Fei Fan: Wei Xiaoli, let's roll together! I am not afraid!

When it comes to the current domestic new energy vehicle market, FEIFAN is not quite outstanding, as there are only two main models available now and a newly released one yet to go on sale. It is not an easy task to beat Wey XueLi. However, recently, someone leaked out a detailed diagram of FEIFAN R7’s Tier-1 supplier on the internet, which received a lot of discussion among car enthusiasts. Currently, there has not been any official denial, so the credibility of this information is high.

In my opinion, firstly, I did not expect FEIFAN to use such excellent suppliers since high-quality suppliers usually come at a high price. The cost is a factor in the selling price of R7, ranging from CNY200,000 to CNY400,000. Putting those suppliers in other car models with cooperation agreements would end up with higher prices than this. Just take the examples of the Luminar lidar equipped EX90 and Polestar 3, which are both million-yuan level cars, FEIFAN is undoubtedly only half of them.

Furthermore, looking at some superficial things, FEIFAN R7’s tires are directly equipped with Michelin. After all, R7 has outstanding performance, and matching it with high-quality tires spares owners the trouble of later modification. R7’s double-layered laminated glass is made of Fuyao Glass, which is the same as that used in XC60. The market feedback is still good, and the sound insulation of R7 is also good on a high-speed run. However, the disadvantage of the frameless door is that the noise level is relatively high. R7 is trying its best to make up for this shortcoming, which shows that the manufacturer is detail-oriented! As for the voice system, FEIFAN R7 uses iFlytek, which is widely used by many automakers. Although there is nothing to boast about, an efficient low-layered voice system is reliable. Moreover, when shouting out voice commands in the car, the iFlytek system can automatically recognize the positions of the passengers who make the voice commands. This is very convenient, especially when the function such as heating the passenger seat is activated. The main driver can set the navigation with just a single voice command!

Finally, let’s talk about Huawei’s AR-HUD. At first, I thought this function was not exclusive to FEIFAN R7, as Huawei restricts usage by other suppliers. Despite the convenience of AR-HUD’s use during driving, just watching movies on such a widespread HUD is already impressive. The optimization of AR-HUD by Huawei is pretty good. Even in broad daylight, it is crystal clear when screening the image. The range of upward and downward adjustments is also broad enough to suit people of different heights. However, some people may not be comfortable with watching it, making their eyes feel uncomfortable. But I love this function.Translation:

At last but not least, may I ask you a question, is FlyBan R7 worth buying? Do you think it is necessary or just an extra expense to equip yourself with these great things?

This article is a translation by ChatGPT of a Chinese report from 42HOW. If you have any questions about it, please email bd@42how.com.