Volkswagen ID.Buzz long-wheelbase model exposed, with an expected range of up to 700 km.

Recently, the trial vehicle of ID.Buzz LWB (long wheelbase) was exposed during road tests in Europe.

In April of last year, the trial vehicle of ID.Buzz was disguised using components from Volkswagen T6.

The spy photos of the road tests that have been exposed this time show that the appearance of the long wheelbase version of ID.Buzz is almost completed. For the exterior, the front face of the new vehicle adopts a closed design, and the two sides of the front headlights are connected by a continuous LED daytime running light to form an integrated design, expanding the visual width of the front of the car. The new vehicle’s front bumper adopts a mesh-like ventilation opening design, which demonstrates the electrification attribute in style.

Looking at the side of the car body, the overall shape of the new car adopts a more standard MPV body structure. Thanks to the use of the electric platform, the wheels can be placed as close to the four corners of the car body as possible, bringing better space performance to the interior of the car. Compared with the standard version, the long wheelbase version is about 300mm longer, all of which is added to the rear of the car body. The overall length of the car is expected to be about 5 meters.

In the rear of the car, the new vehicle is equipped with a small roof spoiler and an integrated high-mounted brake light. The rear window glass is equipped with a wiper, and the taillight group also adopts a continuous design, with a certain degree of recognition when lit up.

The long wheelbase version of ID.Buzz will provide a more spacious third-row space and trunk space. Each row of seats is on the same guide rail and can slide freely back and forth and rotate left and right. Currently, the length, width, and height of the standard version of ID.Buzz are 4,712 x 1,985 x 1,937 mm, and the wheelbase is 1,938 mm. Moreover, it’s a pity that the current ID.Buzz is a 5-seater with 2+3 layout.Meanwhile, the increased space will accommodate a larger battery pack. The long-wheelbase model may use a battery pack with a capacity of 111 kWh. Based on the energy consumption of ID.4/6, the ID.BUZZ long-wheelbase version is expected to have a full-charge range of about 700 km, which may slightly fluctuate with temperature changes. This is about 200 km more than the standard version. An entry-level version with a 58 kWh battery pack is also being tested in synchronization and may be used in the cargo version to reduce cost.

The current ID.Buzz will be available for pre-order in Europe in May and officially launched in the fall of this year. The ID.Buzz LWB is expected to be available in 2024. Currently, there is no news of its arrival in the Chinese market.

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