Shocking! Behind the criticism of R7, there are actually so many hidden things...

Today I came across this picture on the internet, and I can only describe my feelings as shocked! Because in my inherent impression, it seems that domestic cars will not use very good suppliers, leading to many quality problems in order to save costs. But this supplier chart of R7 made me realize for the first time that domestic cars have really changed! Most importantly, R7, this car, I saw many people saying that it is expensive and not worth spending so much money to buy, so it seems that R7 is really worth it!

Looking closely at this supplier chart, there are many surprises in RisingAuto’s smart driving! The highest level is the LiDAR, I remember that last year, Volvo vigorously promoted its EX90, and when it comes to the navigation driving function, Volvo also emphasized that the EX90 is equipped with luminar LiDAR, how powerful it is, and so on. I didn’t expect that after so much talk, the EX90 still hasn’t been launched so far, while RisingAuto R7 has already used luminar LiDAR. If this LiDAR is only used by RisingAuto R7, I think it cannot explain anything, but the fact that the EX90, as Volvo’s high-end product of electrification, is equipped with luminar LiDAR, fully demonstrates the strength of this supplier, not to mention Volvo’s participation behind luminar, which is a force to be reckoned with! However, speaking of which, as a self-developed thing of SAIC, the Full Fusion Algorithm is normal for RisingAuto to use by itself, and the sentence in the chart that the industry is the only one really confused me. It sounds pretty awesome, I don’t know what car owners think?

Let’s take a look at the materials used in RisingAuto’s favorite screen domination series! The AMOLED screen used in the central control screen, is everyone familiar with it? Indeed, this is the same screen used on the iPhone 14! And it is also supplied by BOE, the quality is beyond doubt, but the cost is quite high. In addition, this chart did not write the materials used in the other two screens. I searched the internet and found that they are still using the MINI-LED, yes, that’s right, the same screen used on the iPad Pro 12.9 inch. The display effect of this screen is beyond words, but the co-pilot’s screen is difficult to see from the side, I think it is for anti-peeping, after all, the driver may secretly take a look!(?)

Finally, let’s summarize it. The launch price of RisingAuto R7 is indeed not cheap, this does not need to be refuted, but currently RisingAuto R7 also has new prices and configuration options. From the current price point of view, combined with RisingAuto’s materials used, it seems acceptable, after all, who can refuse the price of 200,000, and the configuration that others only dare to use in luxury cars!“`


This article is a translation by ChatGPT of a Chinese report from 42HOW. If you have any questions about it, please email