Pengyou Tries The New|Immersive In-Store Experience with P7i, Loving it so much!

In the pure electric vehicle category, the P7 from XPeng Motors is a model with great historical significance. It was the first new energy vehicle to achieve a production milestone of 100,000 units. Now, as an owner of the old P7 model, I am just as excited as XPeng to witness the launch of its upgraded version. According to the salesperson, the P7i has already arrived at the store in Chongqing. Without hesitation, we set off to see it! Today, we went to the XPeng Auto Showroom (Southwest Delivery Center) located next to Bentley.


As soon as we walked in the door, we saw the welcome sign for the P7i and the test drive route. Unfortunately, we couldn’t test drive it today, so we could only experience it passively

Today happens to be International Women’s Day, and the first 20 customers received a chocolate gift at the door. The service staff even gave us two pieces of XPeng’s scented sachet, which was very relaxing.

The Southwest Delivery Center is very large and has a dedicated area for displaying XPeng’s accessories. The above pictures show the motors and calipers used in the dual-motor version. Brembo calipers, which are on display, are among the top three caliper brands in the industry.

There are also displays of battery modules and continuous damping modules, full of details, and the nameplate in the lower left corner has introductions.

Currently, all four models of XPeng are assembled here, with the elder brother G9 and the new P7i in the front.

This seems to be a newly added color, which looks good; the hub has been changed, making it more sporty and trendy; the two front headlight groups each have added laser radars, and the upgraded texture is full of quality.

The interior continues the design of the older brother G9, and the brand new steering wheel has improved the previous weak points, and the anti-mis-touch has been done to the extreme; the brand new UI design, the 8155 chip, is smarter; the middle armrest has added a mobile phone placement; when opening the handrail box (both sides have buttons), fragrance is added inside; the hollow storage compartment is added under the central control, which can store bags and objects, solving the dilemma of drivers who “love to carry small bags”; the cup slot is changed to a lifting type, which improves the risk of objects slipping off which occurred before, and the overall appearance looks more atmospheric.

The central control screen makes personalized customization more convenient with a more visually appealing operation.

In XPeng’s laboratory, users can choose from settings such as rear litter reminder, automatic shutdown, more sensitive sentry mode, and recording video for gallery. The upgraded Dynaudio sound system has better sound quality, surround effects, and tuning quality.

While we were checking out the car, a P5 owner told us that they feel safe and comfortable driving XPeng for more than 50,000 kilometers in one year, and they even have an ES6 parked at home collecting dust, so they are considering exchanging it for a G9. The backseat has been widened and thickened for a more comfortable ride.

As the displayed car is the dual-motor version, there is no front trunk.

Let us introduce a feature that even experienced P7 owners can get emotional about. After looking at it for a while, we heard from our XPeng friends’ group chat that the P7i Pengyi edition is available in the new Guangming Tiandi shopping mall. We set off for the mall immediately.

The XPeng Pengyi edition is amazing! It is the pinnacle design of XPeng’s style.

Sitting in the car feels like pure enjoyment; getting out of it is hard to do. Now there are many activities for old car models in the store. The price of the P7i is expected to be released in the next two days, which is greatly anticipated. There are also many replacement benefits. Currently, car purchase policies are heavily discounted, up to 100,000 points and 3,000 yuan Chongqing new energy subsidies, which is quite favorable. For those considering replacement or who have not yet purchased a car, go for it directly!

This article is a translation by ChatGPT of a Chinese report from 42HOW. If you have any questions about it, please email