Xiaomi's car marketing director, Zhou Jin, has resigned and returned to Wuling.

Manufacturer of Hot-selling Products

On February 21st, “Unicorn Excavator” revealed that Zhou Xin, the marketing director of Xiaomi’s car-making business had resigned and returned to work for Wuling Motors.

Zhou Xin joined SAIC-GM-Wuling Automobile in 2011; in 2019, he became the Director of Sales and Marketing Center of SAIC-GM-Wuling Sales Company; in 2020, he was promoted to the Brand and Marketing Director of SAIC-GM Wuling Motor Co., Ltd., and later he was promoted to the Deputy General Manager of SAIC-GM Wuling Sales Company because of his outstanding performance. His promotion speed is almost unbelievable and has made many people envious.

As an 85’s generation, Zhou Xin’s marketing achievements in the automobile circle are very famous.

From the marketing of the phenomenon-level product Wuling Hongguang MINIEV, to “Wuling builds what the people need” cross-border promotion, these widely spread marketing cases have the participation of Zhou Xin.

In recent years, Wuling has successively launched hot-selling products such as “Journey”, “Zhengcheng”, “Wuling Xingchen”, and “Wuling NanoEV”. And the company has started to experiment with diversified user services in various scenarios, from online to offline, digging into users’ demands for personalized, social and cultural services.

The outside world generally speculated that it was precisely because of the label of “manufacturer of hot-selling products” that Xiaomi reached out to Zhou Xin.

Automotive and Internet, incompatible?

In the “Unicorn Excavator” exposé, Zhou Xin had only worked at Xiaomi for 7 months before returning to Wuling Motors. His specific position at Wuling is unknown.

Regarding the reason for leaving Xiaomi, the article introduced the viewpoint of an “internal source”:

Zhou Xin may not recognize some of the internet models.

It is speculated that it may be due to Zhou Xin’s personal rejection of Internet companies, in other words, “incompatible soil and water”.


As planned, the first Xiaomi car model will be mass-produced in the first half of 2024. Therefore, according to the normal rhythm of marketing and promotion, the current Xiaomi cars need to start market sales, brand promotion, and other actions.

In addition to Zhou Xin’s departure, there were also events such as the supplier’s penalty for leaking images and internal data leakage at Xiaomi’s car making business recently, which have impacted their marketing.The wording appears to be somewhat disorganized.

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