Hyper GT, Don’t Feel Inferior When You Are Young and Promising.

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GAIC Aion has never been a low-key manufacturer, especially with its high-end product line, Haopao. At the end of last year, Haopao Hyper GT was officially launched. Even if it wants to keep a low profile, the cool design elements such as the rotating wing doors and three-stage electric tail wings do not allow it. I believe that many buddies and I are eager to know the design story behind Hyper GT. At the recently held Hyper GT design salon, the design director Zhang Fan and his team answered some of the doubts in everyone’s mind.

The transition from fuel vehicles to new energy vehicles is not only an industrial revolution, but also a profound impact on vehicle design due to differences in energy types. It feels like our phones have evolved from keypad phones to smartphones with only one screen. I believe that as more and more new energy vehicles appear around us, we will have a deeper understanding of this.

So, the question is, is there no design worth referring to and retaining in the era of fuel vehicles in the minds of designers? The answer is obviously negative.

All four design masters of Aion believe that the most classic car design always belongs to sports cars. Even if it is passed down through many generations, its spirit will not change, just like the most classic Porsche 911. The design concept of pursuing extreme wind resistance coefficient of new energy vehicles inherits the simplicity and line sense of sports cars.

The design source of Hyper GT can be traced back to the TIME concept car of Aion. Its design language is named “sharp as a blade into water”. The team then continuously explored based on the design of the concept car, injected speed sense into water, formed the evolved design language “wind rises with water”, and applied it to the mass-produced Hyper GT.

In the eyes of the design team, perhaps the best way to showcase future new energy vehicles is a water droplet. Its shape is not only unique and extreme, but its functionality is also extremely concentrated. In its normal state, it is a complete metal droplet. Users need a radiator grille, and the droplet head flips out the grille. When you need a door, the droplet flips out the door on both sides. Whatever you need, it instantly transforms into that. All of these are presented in Hyper GT.

Nowadays, we can easily distinguish between fuel vehicles and new energy vehicles on the road. In the eyes of designers, this is the “new energy feeling” brought by new energy vehicles to users. From the perspective of overall styling design, pursuing the minimalist style makes it easy to identify Hyper GT as a pure electric vehicle.

From the perspective of the development of the times, the design logic of cars has undergone earth-shaking changes. The design development of new energy vehicles is to continuously compress functions and simplify them, from appearance to interior cockpit.

Adhering to the concept of pursuing the ultimate, the design team created the Hyper GT. The rising design language compared to the minimalist, rounded, but also added more emotional elements, known as the symbiotic relationship between man and machine.

Hyper GT has a rounded front and a square back posture, low front and high back, with side skirts and light and shadow effects, which enhances the sportiness, injects Hyper GT with the soul and spirit of a super sports car.

In order to achieve unity of function and form, Hyper GT coordinates a three-stage electric tail wing. When the vehicle is high-speed turning, the unfolded tail wing can provide downward pressure. It can be retracted during normal times to maintain the overall sense of the tail.

There are too many details in the exterior design of Hyper GT, including the active front air intake grille and the three-stage electric tail wing. Of course, the coolest and most eye-catching design is the rotary-wing door with a high return rate. Designers believe that this form can allow users to intuitively experience the publicity and trendiness of new energy vehicles. In terms of function, the borderless design not only makes the rotary-wing door tough, but also saves the space on the roof, making the A-pillar lower, and weakening the side wind with the hidden door handle. In terms of form, it can surprise users.

How to combine styling with functionality

Compared with traditional fuel vehicles, new energy vehicles have added many components to achieve more intelligent functions. Will this increase the difficulty of design? How to solve it? I believe this is also a question that many friends are very concerned about! Let’s listen to the designers.

According to the design team, the challenge of designing new energy vehicles lies in balancing the amount of information presented visually. On one hand, as little information as possible should be presented, on the other hand, more functions make for a vehicle with greater richness. Therefore, the design must be precise.

For example, the design team had to achieve active air intake through two different states for the variable air intake grille. They had to maintain the integrity of the vehicle’s front facade in the closed state, and extend this state once open. Furthermore, they had to consider the amount and direction of air flow, hence the cutting lines had to be extremely accurate, as even the slightest lapse in aerodynamics could affect both function and aesthetics.

Radar, cameras, and sensors were all integrated into the overall shape of the vehicle by the design team to ensure that their functions wouldn’t interfere with each other, while trying to adjust their positions as much as possible.

Through the Hyper GT, it is evident that from conceptual definition to design language and new components like sensors, innovation in the design of new energy vehicles is being showcased. From the perspective of users, we see not just changes in the style, but also upgrades in functional experience. The job of a designer, therefore, is to achieve the best balance between form and function.

A minimalist design can be a double-edged sword, which could turn out to be either uninspired or sophisticated. So how does the outwardly flamboyant Hyper GT shape its interior? Perhaps we can scrutinize it based on spatial layout, materials, workmanship, and color.

Hyper GT adopts the currently popular minimalist design style, which gives the entire cockpit a poised and elegant atmosphere.

A minimalist design style that is achieved through complex designs really puts the skills and abilities of the design team to the test. On the other hand, the craftsmanship and materials used also reflect a high sense of luxury.The interior design concept of Hyper GT is “human-machine symbiosis aesthetics”, which not only pursues extreme simplicity, but also emphasizes the affinity and coordination of the cabin. In particular, the use of the “Polar Silver” color scheme adds elegance to the interior. Its design inspiration comes from the landscape of the Ferarriya Glacier near Milan, and the choice of materials and colors is to allow users to get closer to nature and relax.

The materials used in the interior of Hyper GT are very luxurious, both the leather on the center console and the Amazonian real wood on the central armrest contribute to enhancing the visual texture.

The area below the hollow armrest uses Amazonian real wood with an age of more than 80 years as the raw material, and has undergone more than 20 professional processing techniques. The leather is the same as the Hermès Birkin style.

Personally, I think that Hyper GT’s steering wheel is better suited for not using a half yoke design. Both the styling and color matching blend well with the cabin.

The oblong-shaped instrument panel is also a major highlight of the design, which provides basic driving information and opens up the view. In fact, the high-end feeling of the cabin is not difficult to achieve, it is the result of the designer’s fine decoration of the interior, but it really needs good perception and prediction of users and aesthetic trends. Hyper GT’s interior design focuses more on experience rather than pure aesthetics. It uses full-grain NAPPA leather seats and Amazonian real wood armrests, which all enhance the high-end feeling of the interior.

In other details, Hyper GT is equipped with 23 PREMIUM high-quality HIFI speakers throughout the car. Acoustic engineers have analyzed the roof curvature and interior materials of Hyper GT and calculated the sound field reflection effect of the speakers in the car. It is reported that Hao Bo also invited many music masters to participate in the tuning, including Lang Lang’s wife, Gina Alice.

The cabin of Hyper GT also supports Dolby ATMOS panoramic sound, including surround headrest speakers. With an 8-inch front subwoofer unit, the air pushing area can reach 1.5 times the industry standard.

With the support of the new generation AEP3.0 pure electric platform, Hyper GT can have a longer wheelbase of 2910mm under the length of 4880mm body. At the same time, with the assistance of the rear-wheel drive layout, it can also get a flat floor, greatly improving the comfort of the rear row.

Sound the horn for overtaking, Hyper GT rewrites luxury

Entering the era of electric vehicles, we have found that many brands have chosen a minimalist design style. In fact, most users also like this design style. For designers, how to highlight the sense of luxury in a simple cabin is a problem. On Hyper GT, we see the answer it brings.

Not only the design, but also we can feel that Hyper GT has unique artistic interpretations in driving control, intelligent driving and smart cabin.

As a product tilted towards E-An Resources and heavily technological, Hyper GT fully demonstrates E-An’s determination to enter the high-end market on all fronts, and marks that the high-end luxury pure electric pattern has undergone a dramatic change, and the luxury rear-drive era dominated by Europe and the United States has come to an end. On the stage of challenging Model 3, the first act has come to an end, and Hyper GT is embarking on a new chapter. No wonder E-An is so high-profile: “I’m more expensive than ta, but you will choose me.”

As the CEO of E-An, Gu Huinan said at the press conference, “Hyper GT is for young people who are promising.” E-An’s constant struggle, positive progress, as well as the focus, determination, and constant breakthrough of young elites, all have the same spirit. We have reason to believe that Hyper GT really has the product power to challenge Model 3.

With such strong comprehensive product power and such eye-catching appearance, I may really book a Hyper GT. Because, “either Hyper GT or don’t play GT!”# 这是一篇 Markdown 文章


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