G9 pick-up event three, casual talk about advanced driving assistance systems, from beginner to advanced (part one).

Reunion in Late Autumn

Two months have passed since I started paying attention to my Dream Car and made the decision to buy it after the Autumnal Equinox. Two more months of waiting later, I finally saw it at the end of November, and fell in love with it during the deep autumn. However, at the photo-taking session, instead of the anticipated excitement, I politely declined the sign that said “I am picking up my car today” and held up a sign that said “Technology changes the way we travel”. This is why I chose G9! This is Xpeng’s exclusive Lifestyle!

The First Experience in the Dark

Originally, I had planned to drive on my own for ten days, familiarizing myself with the manual operation of the vehicle, and then slowly trying out the assisted driving. However, on the third night, I couldn’t resist any longer. During the first week, due to the temporary license plate, I was unable to drive on the elevated highway during rush hour, so I applied for overtime. Finally, I made it to 11 pm, and the navigation showed a sea of green. I carefully made my way to the central ring elevated highway, looked ahead at the vast four-lane road, took a deep breath, and shifted gears twice with a “bang bang”. With the clear sound of “NGP has been activated” from the little P, my first magical solo moment officially began! The steering wheel in my hand suddenly came to life, and I twisted my body happily and took off. The speed quickly reached 80 km/h, sticking to the speed limit and the edge, and speeding through the endless black midnight. My heart was in my throat, always worried that I would hit the guardrail in the next second. The reason why it is called the “ring” is that there are many sharp curves along the way. However, little P effortlessly raced through them at full speed, full of confidence. I really want to talk to him: Big brother, we’re not in that big a hurry, why not slow down? This road is so empty, why not drive in the middle? Oh, right, I suddenly remembered the turn signal lane-change I learned during the test drive of the P5. With a “click” of the turn signal, little P quickly obeyed and changed to the second left lane. Now I feel much safer. Hahaha, I’m really a genius! The happy feeling hasn’t gone away yet, but the indicator light automatically flashed, and little P “clank clank” pulled me back to the far left lane. I shouted in panic, “Little P, don’t change lanes!” Little P said, “You need to adjust the settings first.” Oh my god, I tried twice more to change lanes with the turn signal, and finally gave up and enjoyed the thrill. But ten minutes later, I was saved. I exited the Jinshajiang Road Tunnel, and little P turned right one lane at a time two kilometers ahead, merging onto the Bei Zhaida Elevated Road.### Tips:

  1. When I got home, the first thing I did was to look up and study the car computer. It turns out that you can set the default lane to either the leftmost lane or the second lane from the left. Everyone can choose their personal preference. Of course, after using it for a while, if the car sticks to the edge of the lane, I am already calm and not worried anymore.

  2. Another way to quickly stop automatic lane change is to immediately flick the turn signal. Little P will cancel the lane change. Voice control is also possible, but it is relatively complicated and not recommended.

  3. Regarding the timing of the first time NGP was activated, I also thought about it repeatedly. Firstly, I chose a time when the road was smooth to reduce the difficulty of the first experience (I didn’t expect my heart to still almost not be able to take it). Secondly, I chose a time when I was driving alone. This is not only to minimize external interference, but also to be responsible for my family. Only after I tried it myself and found it safe and reliable, could I rest assured to let my wife and children come in.

  4. As mentioned in point 3, even so, your life is still at risk. Whether it is called automatic driving or assisted driving, you are ultimately handing over a substantial part of the vehicle’s control to the machine. Even the safety of some people is entrusted to the machine. Although the steering wheel is in your hands and the brakes are under your feet, theoretically you have the final veto power and takeover power. However, in emergency situations that may arise during high-speed driving, everything can happen in the blink of an eye. Therefore, if you have to choose one car manufacturer to trust among them all, I think in China, XPeng is the first choice. The earliest self-developed high-speed navigation, the most real user data, and the previous success of P5CNGP, plus the hardware upgrade with 17 times the computing power, and the support of Wu Xinzhou’s War God team and the Fuyao Super Training Platform. All of these are the source of my confidence to brave the journey with NGP and complete the entire journey on the elevated road, even if it makes my heart skip a beat. One more thing, at that time, the second company I trusted was Huawei. If XPeng is the Chinese Tesla, then I think Huawei is the Chinese Apple. I believe that Huawei can do what they want to do. Looking back, my vision was not bad, but when I bought G9, Avatar’s assisted driving ability was still in the PPT, and additional rights and subscription plans had not even been written into the PPT… (To be continued)

This article is a translation by ChatGPT of a Chinese report from 42HOW. If you have any questions about it, please email bd@42how.com.