Yongwang to Showcase Million-Level EVs and Advanced Technology at 2023 Shanghai Auto Show

Looking up to the Future (Yongtu) will independently participate in the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show, with its exhibition stand located in Hall 8.1 of the Shanghai National Exhibition and Convention Center. With the theme “Beyond Limits, Unprecedented”, Yongtu will unveil its million-level new energy hardcore off-road vehicle – the Yongtu U8 and million-level pure electric performance supercar – the Yongtu U9.

The Yongtu brand press conference at the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show will be held on April 18th from 9:40am to 10:00am, during which the Yongtu U8 will officially start pre-sales. At the same time, the “Yongtu Architecture”, which integrates the most extreme technology applications and the most forward-looking technical concepts of the BYD Group, will also be officially released.

Yi Sifang: Extreme Control of Vehicles in All Scenarios

The Yongtu brand’s entire vehicle lineup is equipped with the revolutionary Yi Sifang technology. Yi Sifang is a set of dynamic systems that centers around four independent motor drives, each motor can independently control a single wheel, achieving drive, braking, forward and backward movement, allowing the vehicle to have incredibly strong body attitude adjustment capabilities.

The electric drive assembly of Yi Si Fang uses a unique deep integration design of the motor and the electric control box, making the structure more compact. The single motor power covers 220 kW to 240 kW, with a total vehicle horsepower of over 1,100 horses. The Yongtu U8 equipped with the Yi Sifang platform can achieve a three-second acceleration to 100 kilometers per hour. At the same time, both the front and rear electric drive assemblies are equipped with differential locks, which further enhances the off-road rescue capabilities.

Thanks to the independent torque control technology of Yi Sifang’s four-wheel drive, the Yongtu U8 can better deal with extreme road conditions and extreme work scenarios, such as high-speed blowouts, emergency avoidance, ice and sand. At the same time, the technology of Yi Sifang can allow the U8 to have turning radiuses similar to A0 level small cars, achieving agile turning and turning in place functions.

The core component protection level of the Yongtu U8 reaches IP68, and emergency floating function can avoid core component water damage when floating and getting rescued in a short amount of time. In weather conditions that easily cause urban flooding such as typhoons and heavy rain, users can safely pass through city water crossings.

Through the three core control methods of four independent motor control, extreme anti-skid control, and vehicle stability control, Yi Sifang achieves extreme control of the vehicle in all scenarios.

Yunxian-P: Intelligent Hydraulic Body Control System

The Yongtu U8 will be the first to be equipped with the Yunxian-P intelligent hydraulic body control system, which fully integrates software and hardware technologies such as perception, decision-making, control, and interaction. By means of precise perception technology, rapid decision-making from the Yunxian intelligent calculation center, outputting control strategies, and controlling the oil injection volume of the shock absorber, dampening adjustment valve, stiffness adjustment valve to achieve dynamic control of the vehicle body.

Looking up, the maximum suspension travel of the U8 is 150 mm, and the maximum wading depth without snorkel can reach 1 meter. At the same time, the U8 has the unique ability of four-wheel height-independent adjustable suspension in its class, and can also achieve independent lifting and lowering of single wheel, achieving the camping leveling function that is unique among mainstream off-road vehicles.

The BYD-developed multi-stage rigidity control module installed in Yunnei-P of U8 can achieve the unique three-stage rigidity adjustment in its class. Through the continuous damping control module equipped in Yunnei-P, the U8 can finely output damping control under different working conditions, ensuring the vehicle’s strong off-road performance while easily handling unpaved roads such as corrugated roads, gravel roads, potholes, mountains and mud. Currently, only the U8 among mainstream off-road vehicles can achieve autonomous adjustment of height, rigidity, and damping simultaneously.

Looking Up U8: High-end New Energy Hard-core Off-road Vehicle

In terms of external construction, the front face of the Looking Up U8 carries the design language of the Space-time Gateway family, with a dot-matrix style grille inspired by the Kuiper Belt at the edge of the solar system, combined with interstellar cross-through headlights, as if opening the door of time and space to initiate a journey through it with a pent-up tension. The square and simple tail connects the octagonal full-size spare tire cover with the hard lines of the body, together with interstellar cross-through tail lights that echo the front headlights with a sense of harmony.

The vehicle size is 5,319mm x 2,050mm x 1,930mm, with a wheelbase of up to 3,050mm, and the large and square body shape, along with the powerful hood lines, waist lines, and fender arches, follows the golden ratio aesthetics. The water-cutting line extends straight from the hood boundary to the rear, smoothly and visually guiding the center of gravity through the body, making the entire vehicle highly recognizable.

Looking Up U9: Pure Electric Performance Supercar

The Looking Up U9 restructures the elegant shape of the electric supercar with golden section aesthetics, subverting the traditional fuel-burning sports car’s proportion and form. With the futuristic design elements of the “Space-time Gateway,” the Looking Up U9 has an extremely visually impressive and sharp appearance, visually displaying the speed and heat of technology energy release.

In terms of appearance, the new car’s front headlights adopt a C-shaped frame, with small fork-like light groups resembling fangs scattered inside, and external contour lights added. The overall front face is extremely fierce; the side lines are smooth, the body is three-dimensional, and the lower edge of the windows is styled in undulating fashion. The car body is equipped with a large number of air kits at the middle, and the ground clearance of the new car is very low. The taillights layout echoes the front headlights, and the rear of the car adopts a large goose-necked wing, with a large number of air kits above the rear windshield.

Regarding power, the U9 will be equipped with Yifang platform technology, using a four-wheel four-motor drive and equipped with blade battery modules, achieving 0-100 km/h acceleration in the 2s level.

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