Breaking barriers: The new Zeekr X electric SUV undercuts major competitors at just under 21,000 yuan

On April 12, GeeKry officially launched its third product, GeeKry X, and announced the price and related configuration benefits of GeeKry X. At the same time, GeeKry X also broke Yang Xueliang’s previous statement that they will not release car models under 200,000 yuan. GeeKry X has a total of three configuration versions, and the prices of these three versions are very competitive in the compact pure electric SUV market. The specific configuration versions of GeeKry X are as follows:

  • ME version, five seats, rear-wheel drive — 189,800 yuan (66 kWh battery, 560 km range, 5.8 seconds 0-100 km/h acceleration);

  • YOU version, four seats, rear-wheel drive — 209,800 yuan (66 kWh battery, 560 km range, 5.8 seconds 0-100 km/h acceleration);

  • YOU version, five seats, four-wheel drive — 209,800 yuan (66 kWh battery, 512 km range, 3.7 seconds 0-100 km/h acceleration);

We have already experienced the YOU version, four seats, rear-wheel drive, which is priced at 209,800 yuan, and for friends who are interested in the video content, you can click on the link below.

In this article, we will look at the competitiveness of GeeKry X from the analysis of configurations, order benefits, actual car experience and comparison with competing products.

Which version offers the most value?

All models of GeeKry X are equipped with a 66 kWh ternary lithium battery. The rear-wheel drive CLTC model has a range of 560 km and accelerates from 0-100 km/h in 5.8 seconds. The four-wheel drive CLTC model has a range of 512 km and accelerates from 0-100 km/h in 3.7 seconds. GeeKry directly lowered the price of the high-end compact SUV, which comes with a standard heat pump, to below 200,000 yuan, competing directly with Volkswagen ID.3 and other similar cars, which is quite remarkable.

Therefore, the ME version, five seats, rear-wheel drive, which has an entry-level luxury and includes standard ZEEKR AD, heat pump air conditioning, hydraulic lining, front seat heating and ventilation, etc., is the most cost-effective version. This price and configuration directly occupy the market share of cars like Volkswagen ID.3 and Ora Cat.

As for the two versions priced at 209,800 RMB respectively, one has standard power with four more luxurious seats, including a zero-gravity seat for the co-pilot and a foldable rear seat, whereas the other has a highly explosive dual-motor system. The choice between these two versions mainly depends on whether you value the quality of seating for four persons in your daily life or the power.

Of course, if you want both 3.7 seconds of acceleration and a 4-seat configuration, you can add another 20,000 RMB on the basis of the 4-seat RWD version of YOU and have the configuration you want.

Subscription Benefits

Users who pay a deposit of 2,000 RMB by May 31 (inclusive) can enjoy five benefits. For the YOU/ME version, you can choose to install a Parisian rice/ Hangzhou green exterior paint worth 5,000 RMB for free. You can also enjoy an 8,000 RMB equipment fund for the YOU version, and an upgrade to 19-inch wheels worth 5,000 RMB for the ME version.

In addition, the 4-seat version can enjoy the 4-seat comfort package (three-zone temperature control, a high-end plush foot pad, and a luxury trunk pad), while the 5-seat version can enjoy the 5-seat holiday package (front trunk storage bag, rear trunk expansion kit, in-car storage package, a high-end plush foot pad, and a luxury trunk pad).

A Compact SUV from JiKe

JiKe X is positioned as a compact SUV, with a length of 4,450 mm, a width of 1,836 mm, a height of 1,572 mm, and a wheelbase of 2,750 mm. From the dimension of the car body, although JiKe X is defined as an SUV, the overall size of the vehicle is closer to that of a pure electric compact two-door car.

Therefore, the body posture of the Geely Jikexing (Jiexing) X is closer to the Volkswagen ID.3, and the four-wheel-four-corner layout provides as much space as possible in the car.

As a product of the same level and platform, the Geely Jikexing (Jiexing) X, which comes from the SEA Haohan platform, has the same wheelbase as the smart elf 1 on the same platform. However, the length and width of the Geely Jikexing (Jiexing) X are slightly larger than those of the smart elf 1.

As for the choice of car paint, the Geely Jikexing (Jiexing) X offers six colors to choose from, each named after a different city. They are Parisian Dark Rice, Berlin Silver Grey, Hangzhou Green, California Sunset Pink, Sydney Bay Blue, and Athenian Cloud White. Parisian Dark Rice and Hangzhou Green require an additional cost of 5,000 yuan.

From the names of the colors, it can be seen that the positioning of the Geely Jikexing (Jiexing) X is closer to urban life, and the color scheme uses a high-brightness, colorful series, emphasizing some young urban atmosphere. In addition, the names of the cities used in the color names are distributed all over the world, reflecting the international positioning of the Geely Jikexing (Jiexing) X.

Since it is an internationally positioned model, the Geely Jikexing (Jiexing) X is also designed by Stefan Sielaff, the global design vice president of Geely. Stefan Sielaff is an experienced automobile designer with 30 years of experience and has worked for Audi and Mercedes-Benz, with pure European bloodline.

It’s not surprising that Geely Lynk & Co’s design team, who work together in the Swedish headquarters, are using a new generation of design language.

The appearance of the Geely Lynk & Co X is known as “urban boundaryless aesthetics”, featuring frameless doors, door handles, and hidden charging ports, as well as wing mirrors without borders.

The daytime running lights of the Geely Lynk & Co X blend almost perfectly into the front hood, using a strip of LEDs to form a shape similar to the letter “h” that looks quite sharp. The design of the bottom headlamps are separated from the daytime running lamps. The long and slender design with a black background is quite interesting, like two goat beards.

The tail design of the car maintains the simple style of the hood. When others are using a single tail light to pass through the entire tail of the car, Geely Lynk & Co X incorporates the same design while also connecting the lines of the taillights and the daytime running lights, which make it look much more advanced and improve its recognition.

As a compact SUV with a position in the steel cannon lineup, the Geely Lynk & Co X has enough wheel hub styles, offering five different options. The tire specifications are available in three sizes: 235/55 R18, 235/50 R19, and 245/45 R20.“`

The ME version requires an extra cost of 5,000 yuan to upgrade to 19-inch wheels, or 16,000 yuan to upgrade to 20-inch wheels, while the YOU version includes 19-inch wheels with an optional upgrade to 20-inch wheels for 16,000 yuan.

Personally, I prefer the 20-inch wheels for a more stylish appearance, which are also paired with Akebono racing calipers and perforated brake discs. The performance cooling effect allows for quick acceleration and efficient braking.

Surprisingly, the JIKEXUEYUAN X is equipped with an intelligent interactive system on the driver’s side B-pillar, which can unlock the vehicle even without a phone or key through the ToF 3D facial recognition camera on the B-pillar. The small hidden interactive screen inside the B-pillar can also OTA display the charging status of the vehicle, which is quite interesting. The optional cost is 8,000 yuan.

Speaking of door locks, the JIKEXUEYUAN X is equipped with hidden door handles throughout the range. When you choose to install the smart induction door, the vehicle even hides the door handles, and you can open the door through the button on the B-pillar or C-pillar.

Overall, JIKEXUEYUAN X’s appearance is very innovative compared to other models in the same level. The 6 car paint colors, large wheels, minimalist style, and sharp lines all give the JIKEXUEYUAN X a label of youth and individuality. In the current market of compact electric vehicles, most of them have a rounded design style, which leans towards a younger, more feminine market. The appearance of JIKEXUEYUAN X has filled this gap to some extent.
“`## The interior is eye-catching

In addition to its distinctive appearance, the interior design of the X by Xpeng Motors is quite unique. According to Stefan Sielaff, the design philosophy of the X includes:

  • Ensuring a sense of technology and humanity while maintaining the vehicle’s interior space;
  • A product that inspires imagination and targeted towards urban environments and young users;
  • Designing the interior like an art gallery;
  • Incorporating young people’s fashion elements into the seat design;
  • Application of better simulation technology in the development of interior lighting, resulting in interesting outcomes.

Therefore, the interior design philosophy of the X can be labeled as avant-garde, technological, urban, and cultural.

Firstly, once you sit inside the X, everything you touch is leather, including the antibacterial microfiber leather steering wheel, microfiber suede headliner, and even a glasses case.

The interior trim pieces are also very exquisite, with rose gold accented B-pillar hooks and the aircraft-style glass lift buttons and Ice block ambient lighting that give off a contemporary feel.

Ice Block Crystal Ambient Lighting is inspired by an ice cave in the Svalbard archipelago, but the actual effect is very similar to the taillight style of the Xpeng G3. In fact, the light strip is red and it can be said that the taillights of the G3 have been directly incorporated into the design of the X.

On the center console of the Geely Zeekr X, there is a 14.6-inch electric sliding center touchscreen. When necessary, the screen can be slid over to the passenger side to meet the entertainment needs of the passenger, while still fulfilling the main function of the driver’s screen.

This screen is driven by an 8155 chip, with smooth sliding movement. In addition, Zeekr OS has added a navigation homepage, making it more convenient for daily use. This is also a manifestation of technology.

In addition to the conventional 8.8-inch instrument display, the Geely Zeekr X also has a 12,000-nit, 24.3-inch AR-HUD. Compared to the Geely 001 or the Smart Elf 1, this HUD displays more information and is brighter. Although there are other models at this level with large AR-HUDs, not many have done it as well as the Geely Zeekr X.

The sound system in the Geely Zeekr X is from the Yamaha brand, with a total of 13 speakers. The actual listening experience has certain advantages over other models at the same level. Additionally, NetEase Cloud Music is now available on Zeekr OS, which also brings a human touch.

Lastly, I will interpret the label “都市” left on the seat. Because the configuration and settings of the Jike X seat are indeed innovative and rare in this class.

Firstly, let’s look at the dynamic central island on Jike X that can slide front and back. In other words, the center console can move from the front row to near the back row, with a total length of 205mm, leaving more space for a cup holder in the front row. However, the problem is that when the armrest is pulled to the end, there is a relatively empty space here, which can easily make the elbow tired after driving for a while.

Of course, this design also has a benefit. When the armrest is moved to the end, it forms a way for the driver and passenger to move smoothly between the seats, making it easier for the passenger to get off at a side parking spot in an old community where the driver’s seat is inconvenient for opening the door and getting off. This kind of scenario has a certain significance in reality.

Next, let’s look at the seat layout. As a young-oriented compact SUV, Jike X broke the norm and provided a four-seat version, becoming the first four-seat model among compact pure electric SUV models. In the past, four-seat models only appeared on executive sedans like Porsche Panamera and Audi A8.

The most amazing feature of the four-seat version is that the passenger seat has become a zero-gravity recliner with 22-way electric adjustment and 8 shock wave massage functions. The massage intensity is pretty strong, much better than the airbag-type massage.

With one click on the central control screen, the rear seat cushion can be electrically folded upward, and the co-pilot seat can recline 28 degrees and unfold the leg rest.

This configuration is very useful in my daily life. The co-pilot in my car, due to family members, always reclines at a large angle. Therefore, in the case of two people traveling, the zero gravity seat of AK YX can indeed provide a more comfortable and pleasant travel experience. Moreover, the rear seat cushion can be folded separately, which is similar to Honda’s magic space, further expanding the storage space in the rear and even accommodating a large dog lying down.

The AK YX we photographed is the 4-seater version, with only two independent seats, like the front row. The ride comfort of the two people in the rear is very comfortable, and it is absolutely suitable for daily use by 4 people. In addition to the optional 4-seat version, the AK YX comes standard with 5 seats, but for a compact SUV, the lateral space with 3 people in the back seat may be slightly insufficient. Therefore, the 4-seat version is still the most common way of using the car in daily life.

It is worth mentioning that the four-seater EX5 has pushed luxury to the extreme. It can even be equipped with a 5.7 L refrigerator that can hold four bottles of water at the same time. It has heating and cooling functions with a minimum temperature of -15 degrees Celsius. It is cool to take out four ice creams from the car during summer trips, but this may sacrifice certain storage space.

On the other hand, the EX5 provides absolute comfort and top-level luxury configuration for 2-4 passengers, which is consistent with the positioning of the EX5 as an urban commuter car. This makes the EX5 the only product in the same class that can fully satisfy the experience of driving a small urban commuter car.

Another Performance Steel Tank

As expected, the power system of the EX5 is exactly the same as that of the Smart EL1: the single-motor rear-wheel-drive version is equipped with a 200 kW electric motor, and the four-wheel-drive version has two motors (115 kW front/200 kW rear) totaling 315 kW.

Even the entry-level model equipped with a single 200 kW motor only takes 5.8 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour, which is already at the same level as the Volkswagen Golf GTI in the gasoline vehicle market, and is quite a high-performance steel tank. Even when compared with pure electric vehicles in the same class, the EX5 has a significant advantage.

The top-of-the-line dual-motor version is equipped with 315 kW peak power front and rear permanent magnet motors, with a maximum torque of 543 N·m and a zero-to-one-hundred acceleration time of 3.7 seconds, which is quite powerful. However, there is a slight drawback that the kinetic energy recovery system has a slight delay in calibration.

Although the suspension of the Geely Zeekr X is a front MacPherson and rear multi-link, the chassis texture and style are consistent with its elder sibling, the Geely Zeekr 001, and it is very tough. Thanks to the hydraulic sleeve standard throughout the series, the damping performance of daily driving is moderately soft and hard. Coupled with the small size of the car body, the rear-wheel drive structure and the low center of gravity brought by the pure electric vehicle, it is very enjoyable to drive the Geely Zeekr X. With the support of Akebono high-performance perforated brake discs, the braking distance from 0 to 100 km/h is only 34.5 meters, which can provide strong confidence for intense driving.

At the same time, the Geely Zeekr X 4WD version has a pure electric range of 560 km and comes standard with a heat pump air conditioner, which is beneficial for keeping energy consumption relatively low. In our tested high-speed city driving scenario of 90 km, the energy consumption rate was 17.6 kWh per 100 kilometers. Under current weather conditions, the actual driving range of this 66 kWh battery pack is 375 km. If it is a single-motor version, the endurance mileage will be further improved, and the specific performance can refer to the smart elf 1 on the same platform.

As for the assisted driving system, the Geely Zeekr X uses a scheme of 5 cameras and 5 millimeter-wave radars. Although it only has the most basic L2, it is stable to use, although it doesn’t have the turn signal flashing function when changing lanes yet.

Therefore, whether it’s the rear-wheel drive single-motor version or the more extreme dual-motor all-wheel drive version, it can fully meet the power needs of young consumers. As a compact car, its actual range of 300-400 km also satisfies the travel needs of urban commuting.

Final Words

Previously, Yang Xueliang, senior vice president of Geely, clearly stated that “JiKe will not launch models below RMB 200,000”. However, this statement has been broken by JiKe X. As a compact pure electric SUV, JiKe X, equipped with a large number of luxury configurations as standard, starts at only RMB 189,800. This price beats Eulerr, Volkswagen ID.3, and even the Smart Fortwo EQ. This undoubtedly puts great pressure on the current Smart Fortwo EQ and the upcoming Smart Forfour EQ.

Smart Fortwo EQ Pro starts at RMB 179,000, and the long-range Pure+ version starts at RMB 194,200, while the higher-configured Pro+ starts at RMB 209,200. The all-wheel drive BRABUS performance version directly comes to RMB 279,000. With similar brand premiums, JiKe X and Smart Fortwo EQ and Forfour EQ have directly opened a sibling battle.

For consumers, spending the same amount of money on JiKe X can get more comfort features than the Smart Fortwo EQ. According to official news, JiKe X will officially start delivery in June, which also means that the compact pure electric market is about to usher in a fierce battle.

This article is a translation by ChatGPT of a Chinese report from 42HOW. If you have any questions about it, please email