The result of the cooperation between Ling Ke and Meizu: DX11 new car debuts.

The DX11 of Lynk & Co and Meizu is about to debut. It has highlights such as “European design”, “first installation of Flyme Auto”, “new power system”, “large five-seater”, etc.

The new car is designed by Lynk & Co’s European design team, with Stefan Rosen, the head of the Swedish styling center, as the chief creator, and it becomes the first model equipped with the Flyme Auto system.

The power system will use the Lynk E-Motive system, which is a brand-new four-cylinder hybrid-specific engine and hybrid-specific gearbox system.

The entire car body is also larger than current fuel cars such as CRV, RAV4, and GAC Trumpchi GS5.

In terms of appearance, the new car presents a split-type headlight and restores the design of the TND concept car. The interior is expected to use a suspended central control screen.

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