BMW Introduces Immersive Driving Experience with Panoramic Windshield Display at Shanghai Auto Show.

BMW Group unveiled the innovative technology BMW Panoramic Sky Lounge at the 20th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition launched in China.

The projection content of BMW Panoramic Sky Lounge will cover the entire width of the windshield, creating a unique information interaction interface for users and providing an immersive in-car experience.

The new generation of BMW vehicles is named after the BMW mid-size car series launched in the 1960s. Currently, BMW is developing a new technology platform for the new generation of vehicles, which will set a new benchmark in the fields of electrification, digitization, sustainable development, and design aesthetics.

Weibold, Director of R&D at BMW Group, said: “Our real goal is to develop cutting-edge technology and create unique and outstanding products, and gradually make them a reality. For example, BMW Panoramic Sky Lounge is the leading new generation of flat display technology in the industry, and it will become the core interface for human-machine interaction at BMW in the future.”

BMW Panoramic Sky Lounge can project information onto the dark coating area at the edge of the windshield, and the projected image has excellent clarity and color performance, allowing all passengers to see information covering the entire width of the windshield for the first time. Driving-related information can appear appropriately according to different usage scenarios, making the driving experience more convenient.

BMW Panoramic Sky Lounge is a research and development product guided by BMW’s “driver-oriented” concept. BMW 7 series adopted the car-mounted computer with digital display for the first time in 1980. In 2001, the first-generation BMW iDrive operating system dramatically reduced physical buttons, creating a modern and clean interior atmosphere, and opened the chapter of BMW iDrive leading emotional human-vehicle interaction for 20 years.

At this year’s Shanghai Auto Show, BMW introduced the 9th generation (BMW) operating system for the first time, which will be the first to be installed in the innovative pure electric BMW iX1. The system has been tailored specifically for Chinese users and is innovated from many dimensions. The smart control floating window design enables users to have a more focused visual experience and improved convenience, while the BMW intelligent personal assistant provides faster response speed, enriching human-vehicle interaction with more emotion.

In addition, as another milestone on BMW’s path to the “new generation” of vehicles, the BMW Dee digital concept car made its debut in China, showcasing BMW’s vision for the future of in-car and out-of-car digital experiences. The BMW Dee digital concept car can turn the windshield and side windows into projection surfaces, perfectly integrating the real and virtual worlds, demonstrating the new possibilities of hardware and software integration and creating an immersive in-car digital experience for users.

The BMW Group will release more information on the new generation cockpit for its vehicles at this year’s Munich International Auto Show (IAA). In addition to the BMW Panorama View Bridge, BMW will also release more information on the human-machine interaction system applied to the new generation of vehicles.

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