The NGP function of the city is open in Shenzhen, and the XPeng P5 is ready for OTA upgrade.

On March 16th, XPeng P5 received a new OTA upgrade, and the corresponding version of Xmart OS is 3.4.0. After the upgrade, the first city navigation assisted driving function in China, the city NGP function will be opened in Shenzhen. In addition, this upgrade also includes optimizations in aspects such as high-speed NGP speed limit, LCC enhanced takeover experience, and 360° panoramic imaging.

Improved the driving experience of city NGP: In terms of the reminder of taking over when leaving the available range, the reminder method and time have been optimized, allowing users to better understand the function boundary and switch between manual driving and machine driving more smoothly. At the same time, the experience of bypassing adjacent vehicles and identifying static obstacles has also been upgraded.

Improved LCC enhanced experience: When the user temporarily takes over the steering wheel during the operation, the system can be in the “standby mode” within 20 seconds at most, and it will automatically return to the LCC enhanced version after the takeover is completed, reducing the operating steps.

At the same time, the maximum cruising speed of LCC enhanced version in the city has been increased from 80 km/h to 100 km/h, increasing the practicality and traffic efficiency on some special speed-limited roads;in the scenario where pedestrians or non-motor vehicles are approaching the vehicle lane or crossing it, voice broadcast and instrument SR prompt “beware of pedestrians” have been added to reduce unknown risks and further ensure the safety of intelligent driving.

The intelligent navigation-assisted driving function of high-speed NGP has optimized its strategy: after the upgrade, the system will drive according to the cruise speed set by the user first, and only in special scenarios such as ramps, tunnels, and large curved bends will the system automatically change the speed limit based on electronic eye information. At the same time, users can also use the lever to quickly switch back to the current road speed limit, which further humanizes and intelligently optimizes the speed limit policy.In addition, this OTA also optimized the timing and accuracy of function triggering in active safety and added the custom one-key activation for 360° panoramic images. The charging pile icon type on the charging map has been redesigned, and more details have been improved for a better user experience.

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