Changan UNI-K/V intelligent electric vehicle iDD will be officially launched on February 24th.

Changan UNI-V/UNI-K smart electric iDD will be officially launched on February 24. Both models have started pre-sale, priced at 144,900-159,900 yuan and 187,900-215,900 yuan respectively.

In terms of power, both models are equipped with Changan smart electric iDD hybrid system, which can achieve 0-100 km/h acceleration within 6.5 seconds, NEDC maximum pure electric range of 135 km, maximum speed of 215 km/h, and comprehensive range of more than 1,000 km.

Changan UNI-V smart electric iDD is the first compact coupe equipped with Changan smart electric iDD system. In terms of appearance, the new car continues the styling of the gasoline version, almost identical except for the exclusive iDD logo added to the tail badge and the charging port added on the right side.

The size of the new car body is the same as that of the gasoline version, with a length, width, and height of 4,695×1,838×1,435 mm and a wheelbase of 2,750 mm. Due to the plug-in hybrid system, the height of the new car is slightly higher than that of the gasoline version (+5 mm), and the curb weight has also increased from 1,400 kg to 1,680 kg. The interior has added a new color combination of Electric Sensing Technology Blue + Dark Night Meteorite Grey, which is exclusive to the hybrid version. The overall style is more elegant compared to the gasoline version while retaining a sense of technology.

In terms of power, UNI-V smart electric iDD is equipped with an 18.4 kWh battery, which can achieve 113 km NEDC pure electric range and 1,100 km NEDC comprehensive range. NEDC fuel consumption is only 4.2 L/100 km. The new car also supports DC fast charging and AC charging, with a peak power of over 25 kW for DC fast charging, and only 30 minutes are needed for 30%-80% charging. It also supports external discharge function.

The all-new Changan UNI-K smart electric iDD is the 2023 facelift model with an exterior and interior design that is basically the same as the current model, still retaining the design style of the original gasoline car.In terms of appearance, the Changan UNI-K Zhidian iDD is basically the same as the current model, retaining the original design style of the fuel vehicle, adopting a borderless grille design, and matching with slim LED headlights that appear very young and stylish.

The interior is not much different from the current model, adopting a dual-spoke multifunctional steering wheel design. The new car is also equipped with a 10.25-inch central control display screen, built-in UNI Life car-mounted intelligent interactive system, supporting gesture remote control and OTA upgrade.

In the rear seats, the UNI-K Zhidian iDD is also equipped with aviation sleeping headrests, and users can adjust the earpieces on both sides of the headrest to provide better support for the head. The double-layer insulated glass of the whole car windows provides good noise reduction.

At the same time, the UNI-K Zhidian iDD is also equipped with a nanny-level child interaction mode. Once the function recognizes that a child is on board through the in-car camera, it will actively greet the child and push them their favorite content such as cartoons and nursery rhymes. Meanwhile, the driver can clearly check the child’s status on the central control screen, avoiding the risks caused by the driver turning their head to observe the child.

The UNI-K Zhidian iDD specially upgraded the “zero-gravity” seat, which not only provides the driver with a 12-way electric adjustment function but also is equipped with a massage function. The co-pilot is equipped with a “queen key” function, and the driver can move the co-driver’s seat forward and backward to facilitate getting on and off.

The tail is equipped with a through-type taillight, a top spoiler, and a bottom spoiler, and the overall shape of the car has not changed compared to the current model. There is a “UNI-K Zhidian iDD” logo on the back, indicating the identity of the plug-in hybrid model.Regarding power, the new car is equipped with a 30.74 kWh battery, with a pure electric cruising range of 135 km and a comprehensive cruising range of over 1,100 km. All models in the series are equipped with a standard 6.6 kW AC fast charging and DC fast charging, and support 220V household charging function.

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