Geely Galaxy: Technology is the foundation for creating high value.

Author: Zhang Xianglong

New energy vehicles in China have developed rapidly, with a market penetration rate of 27.6%. For consumers, there are unprecedentedly abundant options for new energy vehicle products, but on the other hand, some stubborn issues on new energy vehicles, such as “discounted driving range”, “unsafe batteries” and “frequent loss of control in intelligent driving”, have not been completely resolved. Consumers still have high expectations for a good new energy vehicle product with high value.

Not long ago, the Geely brand’s new high-end new energy series – “Geely Galaxy” was officially released, with the goal of launching 7 new models within 2 years. At the same time, the first intelligent electric hybrid SUV “Geely Galaxy L7” was also globally launched, along with a series of new energy electrification technologies showcasing its strength. So, what level are these technologies at?

For automakers, various “technologies” are probably their armory for market competition. For Geely, this technology armory is quite strong. At the Geely Galaxy launch event the day before yesterday, Geely announced many exclusive “black technologies” for the Geely Galaxy, such as the Thunderbolt hybrid 8848 and the Shield battery safety system.

Firstly, the Thunderbolt hybrid 8848, “8848” may confuse some people. 8848 is the height of Mount Everest, the world’s highest peak. What does 8848 represent on the Thunderbolt hybrid?

In fact, the “8848” is a combination of Geely Thunderbolt hybrid’s technical parameters and also a fitting representation of the technical height of Geely Thunderbolt hybrid.

For example, the Thunderbolt hybrid 8848’s “three-speed variable frequency electric drive” is the world’s first intelligent electric drive that achieves P1+P2 dual-motor over-frequency drive. It can allow the Galaxy L7 to reach a top speed of 200 km/h. In contrast, most hybrid models that use a single-speed transmission achieve a top speed of only around 170-180 km/h. “8848” represents the height of the “Thunderbolt hybrid” technology.

Meanwhile, in terms of technical data, thanks to its new generation B-Plus hybrid electric engine, the hybrid system of the Thunderbolt Electric Hybrid 8848 can achieve 44.26% peak production thermal efficiency in terms of thermal efficiency on the electro-thermal aspect. As for performance, the 8848 two-wheel-drive hybrid electric car has a comprehensive power of 287kW, and a super-performance version with a comprehensive power of up to 488kW will be released in the future. The entire hybrid electric system has eight intelligent control technologies and can be highly evolved by FOTA. Therefore, “8848” is also a kind of extraction of the many technical parameters of “Thunderbolt Electric Hybrid”.

The importance of batteries in hybrid electric systems is self-evident. Geely’s newly released “Shield Battery Safety System” features an 8-fold protection shield, including “Architecture Ten Palace Grid Patent, Whole Vehicle Cage Protection, Fast Charge Safety Guarantee, and BMS3.0 ‘Battery Doctor’ Intelligent Control System”, ensuring the safety of the battery pack and battery module systems.

The safety performance can achieve 30 km/h bottom impact and 20 km/h without damage, which to a great extent solves the fatal problem of battery damage and safety accidents caused by “bottom impact collision” of electric vehicles.

In addition, at the software level, the brand new Galaxy NOS is also a distributed operating system independently developed by Geely in full stack. By deploying a stronger information security protection kernel at the architecture’s bottom layer, one embodiment of this in the application layer is that Galaxy NOS brings a brand-new UI style and a beautiful and smooth Galaxy micro-motion effect.

In the field of intelligent driving, Geely has called out the slogan of “Integration of Heaven and Earth.” On the one hand, at present, when the Galaxy IntelliDrive is cruising at 90km/h, it can stop in time when facing stationary targets. In the future, Geely’s Galaxy IntelliDrive will also lead the world in mass production of leading technologies such as cross-layer memory parking, high-speed emergency antelope obstacle avoidance, and low-speed exploration crossing.

On the other hand, thanks to Geely’s independently developed centimeter-level satellite high-precision positioning module, which has passed the vehicle standard level certification, it is expected that by 2025, Geely will complete the deployment of a network of 72 low-orbit satellites. By then, Geely’s Galaxy IntelliDrive will achieve a positioning ability without blind spots worldwide, realizing the truly “Integration of Heaven and Earth” Galaxy IntelliDrive.## The Geli Galaxy L7 Leads the New Energy Technology

As the development of new energy vehicles enters a new stage, technological breakthroughs are crucial for each player to create value for users. The Geli Galaxy series, based on Geli’s global system, integrates cutting-edge new energy and electrification technology, along with “Breaking the Sky” technology intelligence ecology, making it a leader in new energy technology.

Geli L7

However, technology is like a block-by-block LEGO brick that adapts to each other to form products. For consumers, they are not only concerned about the details of the technology but also about how well the product with leading-edge technology fits in the end.

As the first product of the Geli Galaxy, this is precisely the question that the Geli Galaxy L7 needs to answer. Among the world-class e-CMA structure, 2785mm wheelbase, four-screen smart interactivity, and million-level standard queen co-pilot, compared with 200,000-level smart hybrid SUV, you will find too many surprises in the Geli Galaxy L7.

For example, in terms of power, the Geli Galaxy L7 is equipped with Thor, a hybrid electric vehicle with three-speed variable frequency electric drive, and the acceleration of one hundred kilometers only takes 6.9 seconds, and the power consumption per hundred kilometers is only 5.23L, CLTC comprehensive endurance mileage is 1370km. One car satisfies pure electric, range-extending, hybrid, and performance, four major driving conditions.

Geli L7

In the luxury and intelligence field, the Geli Galaxy L7 achieves smart interactivity for the entire car with a 10.25-inch instrument panel + 13.2-inch central control screen + 16.2-inch co-pilot screen + 25.6-inch AR HUD.

In addition, 50W wireless charging, crystal star ambient atmosphere light, hidden door handle, and headrest speakers jointly create the comfortable and comfortable atmosphere of the Galaxy L7.

Worth mentioning is that the co-pilot of the Geli Galaxy L7 is built with a “queen-level” experience according to the million-level standard. The co-pilot has a maximum legroom of 630mm, which is the largest in the same level, and the 1.8-meter long legs can easily lie flat, and the seat can be laid flat to 125 degrees. At this time, it is precisely the golden viewing position with 860mm eye-screen distance. Plus 4-direction electric leg pull, infinity sound, seat massage therapy, etc., enough to bring users the ultimate audio and visual entertainment experience.

It can be said that Geely Galaxy L7 is a product that can give users full surprises both while driving and sitting, and Geely Galaxy L7 is only the first model of the Galaxy series.

As a high value-added technology leading brand in the industry with world-class architecture, shield battery, new generation Thunderbolt technology, and smart ecology integrating heaven and earth, Geely Galaxy will launch seven electric products including smart hybrid and pure electric in the next two years. This intensive production on the one hand shows the self-strength of the carmaker Geely.

On the other hand, such high-density product launch schedule is enough to prove Geely’s determination to comprehensively embrace the new era. Geely Galaxy does not just make slogans on building high-value new energy vehicles, but has a clear strategic planning and execution after insight into consumer needs and market trends. This also demonstrates the confidence and courage of Geely Galaxy in leading the high-value new energy stage, and its future market performance is promising.

In fact, every strategic transformation of Geely’s development is due to breakthroughs in technology that bring high value surge. For example, from the “Ningbo Declaration” to the sales surge in the era of Boutique Car 3.0, to the success of Lynk & Co and even Geometry, all of them prove that Geely, as a “car maker”, adheres to high value success. Nowadays, in the second stage of new energy, Geely, as a leader in cutting-edge technology, Geely Galaxy is also making “value-up” progress in brand and product with technologies, continuing to practice the brand philosophy of “value-up”.

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