BMW i7 M70L: The Ultimate Electric Flagship with M Performance and Innovative Digital Features

On April 17th, 2023, the innovative pure-electric BMW i7 M70L had its global debut at the “2023 BMW Future Imagined Night” in Shanghai.

As the flagship model of BMW’s “electric age”, the pure-electric BMW i7 M70L incorporates BMW M’s exclusive design, pure-electric M performance, and digital interactive experience. Through the innovative pure-electric BMW i7 M70L, BMW for the first time combines pure-electric M performance cars with BMW flagship models, achieving the fusion of electric travel and M driving pleasure.

China is not only the largest market for the 7 series globally, but also leads the trend of future design and development. While focusing on the needs of Chinese customers, the BMW Group also accelerates its pace of electrification and digitalization in China. The engineering and development of the innovative pure-electric BMW i7 M70L are carried out in Germany, but most of its digital inspiration comes from China. The i7 M70L adheres to the digital concept and aims to provide users with better cutting-edge digital interactive experience.

The innovative pure-electric BMW i7 M70L has a high degree of digitalization and is committed to creating a brand-new digital experience for users. Based on ultra-wideband technology, BMW Digital Key Plus (which supports iOS15, iPhone 11, and above iPhone models) can safely unlock and start the car without the user taking out their phone. When the user approaches the vehicle, the BMW Iconic Glow Kidney Grille, BMW Crystal Daytime Running Lights, Ink and Wash Dynamic Welcome Carpet, and Ambient Lighting inside the car light up one by one, with the automatic opening and closing doors slowly opening.

The rear door panel of the car is equipped with a 5.5-inch armrest touch screen, which can activate the rear entertainment system. Once activated, the BMW’s first-ever floating 31-inch screen with 8k resolution slowly descends, creating a mobile private cinema for the rear passengers.

Meanwhile, the newly upgraded BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant adopts a brand new visual image with humanized “dual-eye” design, and launches six emotional visual designs, bringing richer emotional interactive experience to users. In addition, up to 7 My Modes theme modes can better integrate digital emotional charm into innovation. The BMW embrace interactive light strip is more artistic, creating an immersive digital experience atmosphere throughout the cockpit.

Furthermore, the BMW Group has also teamed up with Grammy, Oscar, and Golden Globe Award-winning international famous composer Hans Zimmer to create a BMW electric car sound wave simulation, creating an immersive auditory experience for users. The BMW electric car sound wave simulation is designed with exclusive sound effects for different “theme modes”, all corresponding to the visual effects presented under different “theme modes”.

The innovative pure electric BMW i7 M70L also provides remote parking function. However, the remote parking function in the Pro automatic parking assist system cannot completely replace the user’s driving responsibility. Please pay attention to the road conditions and intervene when necessary. Please understand the relevant laws and regulations and carefully read the user manual before use. The following prerequisites must be met for the function:

  1. Pure electric BMW i7 and all-new BMW 7 series produced after July 2022, and the current integration level is greater than or equal to 11/22;
  2. You have purchased the keyless entry service and activated the BMW Digital Key Plus on your phone;
  3. You have purchased the Pro automatic parking assist system;
  4. Currently, this function is only applicable to iPhone11 and above mobile phone models, and the system requires iOS16.2 or higher;
  5. You have downloaded and installed the latest version of My BMW App on your iPhone;
  6. The user needs to stay within six meters of the vehicle.

Regarding power, the innovative pure electric BMW i7 M70L is equipped with the fifth-generation BMW eDrive electric drive system, with motors installed on the front and rear axles, and a comprehensive maximum output power of up to 485 kW (660 hp) and a peak torque of up to 1,100 N·m. Its zero-to-hundred kilometers acceleration time is 3.7 seconds, and it also has BMW M exclusive chassis calibration. In addition, the innovative pure electric BMW i7 M70L can bring more than 600 kilometers of pure electric endurance (CLTC).

In terms of appearance, the new car adopts many M-exclusive design elements, such as the unique M-exclusive rearview mirror, the kidney-shaped air inlet grille with M logo, and the M logo on the front fender, all reflecting the sporty style of BMW M. Additionally, the innovative pure electric BMW i7 M70L offers rich custom dual-color paint options, including the distinctive Liquid Copper with Jewel Green Metallic paint.

This year, BMW Group will present a total of 11 pure electric vehicle models, including the BMW i7 M70L, in the Chinese market. Among them, the innovative pure electric BMW i7 M70L is not only the fastest-accelerating and most powerful pure electric vehicle in BMW’s history, but it’s also the first time that BMW has placed a pure electric M performance car in the flagship vehicle series.

The innovative pure electric BMW i7 M70L not only brings users the driving pleasure of pure electric M performance and digital customer experience, but also demonstrates the innovation and strength of the BMW brand.

This article is a translation by ChatGPT of a Chinese report from 42HOW. If you have any questions about it, please email