The first 10 NIO third-generation battery swap stations will be launched on March 28th.

Recently, NIO officially announced that the first batch of 10 third-generation battery swapping stations will be launched on March 28 and expressed gratitude to 760 users who provided clues to build the stations.

It is reported that compared with the second-generation battery swapping station, the third-generation battery swapping station shortens the swapping time by 20%, and the daily service capacity of a single station will reach 408 times, which is improved by 30%.

The third-generation battery swapping station was officially released during NIO Day 2022. Its battery compartment has been increased to 21, equipped with two laser radars and two NVIDIA Orin X chips. The computing power of a single station reaches 508 TOPS, which can more accurately achieve station coordination to support intelligent battery swapping functions such as calling for battery swapping and automatic parking.

In addition, the station is equipped with HPC two-way high-power liquid-cooled power modules, with a maximum efficiency of 98% and a charging and discharging power of 62.5 kW, greatly improving the efficiency of battery charging and discharging in the battery swapping station.

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