Deep Blue debuts S7 and SL03 at 2023 Shanghai Auto Show: Targeting 1 million sales by 2025

At the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show, Deep Blue Auto exhibited the S7 and SL03.

During the exhibition, Deng Chenghao first introduced Deep Blue’s achievements:

  • Nearly 50,000 deliveries accumulated in 215 cities
  • A total of 233 million kilometers driven (174 million pure electric and 59 million hybrid)
  • Maximum monthly delivery volume of 11,650 vehicles
  • 10,518 times of active triggering of pulse heating function (battery temperature rises 20 degrees Celsius within 5 minutes in -30 degrees Celsius environment)

Deng Chenghao introduced that Deep Blue Auto’s goal is to launch six models by 2025 and achieve an annual sales volume of one million in five years.

A Static Review of Deep Blue S7

The appearance of Changan Deep Blue S7 continues the family design of SL03, which makes it quite familiar at first glance. The young, sporty and aggressive front face also becomes the appearance design tone of Changan Deep Blue products. Both the pure electric version and extended-range version of S7 use a closed grille design, with the fluorescent yellow in the picture representing the pure electric version and the gray representing the extended-range version.

The design of Changan Deep Blue S7’s appearance is very sharp, so I personally think that the gray paint of the extended-range version can effectively neutralize this somewhat “jumpy” visual sensation and make the visual effect more coordinated. However, after seeing the actual car, the pure electric version with yellow paint is more harmonious than the declaration map of MIIT, belonging to a fashion style that easily catches the eye.

Thanks to the rapidly narrowing window line, the ever-changing light and shadow of the side of the car, the black decorative panels of different colors on the body, and the slender taillights that extend to the side of the car, the side of the Deep Blue S7 looks very sleek and does not give a bloated or mediocre feeling. The yellow pure electric version and the gray extended range version have almost no difference in appearance design. The gray car paint makes the S7 look more low-key and reserved. The designs of the two colors bring completely different visual experiences.

Regarding the hardware of the assisted driving system, we can refer to the Changan Deep Blue SL03. In February, Deep Blue announced that the optional price for the high-end intelligent driving assistance hardware system of the SL03 was RMB 30,000, and the differences in hardware are as follows:

  • 6 cameras upgraded to 11;
  • 6 ultrasonic radars upgraded to 12;
  • 3 millimeter-wave radars upgraded to 5.

In terms of function, the high-end version of the assisted driving hardware can support “APA 7.0 Remote Valet Parking”, including in-car parking, remote parking, remote entry/exit, reverse tracing, remote moving, and memory parking. It also supports NID 3.0 Navigation Intelligence Assistance, and supports high-speed NOA.

Compared with the SL03, the steering wheel of the S7 has been slightly adjusted in details: the single color has been changed to a combination of two colors; the chrome-plated area has been extended downward, and the area of the safety airbag/horn has become more three-dimensional, and the button style has also been adjusted slightly. After the change, the steering wheel style of the S7 becomes more hierarchical, while the SL03 will appear somewhat flat in comparison.

The center of the S7 is still equipped with a 14.6-inch sunflower screen, and the UI design is not much different from the SL03. However, in order to meet the information supplement after canceling the instrument panel, the floating window on the left side of the S7’s central control screen will include vehicle speed, gear position, assisted driving information, etc., similar to the concept of Model 3/Y.

Not only is the S7 equipped with zero-gravity seats with leg rests for the front passenger, but the driver’s seat also comes with a leg rest.

It is worth mentioning that the S7 replaced the internal mechanical door handles with electric buttons to unlock the doors. In addition, the way the windows are raised and lowered has been changed to a lever similar to NIO’s design. The S7 features a design reminiscent of rattan in the window control area. While you can see the shadow of other brands, the visual effect is at least pleasing.

The comfort of the rear seats in the S7 is not inferior to that of the front seats. The feeling of solidity and softness is excellent, and the SUV’s ample longitudinal space allows for the rear seats to be raised slightly, providing ample support for the legs while sitting. The delicate leather and slightly sunken feeling of the seats make for a great rear seat experience in the S7.

Changan Blue S7 has clearly put a lot of effort into creating a luxurious feeling in the cabin. The criticism of “rudimentary” from SL03 owners has been effectively improved on this car. From this, it is apparent that Changan Blue has taken in consumer feedback and incorporated it into the product development process, and this is worthy of praise.

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