AD Pro's NOA has finally arrived. Ideal will push version 4.3.0 update.

The Ideal officially announced the OTA update version 4.3.0 on noon 17th Feb. On the morning of the 20th, it was reported that the update was pushed in batches for L8 Pro/Max and L9 Max. Ideal’s update frequency is really fast. Version 4.3.0 adds 35 functions and optimizes 17 experiences. The key updates are as follows:

Smart Driving

Version 4.3.0 finally brings AD Pro, which means that the Pro version of L7 and L8 can also use NOA. Let’s take a look back at the hardware of AD Pro:

  • Horizon Journey 5 chip with a computing power of 128 TOPS and power consumption of only 16W.
  • 1 8 million pixel front camera.
  • 4 2 million pixel side cameras.
  • 4 2 million pixel panoramic cameras.
  • A 2 million pixel rear camera.
  • A millimeter-wave radar and 12 ultrasonic radars.

If you want to know the difference between Ideal AD Max and AD Pro, and whether you need to pay an extra 40,000 for Max, give us 50 likes and we will test and tell everyone!

In addition to the NOA of AD Pro, there are intelligent reminders for construction and intelligent parking for slanted parking spots, which is not difficult for Ideal L series with visual fusion. But it is worth mentioning that the slanted parking spot only supports Max version configuration for now. It is possible that it has not been developed for the Horizon platform yet, and it is expected that updates can be made on the Pro version soon.

For straight summoning, Ideal has made adjustments based on the 8155 chip, shortening the activation time of straight summoning to within 5 seconds.

### Infotainment Update

The infotainment update does not introduce significant improvements, but it includes improvements aimed at addressing common pain points that users have experienced in recent times.

Currently, the card interface of the infotainment system can display lyrics, which means that the navigation lyrics can finally be displayed on the same screen, addressing one of the most commonly requested features.

In addition, the countdown to traffic lights in the smartphone has been integrated into the built-in navigation software, further improving the usefulness of V2X.

Also, the “Task Master” presented during the release of the L7 at the Ideal Day event has been updated in the 4.3.0 version, similar to Apple’s Shortcuts, with the added feature of being able to be shared, which is a useful function.

Moreover, there are other convenient and humane updates in the 4.3.0 version of the Ideal L series, such as the auto power off function, updates for Ideal’s proprietary software, multi-headphone support for the entertainment screen, and family sharing of smartphone keys.

Simultaneously, the rapid and frequent use of iterative experience updates is the most significant value that OTA can bring to users.

Source: Ideal Official

This article is a translation by ChatGPT of a Chinese report from 42HOW. If you have any questions about it, please email