BMW Unveils i7 M70L and XM Label Red Edition: Luxury Meets Electrification at Shanghai Auto Show

Recently, BMW has once again announced its lineup of new cars to debut at the Shanghai Auto Show. Among them, the BMW i7 M70L and BMW XM Label Red limited edition will make their global debut, while the all-new BMW M760Le will make its first appearance in China.

The BMW i7 M70L represents a new milestone in the electrification of BMW’s flagship and BMW M brand. The all-new BMW M760Le will also make its Chinese debut, further enriching the BMW flagship family’s product lineup and meeting consumers’ individual needs with diverse driving options, solidifying BMW’s position in the large luxury car segment.

As the flagship of the BMW brand in the “electric era,” the technology in the all-new BMW 7-series is not simply an accumulation of technology, but rather infuses emotion into every detail, providing users with an immersive digital interaction experience. For instance, the upgraded BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant now features six emotion-tuned visual designs, offering a more emotional interaction experience for users.

The BMW Floating Colossus is a high-resolution 8K 31-inch ultra-wide panoramic display supporting 32:9 aspect ratio entertainment content, setting a new benchmark for in-car entertainment systems in the luxury segment.

The BMW XM Label Red limited edition will also make its global debut in Shanghai. In terms of appearance, the new car continues to adopt a massive double kidney grille, with the “XM” logo on the grille and red decorative lines on the window contours. The front grille also features an exclusive red badge, showcasing the classic red and black combination and highlighting the high-performance attributes of the “Label Red” model.

For the powertrain, it consists of an upgraded 4.4-liter turbocharged V8 engine and an electric motor hybrid system, with power output figures even higher than previously announced, though the final parameters have not yet been determined.

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