Visible or invisible, they are all interpretations of luxury by LYRIQ.

It is reported that the Cadillac LYRIQ is about to upgrade to a new generation of Super Cruise advanced driving assistance system and 360-degree high-definition panoramic imaging function for vehicle owners. With this, the Cadillac LYRIQ will also have a complete intelligent driving assistance system.

In order to continue the accident-free record of over 80 million kilometers of Super Cruise so far, Cadillac, as a century-old manufacturer, not only pursues technology, but also adheres to the bottom line of safety. Before the new functions are launched, Cadillac is also verifying and optimizing them for Chinese roads.

The housekeeping skills are about to go online

The new generation of Super Cruise advanced driving assistance system carried by LYRIQ uses the 6R1V solution for hardware. A monocular visual camera is installed on the front, and the visual processor comes from Moblieye EyeQ4. There is a long-range millimeter-wave radar installed on the front of the car, and a short-range millimeter-wave radar is installed at each of the four corners of the vehicle and the center of the rear, plus centimeter-level high-precision maps.

The unique interaction method is also the advantage of Super Cruise. In addition to providing users with a three-level reminder of direction indicator lamp/sound reminder/Haptic vibration seat, Onstar AngelStar will also provide 24-hour communication and support services for vehicle owners.

Driver monitoring is done from both visual and tactile perspectives, and is ensured by the DMS driver monitoring system and the dual-zone capacitive sensing steering wheel to ensure driver focus. Thanks to this multi-layer safety redundancy mechanism, hands-free driving has already been achieved in the US market.

In terms of functions, we have already experienced the ability of automatic lane changing in the new generation of Super Cruise in the CT5. In the case of enabling basic assistive driving, it will automatically change lanes to overtake when encountering a slow vehicle in front, which is very clever. This is also the LKA Plus function that will be pushed in the later stage, which has been implemented on the Cadillac CT5.

If the likes exceed 50, we will also try our best to borrow an upgraded Cadillac LYRIQ for everyone to test the capabilities of the new generation of Super Cruise.

No Rear-Drive, No Luxury

Apart from the safer and smarter new generation Super Cruise, driving experience is what luxury brand enthusiasts are most looking forward to.

The current Cadillac LYRIQ R&D Rear-Drive Long Endurance version is tuned for comfort, and the driving experience created inherits Cadillac’s consistent luxury style.

First, let’s talk about the most impressive aspect of the chassis. The LYRIQ uses a front and rear five-link independent suspension system, and this suspension system has done a great job in coordinating the front and rear consistency without showing any sluggish feeling due to the weight of the car. It shows the luxury of low-speed tension and rebound, and high-speed flexibility and shock absorption.

The resolution of road bumps is also very smooth, the resolution of impacts is straightforward and sufficient, the longer suspension travel, the 50:50 body weight distribution, and the 35 KN/deg high body torsional rigidity ensure that the vehicle can provide low Hertz vibration when driving on rough roads.

The LYRIQ R&D steering feel is also solid, the pointer change is linear, the virtual space in the center area of the steering wheel is small, and it is still easy to control during vigorous driving. The slightly heavy steering resistance can provide better handling confidence for those who like driving.

At present, in the stage where fully automated driving technology is not yet mature, driving experience is still very important for cars. For luxury brands, entering the pure electric era, which often involves two tons of weight, the need to show their muscles in direct sensation is even more crucial.## Real endurance test results, ranked fourth

Energy consumption as low as 16.3 kWh/100 km

In November last year, we tested the real endurance performance of the Cadillac LYRIQ. The tested model was the long-endurance luxury version of Cadillac LYRIQ with rear-wheel drive and a maximum power of 255 kW from the rear motor, equipped with a 95.7 kWh ternary lithium battery pack. The official CLTC endurance mileage is 653 km.

Under the external temperature of 15-19 degrees Celsius, the vehicle used 98.5% of the power to run 480 km (at an average speed of 90 km/h). Based on the estimated 522 km full-electric endurance mileage at departure, the theoretical full-electric endurance of Cadillac LYRIQ is 483 km. The actual/indicated endurance ratio is 1:1.08, which has high reference value for daily use.

For the city test, a test method of 50 km on the ground and 100 km on the outer ring was used, and the comprehensive energy consumption of 150 km was 16.3 kWh/100 km. The actual/indicated endurance ratio is 1:0.96. Based on the new “smart algorithm,” Cadillac LYRIQ’s indicated endurance performance is iteratively optimized based on the recent energy consumption of the vehicle. Whether it is a city or a highway condition, the indicated endurance mileage of the vehicle is highly reliable. In addition, according to Cadillac’s engineers, before the indicated endurance of the vehicle has 30% remaining, the remaining endurance mileage will be calculated based on the user’s driving habits. However, after 30%, the proportion of instantaneous power consumption will be increased.

Endurance key depends on three parts

In the era of pure electric cars, battery safety is the most concerning issue for users. As a mainstream luxury brand giant, Cadillac LYRIQ has followed a strict development process. Even the battery customized from Ningde era still needs to meet the very strict test standards of SAIC General Motors.

As a product of a traditional luxury brand giant, the Cadillac LYRIQ in China strictly follows the development process. In the era of pure electric vehicles, the safety of the vehicle is closely related to the battery. The customized battery ordered from XALT Energy still needs to meet the rigorous testing standards of SAIC-GM.

In terms of safety protection, the “well” -shaped battery shell of the Cadillac LYRIQ’s battery uses a high-strength cross beam, which makes the torsion stiffness of the whole vehicle with battery pack reach 35,000 N·m/deg. The XALT Energy platform requires that the battery should have no abnormalities when subjected to a crushing force of 300 kN (equivalent to 30.6 tons) under full charge, which is three times the national standard. The battery burning test of the Chinese standard requires 60 seconds of open flame without abnormality, while the XALT Energy platform still requires twice the national standard.

In addition, the battery has intimate protection in many aspects, such as battery thermal diffusion test, battery salt spray corrosion test, etc. Based on the wireless BMS, the “vehicle-cloud” integrated battery health intelligent monitoring system, the BEV HEAT high-efficiency comprehensive thermal management system, and the battery full life cycle fast charging are used to ensure energy consumption and safety.

At the same time, XALT Energy’s core battery architecture has the compatibility of hybridization and storage, which can match the best choice of battery cells according to local conditions, and quickly absorb the latest battery technology to accelerate product iteration. In other words, later-stage lithium iron phosphate, soft-pack batteries, and so on, may all appear in XALT Energy’s platform models.

The last point is the eight-in-one electric motor. The fine gear density of the motor has two advantages: one is to greatly optimize energy consumption. For the LYRIQ with a weight of 2.7 tons, the energy consumption of 16.3 kWh/100 km is a very impressive achievement; the other is that there is no delay in kinetic energy recovery and shifting. In actual experience, whether it is controlled by the VROD paddle on the left rear of the steering wheel or the single pedal mode to control the degree of power recovery, there will be no delay phenomenon, and the overall response is linear and controllable.

Therefore, supported by excellent batteries, motors, and controls, even with the release of the “Standard Range” Cadillac LYRIQ 锐歌 model with 300 kg less weight, it still has the confidence and ability to ensure the vehicle’s range and energy consumption performance, and perhaps it can enhance its competitiveness at a more affordable price.

Keeping Up with the New Trend of Intelligence?

When it comes to intelligence, intelligent cockpits, and assisted driving, they are currently the pain points of most joint venture brands. In the mainstream auto industry, SAIC General Motors has demonstrated innovation and progressiveness, and the LYRIQ model keeps up with the new trend in hardware for intelligent cockpits.

33-inch screen, 9K resolution, 271 PPI display accuracy, 100,000:1 dynamic contrast, 8155 car machine chip, and a combination of 12 G memory + 64 G storage, concealed door handles, and a new steering wheel style are all embracing technology. While innovating, Classic heritage is not forgotten, as seen in Cadillac’s English logo, classic center console design, and interior materials, reflecting the collision of technology and classic style. Among mainstream auto companies, the LYRIQ cockpit experience has its own unique features and highlights, which can be continuously enhanced with later OTA iterations, improving user experience.

Wait, There’s More – There’s an Easter Egg

In the recent Ministry of Industry and Information Technology declaration, the Cadillac LYRIQ 锐歌 model will release a new annual version. It provides new car paint colors, wheel styles, and an entry-level version with a smaller battery capacity to further increase its product power.

As a luxury brand product, the driving form is very important. In the newly released models, it still adopts the layout of single-motor rear-wheel drive. With the same motor, the maximum output power of the entry-level version is only 5 kW less, almost neglectable, but the weight is directly reduced by 300 kg. Everyone says that they would have 10 horsepower less for even 1 kg less weight. Facing such a direct “lightweight enhancement,” the entry-level version of the LYRIQ is expected to bring more interesting driving experience.

Final Words

Since the official launch and start of pre-orders for the Cadillac LYRIQ in China on November 17, 2021, the LYRIQ Rui Ge has also successively announced its pricing configuration, car purchasing privileges, and started large-scale deliveries in 2022, with both rear-wheel-drive and four-wheel-drive versions. As a product that emerged from the strict standards of the General Motors system, the Cadillac LYRIQ also brings stable and innovative performances.

Compared to new players, the Cadillac LYRIQ can meet consumers’ demands in terms of brand, quality, and vehicle basic qualities. Compared to other mainstream automakers, LYRIQ has already used the third-generation pure electric platform of General Motors, which has richer experience than automakers that have switched from oil to electricity or tried pure electric vehicles for the first time. In addition, with wBMS technology, a tested 480 km high-speed endurance, and a stronger Altium platform, it is clear that General Motors has put more effort into pure electricity.

If you want a luxury joint venture pure electric SUV, your options may include the BMW iX3, Mercedes EQC, and Audi Q5 e-tron. If you have certain requirements for endurance, quality, appearance, and intelligence, it seems like you already have a good idea of which one to choose.

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