Great Wall Motors has upgraded its technology again, and the Hi4 model can be considered as having mastered the four-wheel drive hybrid playing.

Author | Zhang Ruichen

Editor | Pan Tan

On March 10th, Great Wall Motors held the Intelligent New Energy Dry Goods Conference and launched the new self-developed Hi4 electric hybrid technology, announcing that it will be installed in new products next month. Hi4 is the world’s first intelligent control four-wheel-drive electric hybrid technology, with “H” representing hybrid, “i” representing intelligent, and “4” representing four-wheel drive.

Based on the first-generation DHT (Digital Hybrid Transmission) technology concept of “more fuel-efficient, longer-lasting, and safer,” Great Wall Motors has brought the innovative configuration of double motor series and parallel electric four-wheel drive, which can achieve efficient dynamic adjustment of dual motors, power decoupling of front and rear axles, and the optimal coordination of engine and dual motor torque characteristics. Although the technology has been upgraded, Great Wall hopes to achieve incremental improvement without increasing prices, allowing users to buy four-wheel-drive products at the price of a two-wheel-drive product.

Hi4 embeds “savings” into its core

The new Hi4 intelligent control four-wheel-drive electric hybrid technology not only adopts the hybrid architecture of front and rear axles with dual motors, but also has two hybrid-specific engines: 1.5T and 1.5L, achieving 41.5% of the optimal engineering thermal efficiency. It also comes with low-impedance dynamic batteries with 97% quick-charge energy efficiency and the ability to charge from 30% to 80% SOC in 30 minutes in ambient temperature. In addition, the Hi4 intelligent control four-wheel-drive electric hybrid technology uses intelligent algorithms to call upon three engines and nine modes. It can smartly switch driving modes in any driving conditions, whether in the city, on the highway, or accelerating, climbing, and decelerating, generating more fuel and electricity savings for users.

Savings come first, but safety is not to be taken lightly

In order to ensure safe driving, the new Hi4 intelligent control four-wheel-drive electric hybrid technology is also equipped with iTVC intelligent torque vector control system. It can intelligently analyze the driver’s operation and vehicle information and provide intelligent torque allocation for different driving scenarios with the help of radar and cameras, ensuring safety under any driving situation.# Dynamic Vehicle Control System and Intelligent Torque Distribution Strategy for Better Stability

In the case of vehicles turning corners, real-time correction of the vehicle’s driving state is achieved by the combination of the Vehicle Dynamic Control System (VDC) and the Intelligent Front and Rear Axle Torque Distribution Strategy, improving the stability of the vehicle when entering and exiting corners.

Looking Beyond Immediate Benefits to the Future of Technological Development

By the end of 2020, Great Wall Motors had released China’s first hybrid technology, DHT hybrid, which broke the monopoly of joint venture technology and was developed entirely independently. Its arrival was even earlier than BYD’s DM-i. However, Great Wall Motors did not apply this technology to the popular Haval H6 at that time as was expected. Instead, they applied the DHT technology to a more high-end SUV product line – the familiar WEY brand.

It was not until 2022 that Great Wall Motors announced that Haval would transform into a “New Energy SUV Expert,” and DHT technology was finally applied to the H6 as everyone had hoped. Recently, in late February, Haval once again fitted the DHT technology to their second-generation big dog.

This shows that, because Great Wall Motors was not interrupted by criticism as some other car companies were, nor were they anxious to push out new products, it gave Great Wall Motors confidence in its technical capabilities and consumer recognition. However, overall, Great Wall Motors’ cumulative sales for the first two months of the year were lower, and the proportion of new energy vehicles was relatively low.

In addition to technical content, at the end of this Great Wall Motors’ intelligent new energy seminar, Fu Xiaokang, vice president of Great Wall Motors, expressed the company’s attitude toward online trolls. Great Wall Motors also plans to launch a special online campaign with a bounty of 10 million yuan, and for the first time, publicly announce an online reporting channel for those suspected of trolling.


Great Wall Motors is confident in its R&D and technical capabilities, from its previous engines and transmissions to its current DHT technology. The new Hi4 of DHT-2 offers the possibility of redefining the field of hybrid technology in the new energy market.

If BYD’s DM-i is regarded as a competitor to Great Wall Motors, then Hi4 has obviously transcended into a new era of hybrid technology through the infusion of intelligent technology. This includes not only an innovative configuration of front and rear dual motor series and parallel connection electric four-wheel drive, dynamic intelligent switching of three engines and nine modes, and a scheme of optimal efficiency across all working conditions. These are all examples of how Great Wall Motors controls technical innovation. Although they are slower, their products are indeed competitive. This makes me even more excited for Great Wall Motors’ Hi4 smart-controlled four-wheel drive and electric hybrid technology fitted products.# 这里是标题

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