for the high-performance driving needs of new energy and all scenes, truly bringing users a brand-new experience of “optimal efficiency for all working conditions and worry-free driving for all situations”, leading new energy SUVs into the new era of four-wheel drive for everyone.

Haval Xolong MAX is equipped with three core technologies – the brand-new Coffee OS intelligent cockpit system, coffee intelligent driving system and the brand-new intelligent four-wheel drive hybrid technology Hi4, integrating new energy with cutting-edge intelligent technology.

Wei Pai’s New Energy Double Flagship, the Large 6/7-Seater High Mountain and Blue Mountain DHT-PHEV, Debuts Strongly in the “High Mountain/Blue Mountain CP Combination”

Wei Pai brought the High Mountain DHT-PHEV and Blue Mountain DHT-PHEV to the stage, showcasing the unique charm of the high-end intelligent new energy large 6/7-seater double flagship, while demonstrating Wei Pai’s brand positioning of “0 anxiety intelligent electric.”

Wei Pai’s first high-end MPV model, the High Mountain, made its global debut. It was built on a new energy high-end MPV model exclusive platform, and constructed with the “Harmony and Beauty with All Things” design concept. It features innovative design elements for the new era luxury MPV, such as the High Mountain water curtain front face, the waterfall grille, the Star River flowing headlights, and the water and sky waistline.

Since its launch on April 13, the Wei Pai Blue Mountain has received overwhelming market feedback due to its large 6-seater space, comfortable driving experience, and globally leading hybrid DHT technology and active and passive safety features. As of the 18th, it has received over 5,000 large-order bookings.

As a sincere work that brings together Great Wall’s cutting-edge technology, the City NOH function will be equipped on the Blue Mountain to create a new future urban smart travel experience. Wei Pai City NOH is equipped with the world’s first DriveGPT, an automatic driving cognitive large model, which gives intelligent driving human-like thinking and makes it more reliable.

In Wei Pai’s strategic plan for new energy, the goal is to achieve the “two horizontal and three vertical” concept, namely the PHEV+BEV dual energy strategy and the SUV+MPV+Sedan full category layout, continuously creating a diversified travel experience for users.

At the auto show, Wei Pai also unveiled a “full-size large 6-seater” flagship new energy SUV, which will join the Blue Mountain and High Mountain to strengthen the large 6/7-seater market and jointly lead Wei Pai’s continuous upward advancement.

Ora launches Ballet Cat, the first car with 1080° Women’s Safety Architecture and 22 Warm Technology Features, set to be released in 2023

Ora has put extensive effort into developing the women’s car market and its latest release, the Ballet Cat model, is the first car to feature the 1080° Women’s Safety Architecture with Warm Technology. Boasting 360° basic safety, 360° intelligent safety, and 360° health safety, Ora has become a leader in designing women’s car safety, pioneering the field of women’s car safety scenarios, and advocating for women’s car safety standards worldwide.

The Ballet Cat model is Ora’s first car to be fully equipped with Warm Technology and will be launched in 2023 at a price range of RMB 149,800 to RMB 179,800. With 22 new Warm Technology features, it is tailored towards enhancing the female driver experience and meeting the requirements of female drivers.

On April 19th, the world’s first electric GT for young people: the Ora Good Cat GT Mulan Version, will also hit the market. This new model seamlessly integrates the sporty design, powerful performance, and exhilarating driving experience of a GT car.

The Ora 2.0 era believes in “Loving Women More”. We use Warm Technology to build a differentiated brand value and create exclusive experiences, helping women achieve their dreams and shine in life.

Tank 500 Hi4-T officially presells and Tank 400 Hi4-T Mass Production Version is unveiled globally

The Tank off-road new energy family made its debut, marking the full implementation of Tank’s off-road new energy technology. The upgraded off-road super hybrid architecture Hi4-T has been officially released.Hi4-T is characterized by sustainable strong power output and precise intelligent energy management, allowing for off-road capability with “strong power, electric power, and energy-saving” across all driving conditions to create a full range of urban and off-road experiences. Hi4-T is a parallel hybrid system with gasoline as the main power source and electric power as the auxiliary power source, which enables two types of power to be matched freely. In addition, it has precise intelligent energy management.

Tank 500 Hi4-T has started its global presale, with a presale price of 360,000 yuan. Tank 500 Hi4-T is the first landing model of super hybrid architecture Hi4-T, focusing on off-road and positioning as “medium and large-sized luxury off-road new energy SUV”, which integrates strong power, diversified scenarios, and extremely reliable performance. It fully meets the diversified needs of daily commuting, suburban outings, long-distance travel, cross-country camping, and towing caravans.

Tank 400 Hi4-T made its global debut, aiming to create the first mecha-style technology off-road vehicle exclusively for young people, incorporating power mecha and future technology into the vehicle design. In addition, Tank 400 Hi4-T also reserves multiple modification spaces based on the personalized demand of young users, with strong plasticity, making it an ideal choice for “personalized mobility” and “outdoor enjoyment”.

Great Wall Cannon 6×6 super off-road platform global debut, Shanhai Cannon PHEV/HEV is fully charged.## Changan Automobile:China’s First 6×6 Co-creation Vehicle Based on the Super Off-road Platform

Changan Automobile’s 2.0 era masterpiece, based on China’s first 6×6 super off-road platform, has debuted as the country’s first 6×6 co-creation vehicle in the world.

Changan’s 6×6 super off-road platform boasts three black technologies: “all-terrain, super power, and unlimited expansion”; it features a “3-axle 6-wheel drive” layout, equipped with 5 electric differential locks, achieving super off-road capabilities across all terrain; it can be powered by Changan’s 3.0T super hybrid, electric, and hydrogen fuel technologies, which can perfectly match pickup and SUV bodies, creating a diversified new category of automobiles.

Based on the Hi4-T off-road hybrid architecture, the Changan SHP long-endurance PHEV of the first large-scale high-performance hybrid pickup in China will be released, as well as the HEV model world premiere, which will pave the way for the electrification of pickups, leading China’s pickup industry into the 4.0 era of full-scenario intelligence and new energy.

On April 19, the Changan brand new species launch will unveil more heavyweight information about Changan’s new technologies, new species, and new products. The global intelligent luxury pickup truck, the 2023 Changan Pickup, will be refreshed on the market. High-value pickup products such as the Longdan, Huodan Single Row, and the SHP travel garrison will also be showcased simultaneously.

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