Automobile Electronics Disassembly - UWB Controller Analysis

2022 is the “Year of Mass Production of UWB Digital Keys”. Smartphones using UWB ultra-wideband technology with precise positioning and high security can store, validate and share vehicle digital keys in a relatively secure way.

The UWB (Ultra-wideband) technology is a wireless carrier communication technology that uses a frequency bandwidth of more than 1GHz. In the car, the TOF-based UWB anchor points can achieve key and car body distance measurement functions.

1) The UWB anchor point can achieve distance measurement between the key and car body.

2) When the transmission device emits a signal containing the timestamp, the receiving end calculates the flight time based on the information received to deduce the flight distance and accurately measure the distance.

3) Based on the comprehensive distance between the key and the car anchor point, the precise area or position where the key is located can be determined.

The UWB digital key incorporates three wireless communication technologies: UWB, BLE Bluetooth, and NFC. The UWB distance measurement has high power consumption, and so it is combined with Bluetooth connection.

1) Bluetooth has lower power consumption and can connect in places far away from the vehicle, providing identity authentication, data exchange, and rough positioning.

2) After approaching the vicinity of the vehicle (within a dozen meters), the UWB measurement range is activated by the anchor point to achieve real-time positioning.



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