Crucial Update: Geely's Jidu 001 Owners Demand Compensation for Seat Issues & Unequal Treatment

Recently, over 300 owners of the Extreme Power 001 model have released a “Joint Statement by Extreme Power Owners“, stating that the seat fabric of the 2022 Extreme Power 001 model has experienced bulging and collapsing issues, and the problem still persists for some owners after replacing the filling material. They find it difficult to accept the “different treatment for 2022 model owners, compensating 100,000 points (equivalent to RMB 10,000) for 2023 model owners who have already taken delivery”. In response, the official account of Extreme Power has replied as follows:

Official Response:

On March 16th, the Extreme Power 001 “Limited-time Free Upgrade Package” was released for users who either placed an order after March 16th, 2023 or met the modification configuration requirements. This new policy takes into consideration the current market and company situation. Existing users enjoy the benefits available at the time of placing their orders. Just like other brands, Extreme Power develops different vehicle purchase benefit policies based on market and company circumstances during various periods, which is a common and normal practice within the automotive industry, with the aim of providing better travel experiences for more users.

We are also very grateful for the long-standing support and recognition of our users. As for the seat issues raised by users, the phenomenon occurred because Extreme Power adopts a non-adhesive bonding method between the seat cover and the foam material from an environmental and health perspective. The genuine leather of the seat cover is stretchable, and products wrapped in genuine leather such as seats and sofas tend to exhibit similar issues. In cases of seats with individual quality problems, we will carry out repair services in accordance with the warranty policy.

At the same time, we are continually optimizing our repair solutions and expect to upgrade our technical solution in late April. We have always been listening to users’ feedback and feelings towards their experience and tirelessly improving our products to provide a better service experience.

Event Recap:

Extreme Power owners have made a statement regarding the seat issues of the 2022 model and differences in benefits between 2022 and 2023 models as shown above, with the following demands:

  1. Provide a positive response to the fabric and design issues of the 2022 Extreme Power 001 seats, clarifying the improvement plan and time milestones.
  2. Implement a compensation policy for existing owners, offering a compensation of 100,000 points for 2022 model owners between June 1st, 2022 and March 15th, 2023, and equivalent points compensation for 2023 model owners who opt for the Z-Sport package.3. Jikra’s team issued a formal apology statement in mainstream media (including its own official website, App, news portals, and social media platforms).

On April 2nd, Jikra Motors introduced a seat upgrade customization plan for the older Jikra 001 model. The seat upgrade customization plan is expected to launch in mid-April, offering three upgrade options. The starting price for upgrading all seats in the car is 5,500 RMB, and upgrading all seats to the 2023 Jikra 001 model requires a minimum of 17,500 RMB.

In addition, on March 9th of this year, Jikra officially released a “Warm Reminder on the Extended Delivery Period of the 2022 Jikra 001” stating: the delivery period for the 2022 Jikra 001 may be extended to over 6 months. They have also opened up a refund channel and continued to offer the option to switch to newer models, encouraging everyone to switch to the 2023 model.

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