China Electric Vehicle Conference 2023: Advancing Modernization of China's Auto Industry with New Energy Vehicles

March 31st, the China Electric Vehicle Forum (2023), hosted by the China Electric Vehicle Hundred Talents Association and co-hosted by Tsinghua University, China Society of Automotive Engineers, China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, China Automotive Technology and Research Center, and China Automotive Engineering Research Institute, officially commenced in Beijing.

The forum spans three days, with the theme of “Advancing the Modernization of China’s Automotive Industry”, encompassing 2 plenary sessions, 9 open-topic fora, and 4 closed-door meetings. Concurrently, interactive activities including new vehicle displays, industry chain and core component exhibitions, and several research report releases will take place.

Invited attendees consist of government authorities and representatives from the automotive, energy, transportation, urban development, and communications industries, deliberating on topics such as global automotive industry trends, new energy vehicle high-quality development pathways, China’s intelligent connected vehicle strategies, power battery core industry chain supply chain trends, next-generation automotive consumption transformation tendencies, vehicle-energy collaborative development strategies, novel transportation energy security systems, commercial vehicle transformation routes, automotive aftermarket innovation paths, and digitalization and intelligent manufacturing in the automotive industry.

This year’s forum features approximately 200 high-level guests from the government, industry, academia, and research sectors, with an estimated 3,500 on-site participants. The China Electric Vehicle Forum has been successfully held for eight consecutive years.

The Forum (2023) includes 2 plenary sessions.

On the morning of April 1st, the international session themed “Accelerating Electrification Transformation and Promoting Integration of Transportation and Energy” will primarily explore new trends and patterns in global automotive energy development; new tendencies and progress in global new energy vehicles and energy integration; new opportunities and models for global energy and automotive industry cooperation; innovative technologies and solutions for industry collaboration; strategies for promoting green energy supply systems and green industry chain ecology; and medium-to-long term routes and policy frameworks for accelerating energy and automotive integration.

In the afternoon of April 1st, the high-level session will examine the paths and policy frameworks for high-quality new energy vehicle development; top-level design for China’s intelligent vehicle industry growth; routes and solutions for automotive, energy, transportation, and urban integration; and advanced enterprise strategies and significant practices. From national policy level to industry and corporate strategies, the forum will provide a comprehensive explanation and discuss how to better advance the modernization of China’s automotive industry.At the same time, the Hundred Talents Forum (2023) will adopt an open forum and closed-door meeting format, upgrading to create 4 closed-door meetings, inviting relevant government departments, corporate decision-makers, and experts to discuss the hot and difficult issues of current industry development.

On the morning of March 31, the forum will hold two parallel closed-door meetings. The Symposium on the Automotive Industry Management System and Governance System under New Circumstances will address discussions on intelligent connected vehicle supervision system, automotive production enterprises and product access, investment access, capacity management and other relevant systems and policies, China’s automotive industry opening-up policy, and establishing a policy system for transitioning from vehicle purchase management to usage management. The China-US Transportation Carbon Neutrality Roundtable with the theme “Accelerating the Zero-Emission Transition of China-US Commercial Vehicles” will invite government and corporate representatives from China and the United States in the commercial vehicle sector to explore the latest developments in the zero-emission transition of commercial vehicles in China and the US; the direction and major challenges faced during the commercial vehicle transition; technological pathways and innovation models for commercial vehicle development; future cooperation directions in the China-US commercial vehicle sector; and policy recommendations on promoting China-US commercial vehicle development and cooperation.

On the afternoon of March 31, the Closed-Door Seminar and Council Meeting on the Development Situation and Policies of China’s Automobile Industry will be held. Focusing on advancing the modernization of China’s automobile industry, council members of the Hundred Talents Forum and representatives of relevant government departments will deeply analyze the industry development trends in 2023 and discuss policy formulation and path proposals for promoting high-quality development of China’s automobile industry in a closed-door manner.

On the afternoon of April 2, the Global Electric Vehicle Development and Policy Closed-Door Roundtable will be held, with special invitations to international organizations and representatives to discuss the latest policies and industry trends of new energy vehicles in major countries worldwide; challenges and countermeasures for changes in the global automotive supply chain; green and low-carbon supply chain development paths and collaborative systems; China’s automotive industry integration into the global market and supply chain system; and opportunities for global new energy vehicle industry cooperation.

Building a modern industrial system is an inherent requirement to adapt to the new wave of technological revolution and industrial transformation, as well as a key path to building a strong automobile nation. The Hundred Talents Forum (2023) will also feature 9 open thematic forums.

On the morning of March 31, the Third Dual Wisdom Forum themed “China’s Solution for the Coordinated Development of Vehicles, Roads, and Cities” will be held. This forum will specifically invite leaders from relevant national departments, representatives of 16 pilot cities, and well-known experts and senior managers from the automotive, transportation, urban planning, and communication fields to participate, deeply exploring how to build an infrastructure support system that covers roadside perception, communication, energy, positioning, computing, etc., and clarifying the construction route of China’s solution; how to build an integrated urban road traffic system, using intelligent means to improve urban management and traffic governance levels; and how to improve technical solutions for different application scenarios such as vehicles, travel, traffic management, and urban management, as well as the inter-departmental and cross-departmental dual wisdom promotion mechanism.April 2nd All-Day, the conference will organize 8 open themed forums:

  1. Automotive Market and Consumer Forum themed “Technology Leading Consumer Transformation.” The topics include the market changes and consumer trends in the electrified and intelligent era; brand strategies and digital marketing tactics under new circumstances; transformation approaches for traditional brands towards new energy vehicles; progress of luxury brands towards electrification, and new layouts for new energy luxury brands; strategies for independent brands to go global; strategies for new energy brands to move upward; and the path for technological power to empower automotive companies.
  2. Power Battery Forum themed “Building a Globally Competitive Battery Industry” will explore how to consolidate China’s advantageous position in the battery industry; seize global opportunities to cultivate world-class battery companies; analyze the innovation and development trends of next-generation batteries and materials; and improve the entire life cycle management of power batteries.
  3. Next-Generation Automotive Energy Infrastructure Forum themed “Building a New Generation of Automotive Energy Infrastructure System” discusses the construction of a three-dimensional, low-carbon, and intelligent transportation energy service system; coordinated promotion of multiple energy infrastructure supply guarantees and low-carbon transformation; new technologies and models for low-carbon energy infrastructure; and layout planning for low-carbon energy infrastructure. Current status and investment opportunities of China’s hydrogen energy infrastructure technology, key technologies, construction costs and operation experience of hydrogen refueling stations, and analysis of national standards and safety issues for hydrogen energy infrastructure.
  4. New Energy Vehicle Aftermarket Forum themed “Transformation and Innovative Practices in the Automotive Aftermarket in the Era of Electrification and Intelligentization” will focus on the construction of new energy and intelligent vehicle aftermarket standard system; advances in key areas, such as new energy and intelligent vehicle testing and evaluation, after-sales maintenance, safety management, insurance and finance, and circulation recycles/reuses; future development trends in the service sector of the aftermarket; opportunities and challenges brought by the automotive technology path transformation to the aftermarket service industry; and innovative paths for technology and business models in the aftermarket service sector.
  5. Commercial Vehicle Sustainable Development Forum themed “Development of Commercial Vehicle Industry in Deep Transformation” covers topics like the changes brought to the commercial vehicle industry by electrification and intelligentization; changes in new formats, new models, new technologies, and intelligent applications in the commercial vehicle field; problems and opportunities faced by the new energy commercial vehicle industry after the withdrawal of subsidy policies; the implementation path of standard unification for the electrification and intelligentization of commercial vehicles; new technologies and applications in the field of commercial vehicle electrification; development trend and cross-border innovation of commercial vehicle intelligentization; construction and layout of new energy commercial vehicle infrastructure; development and trend of the new energy commercial vehicle aftermarket.6. The theme of the Automotive Industry Digitalization Forum is “Data-Driven and Digital Transformation of the Automotive Industry”, focusing on exploring new value derived from automotive data and new business models driven by data; methods of data empowering automotive technology, product, and service innovation and upgrades; maximizing the value of automotive data throughout its lifecycle under safe and compliant conditions; latest progress, issues, and trends in automotive data management in our country; recommendations for improvement of data property rights, circulation transactions, revenue distribution, security governance, and other laws and regulations and management systems; primary directions for digital transformation in the automotive industry; specific areas and implementation paths for transformation; how to improve the input-output ratio of digital transformation; mature and weak aspects of the digital transformation of the automotive industry; pain points and suggestions faced in promoting the digital transformation of the automotive industry.
  6. The theme of the Intelligent Vehicle Forum is “Progress and Trends of the Intelligent Vehicle Industry”, revolving around key technical advancements in chips, operating systems, domain controllers, and other aspects of intelligent vehicles; progress of vehicle integration in the mass production stage of intelligent vehicles; development and trends in the integration of vehicle-road-cloud systems; development patterns and innovation paths of whole-vehicle and component enterprises; industry chain enterprise relationships in the intelligent phase; and the construction of a new ecological system for the development of intelligent vehicles.
  7. The New Automotive Production Methods Forum (NPS) features the theme of “Innovative Practices in New Automotive Production Methods”. This forum will concentrate on discussions covering innovative manufacturing practices of whole-vehicle enterprises; whole-vehicle manufacturing platforms and cost optimization; applications of virtual factories and digital twins in the automotive field; T0 mass production practices in the automotive industry; new C2M flexible customization practices for whole vehicles; digital simulation applications in automotive research and development and process fields; digital logistics from production lines to whole-vehicle delivery; and intelligent manufacturing innovations and value for automotive component enterprises.

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