"Ji X" license plates will soon be introduced in Xiong'an New District.

The “Interim Measures for the Management of Motor Vehicle Registration and Licensing in Xiong’an New Area, Hebei Province” were officially issued on March 18th, indicating that the “冀X” license plates will soon be available in Xiong’an New Area, which is of great significance in guaranteeing the relocation of non-capital functions from Beijing, attracting innovative talents, optimizing the business environment, and etc.

The Measures mainly stipulate the registration and licensing work of small passenger cars as well as public transport buses, freight cars, sanitation vehicles and other motor vehicles. Those who apply for registration and licensing of small passenger cars and meet the requirements of the Measures may bring the relevant materials required by the Measures to the vehicle management office in Xiong’an New Area for processing. Individuals are limited to one non-new energy small passenger car license plate per person according to the “1+N plates per person” principle, where “1” means each individual can apply for up to one non-new energy small passenger car license plate, and “N” means each individual can apply for multiple new energy small passenger car license plates without limitation. Units should handle relevant business according to their actual vehicle use needs.

The Measures also make relevant requirements for the emission standards and energy types of some motor vehicles that apply for registration and licensing. For example, small passenger cars that apply for relocation registration or second-hand small passenger car registration and licensing in Xiong’an New Area are required to meet the national emission standards above China V or be new energy small passenger cars. Freight cars and sanitation vehicles (cleaning vehicles and sprinklers) are temporarily only accepting business for new energy vehicles, and Xiong’an New Area is not currently accepting motorcycle registration and licensing.

Vehicle registration and licensing is a long-term business. If you have any questions about the required materials and procedures for handling the business, you may consult the public security traffic management department. In order to cooperate with the implementation of the policy, Xiong’an New Area has launched an online appointment platform, where various groups can learn about the required materials for handling relevant business in advance, make appointments in advance, and then handle them at designated locations.

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