Hyundai Unveils New N Performance Model at Shanghai Auto Show 2023

On April 18, 2023, the 20th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition (hereafter referred to as Shanghai Auto Show) with the theme of “Embracing the New Era of the Automobile Industry” grandly opened at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center, where Hyundai Motor Company showcased a range of technologies and products.

In addition, various experience zones with distinctive features were set up at the exhibition, presenting products such as the electric concept car RN22e, high-performance hydrogen fuel cell hybrid concept car N Vision 74, NEXO China-specific version tailor-made for China, the all-electric flagship model IONIQ 6, and the imported hardcore flagship SUV Palace Di.

At the Hyundai Motor media conference, Lee Heon-chul, president of Hyundai Motor Group (China), stated that in 2022, Hyundai Motor Group made continual progress in the fields of electrification, hydrogen energy, and forward-looking technologies, ultimately becoming the world’s third-largest automotive company with 6.84 million vehicles sold. Furthermore, Hyundai Motor Group will continue to strengthen its electrification transformation, focusing on the development of software and emerging business fields.

Hyundai Motor Company

At the press conference, Till Wartenberg, vice president of the N brand and motor sports business division of Hyundai Motor Company, officially announced the high-performance N brand’s entry into China and future development plans. The appearance design of the first N brand model, the all-new Elantra N, which will soon be introduced in China, was unveiled globally for the first time. The all-new Elantra N will serve as the starting point for the N brand to enter China.

All-new Elantra N

In order to meet the high requirements of Chinese consumers for high-performance cars, the all-new Elantra N model introduced to the Chinese market maximally preserves the same performance and design as the vehicles sold in the global market, while complying with the relevant regulations of the Chinese automobile market.

The all-new Elantra N retains the dynamic driving design style of motor sports, but enlarges the black border of the front face and adds exterior color decoration strips to make the body appear lower. The boat-shaped wing on the black bumper of the tail section improves the aerodynamic efficiency from the details. The N-branded red rubber strips on the side decoration lines highlight the differentiation of the N brand design. In addition, the N brand’s high-performance models are equipped with black anodized logos for the first time, which enhances the sense of movement of the vehicles to a certain extent.

The main stage turns right, where the high-performance N brand zone is showcased, incorporating the race track as a design element and displaying five legendary N brand high-performance models. Firstly, there are the high-performance electric concept car RN22e and the high-performance hydrogen fuel cell hybrid concept car N Vision 74. Both models, as the two most technologically advanced “Rolling Lab” models of the N brand, made their debut in China for the first time.

In addition, this auto show also showcases three N brand models designed specifically for professional racing sports: i20N WRC, Elantra N TCR, and the Elantra N Cup Car, officially modified by Hyundai. These three models are the best proof of the N brand’s racing genes. The i20N WRC has won multiple championships in various WRC competitions in 2022, while the Elantra N TCR has won the TCR group championship for two consecutive years in one of the world’s most challenging races, the Nürburgring 24-hour endurance race, and achieved the annual double championship (both team and driver) in the 2022 WTCR race.

Furthermore, the N brand has also extended its motorsport into the virtual world. At the end of the high-performance N brand zone lies the unique N brand e-sports experience zone for the game “Forza Horizon”. Visitors can further experience the driving passion and fun of the N brand Elantra N TCR in the game. In addition, Hyundai Motor also simultaneously launched a voting and interactive activity to choose the most interesting N brand model on their official Weibo account “Hyundai Group”.

On the left side of N brand’s special area at the auto show is the Modern Hydrogen Energy and Electrification area. In the field of hydrogen energy, the Hyundai Motor Group responds to China’s new energy and dual carbon strategy by starting from technological introduction, product introduction, and ecological circle construction of hydrogen energy and continuously promoting the “omnidirectional hydrogen energy solution” to land in China, helping the high-quality development of China’s hydrogen energy industry.

At this auto show, Hyundai Motor exhibited the NEXO China version of the hydrogen fuel cell vehicle tailored specifically for China and the sand table model of the Group’s first overseas hydrogen fuel cell system research and development, production, and sales base – “HTWO Guangzhou”.

Adjacent to the hydrogen energy area is the electrification area, which mainly showcases Hyundai’s electrification technology and products. Here, visitors can come into close contact with Hyundai’s E-GMP pure electric vehicle platform and see the IONIQ6, the flagship electric model that just won the 2023 World Car of the Year, World EV of the Year, and World Car Design of the Year awards.

In addition, the media special version of the globally stylish imported hardcore flagship SUV, Palisade, also made its appearance at the Shanghai auto show, bringing a unique experience and feeling to Chinese consumers.

At the same time, Beijing Hyundai, as a representative of the technical strength of joint ventures, also released its first smart and home SUV model MUFASA at the Shanghai auto show, which has created a new category of “wheel-mounted intelligent homerooms” and has more obvious “home” attributes in the entire compact SUV market. Beijing Hyundai announced its transformation plan towards 2023 and showed an in-depth “joint venture Chinese-style development plan” to the outside world through strategic transformation, strategic new products, and technology layout, reflecting Beijing Hyundai’s future pattern and technological development.Translate the following Markdown Chinese text into English Markdown text, in a professional manner, preserving the HTML tags inside the Markdown, outputting only the result.

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