Black Sesame Intelligence and Cao Cao Mobility Team Up to Develop High-Performance Autonomous Driving Solutions for Ride-Hailing Industry

On March 29, 2023, at the Cao Cao Sharing Future themed conference “Born to Share, Usher in a Better Future,” Black Sesame Intelligent and Cao Cao signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Based on Black Sesame Intelligent’s Huashan 2® A1000 series car-grade high-performance autonomous driving computing chip, the two parties will jointly create operational solutions and it is expected to have large-scale pre-installed applications by 2025.

Cao Cao is a strategic investment of Geely Holding Group in the “new energy vehicle sharing ecosystem.” It applies the Internet, vehicle networking, autonomous driving technology, and new energy technology to the field of shared mobility.

Black Sesame intelligent is mainly responsible for the research and development of high-performance computing chips and platforms in the technology field, supporting the rapid industrialization of autonomous driving industry chain-related product solutions with a self-developed solution. Its Huashan 2 A1000 chip is the earliest high-performance autonomous driving computing chip developed based on a self-developed car-grade core IP, and is also the first single chip in China to support domain controllers for row-parking one integrated chip platform.

With the opening of policies, the increase of infrastructure and the development of the industry ecosystem, a commercialized operation model for high-level autonomous driving has gradually formed. On the basis of ensuring safety, good operation and user experience require the support of high-performance autonomous driving computing chips.

Huashan 2 A1000 chip and high-speed interchip interfaces can achieve a multi-chip cascading solution to meet the computing power and safety redundancy requirements of L4 level autonomous driving. In addition to chips, Black Sesame intelligent also has a complete customer enabling system, including algorithms, data, software, and tool chains, to empower mass production of autonomous driving.

Zhou Zheren, the head of Cao Cao’s intelligent driving, said that high-level intelligent driving is the development trend of shared mobility, and chip platforms are the underlying technical support for high-level intelligent driving. Cao Cao and Black Sesame Intelligent will explore mass-produced solutions together to accelerate the commercialization of high-level intelligent driving.

Ding Ding, vice president of Black Sesame intelligent products, said that shared mobility is becoming an increasingly important way for people to travel, and the combination of Black Sesame intelligent technology and products with Cao Cao’s platform can provide the required solutions for high-level intelligent driving.

Shared mobility is one of the broadest scenarios for high-level autonomous driving market placement in the future, and Black Sesame intelligent will reach a strategic cooperation with Cao Cao to advance autonomous driving in multi-dimensional scales, bringing convenience to travel.

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