Ideal L7: the best 5-seater SUV for home use at 300,000 RMB, with multi-angle comparisons of competitors.

Ideal L7, the first five-seater SUV product of Ideal, made its debut on September 30 of last year at the launch event of Ideal L8 series, as “one more thing”.

It was not just a simple appearance, the configuration and price were also announced at the same time. We learned most of the information about this car ahead of time. Like L8, it has Pro and Max versions, and the price of the same version is 20,000 yuan cheaper than L8.

Just when I thought about what else you could say at the Ideal L7 launch event on February 8th, Ideal brought out new things again – the L7 Air and L8 Air without air suspension. The Pro version of each is 20,000 yuan cheaper than that of L8. We have to say that Ideal really knows how to hold a product launch event.

So, what does the starting price of 319,800 yuan for Ideal L7 mean for the fiercely competitive 300,000-yuan new energy SUV market? Does it have any advantages over competitors in this price range? I selected Tesla Model Y, XPeng G9, Avita 11, and Wanjie M5 which are priced similarly to see how Ideal L7 compares with them.

Comparison of appearance and interior:

Comparison of appearance: good identification

The design language of Ideal L7 basically follows that of Ideal L8/L9, with some minor adjustments in certain details. It is easy to recognize it as an Ideal model when driving on the road. However, it is not easy to tell whether it is L7, L8, or L9 at a glance. Here are two sets of comparison pictures of the exterior of L7 and the other four cars.

45-degree frontal view

Side view

Tesla Model Y’s appearance is already very familiar to everyone. Overall, it is a “heightened” Model 3. The proportion of the entire car body is rather strange, and I believe that quite a few people do not like this appearance.

XPeng G9 also follows the design style of the family. The daytime running lights, which run through the entire car, are slightly inferior to L7 because of the break point. The lidar placed under the headlight is well integrated into the front of the car, and the design of the long front of the car creates a yacht-like feeling when the air suspension is lowered to the lowest level. Among these cars, G9 is undoubtedly the closest to L7, with a more standard mid-to-large-size SUV appearance.The design of Avita 11 is also highly recognizable, with exaggerated daytime running lights, three integrated 3D laser radars, a low-slung profile, and huge 22-inch wheels. Its sporty attributes are evident even before you get behind the wheel, making it a coupe SUV born for movement.

As for the QJ M5, being a range-extended electric vehicle differentiates it from other electric cars, most notably with its larger grille on the front fascia. Its side profile is also low-slung, although not as exaggerated as the Avita 11, and its front end is longer. The vehicle’s overall appearance has been dubbed by the manufacturer as “the world’s most beautiful SUV.” Would you all agree?

After looking at both sets of images, it’s clear that each design has its own unique characteristics, with completely different design languages across different brands. The only thing that all designers can agree on is that all five cars have adopted the use of hidden door handles.

Regarding the interior, the Ideanomics L7’s interior is almost identical to the L8’s. The entire lineup comes with Nappa leather seats, and leather materials can be found almost everywhere in and out of the car. The surface is also filled with sponges, creating a luxurious feel when touched. Although the roof uses a fabric material instead of a suede material, the weave of the L7 fabric is more delicate than that of most cars.

Unfortunately, the hollow areas underneath the central armrest in the L8 were blocked off on the L7 due to the air conditioning vent installed in the central armrest compartment, which requires AC-related wiring. This resulted in the loss of storage space in that area.

Below is a comparison of the interiors of the L7 and the other four cars.

Interior Comparison

The Model Y’s interior is already very familiar to everyone and still maintains Tesla’s “minimalist style.” The center console of the front seat features a leather and wood trim design, and the center area’s storage spaces are all hidden under covers. The seats use non-perforated leather materials, and the overall interior style is considered the least luxurious among these few cars.

At first glance, the front-row interior of the XPeng G9 bears some resemblance to the Ideanomics L7, with screens of the same size for the central control panel and the auxiliary display. However, the G9 still features a traditional instrument panel instead of a HUD. The central area has two phone placement positions, but only one wireless charging pad. This is the most criticized point.The seats of the G9 are very comfortable and provide excellent support for the body. Although the highest price of the G9 is above 400,000 RMB, it still lacks a bit of luxury by not using a suede headliner.

Due to the curved design of the center console, the Avita 11 provides a stronger feeling of enclosure. The interior materials also use a large area of leather, and the luxury feeling is quite good. Compared with the red color, I prefer the interior with the gray-blue color scheme. In addition, because the rear windshield area is relatively small, the Avita 11 is the only one among these cars that uses a streaming rearview mirror.

The WENJIE M5 is the only one of these five cars that does not use a shift lever, so the traditional gear position can still be seen in the center area. The front row also uses a design with leather and wood trim. It is worth mentioning that due to WENJIE’s deep cooperation with Huawei, it not only uses the HarmonyOS car system, but can also perform various linkage functions with Huawei mobile phones. The wireless charging board is also compatible with Huawei’s fast charging protocol and has a specially designed air vent for heat dissipation.

In terms of interior design, the ideal L7 is no less luxurious than its competitors. So, who is your favorite in terms of exterior and interior design?

More Comparison

Size comparison: Large size ensures large space

The length, width, and height of the Ideal L7 are 5,050 × 1,995 × 1,750 mm, and the wheelbase is 3,005 mm, which is a very standard mid-size SUV. Compared with the other 4 competitors, the L7 has certain advantages in all dimensions.

It should be noted that the Model Y and WENJIE M5 belong to mid-size SUVs, and their sizes are obviously smaller. Although the XPeng G9 and Avita 11 are both mid-size SUVs, their sizes may also be smaller than the L7 to ensure vehicle sportiness.

However, the large size also brings large space. Compared with L8 with the same wheelbase, the length of the car is only 3 cm shorter, but the third row of seats is removed, which shows how much space the rear row has. With a height of 176 cm and a weight of over 100 kg, when I adjust the front seat to my comfortable position and sit in the rear seat, there is still more than two fists of legroom, and I can stretch my feet forward at will. The rear space completely meets the positioning of a “large five-seat SUV”. In addition, I have also ridden in the back seats of the other cars, and the space performance is all slightly different from the L7.### Comparison of Performance and Endurance: Not Slow in Acceleration, but Unrelated to Sports

Ideal L7 is equipped with a dual-motor configuration and a 1.5T four-cylinder range extender. The official acceleration per hundred kilometers can reach 5.3 seconds, and we have tested that the fastest acceleration of L7 can reach 5.6 seconds when the battery is fully charged. The front double wishbone and rear five-link suspension configuration are equipped with CDC continuously variable damping shock absorbers as standard across the board. The Pro and Max versions also come standard with air suspension. The suspension hardware configuration is among the best in the same price range.

In terms of driving experience, L7 still has the usual comfortable tuning of Ideal. The steering wheel and pedal feel are light. I need to adjust the driving mode and steering feel to a sport mode to get my favorite driving experience. When driving, due to the lack of one row of seats, it can be clearly felt that compared with L8/L9, the rear of the car is more agile when changing lanes and turning.

However, if driving a little more intensively, due to the soft suspension tuning, even if the air suspension is adjusted to the lowest, the support is still somewhat inferior to those sport-tuned SUVs, and it cannot give people sufficient confidence in handling feeling, so this car is still most suitable for driving leisurely.

The Model Y is a typical medium-sized sports SUV. The acceleration per hundred kilometers is except for the standard endurance version. The dual-motor long-range version reaches 5 seconds, and the high-performance version reaches an astonishing 3.7 seconds. The acceleration performance is very terrifying. At the same time, the Model Y continues the excellent handling of the Model 3 and has more excellent handling performance among SUVs in the same level. As for disadvantages, the chassis and suspension tuning is too hard, so sitting in the car can be a bit uncomfortable.

As the first medium-to-large sports SUV emphasized by Xpeng, the G9 is officially announced to have sports performance that will match the Cayenne. The 4WD version’s 3.9-second acceleration performance, coupled with a dual-chamber air suspension and good tuning, does indeed make the G9 perform very well in sports performance. Coupled with the redesigned steering wheel, the steering feel and vehicle steering direction are much better than P7, making it more suitable for intense driving.The Avita 11 also sports a sporty look like the others in the lineup. Even before the single motor version was officially released, its acceleration performance was already within 4 seconds per 100 kilometers. With good tuning on the front double forks and rear five links, based on my own driving experience, the car feels more like a short-wheelbase sedan rather than an SUV. It can be said that this is the SUV I’ve enjoyed driving the most in recent months.

As for the M5, I’ve only driven the pure electric version and I’m not familiar with the extended-range version. However, with the dual motor version’s 0-100 km/h acceleration time within 5 seconds, it is safe to say that it outperforms the Ideal L7 in terms of acceleration.

In terms of range anxiety, the L7 and M5 are both extended-range vehicles, so the problem of range anxiety is basically nonexistent compared to other pure electric vehicles. And as for pure electric range, with M5 adopting the NDEC standard, after conversion, its pure electric range is equivalent to that of the L7.

While several pure electric models have a maximum CLTC range of over 600 kilometers, there will still be some range anxiety when taking long-distance trips.

Screen Hardware Comparison: The Screen King Reigns

Today’s new energy vehicles increasingly emphasize various in-car entertainment functions, which makes the screen and car system performance even more important. From the figure below, it can be seen that the Ideal L7 Max version is undoubtedly the “Screen King”. In addition to the interactive steering wheel screen, large HUD, and equally-sized central control screen, copilot screen, and rear screen, it caters to the entertainment needs of all passengers in the car.

Two Snapdragon 8155 chips also ensure that the car system does not lag when multiple screens are opened. For non-Max version models which lack the overhead entertainment screen in the rear seats, it only has one 8155 chip.

Screen comparison

The Model Y undoubtedly has the fewest screens among the five cars, with only one horizontal central control screen. However, it is equipped with the most powerful AMD Ryzen chip among the five cars, with performance comparable to that of a game console such as the Sony PS5. Because of this, Tesla has prepared several games in its game center, and playing with game controllers can provide a good experience.The XPeng G9 uses a large-sized central control screen and a co-pilot screen, just like the L7. With the 8155 chip, the entertainment functions in the car are theoretically the same as those in the front row of the L7. The difference is that the G9’s co-pilot screen has an anti-peep function. The driver cannot see the co-pilot’s entertainment screen content under normal sitting posture, which effectively ensures safety during driving. However, since there is no rear entertainment screen, the entertainment experience for rear passengers is definitely not as good as that of the L7 Max.

As both Huawei models, the Avita 11 and the WENJIE M5 have the same specifications for their instrument panel and central control screen, both using Hongmeng OS and Kirin 990A chips. They have a certain advantage in terms of system interaction compared to other models. The Hongmeng ecological system can also enable them to better link with other Huawei devices.

Compared to WENJIE M5, Avita 11 has an additional co-pilot screen that is completely consistent with the specifications of the instrument panel. However, the position is also far back like the instrument panel, so the entertainment experience for co-pilots through this screen may not be very good.

Comparison of seat comfort configuration: Few rivals

Seat configuration is the core part of vehicle comfort, and ideal also attaches great importance to the riding experience of seats, as does the ideal L7.

In addition to the basic Nappa leather seats, the L7 is equipped with seat ventilation, heating, and massage functions as standard for both front and rear seats. In addition, the L7’s backrest can be adjusted up to 20 degrees, and the co-pilot side is equipped with a rear boss key for the rear seats. Also, the co-pilot is equipped with a leather footrest, and the heated steering wheel is not absent.

When there is no one in the co-pilot seat, imagine sitting in the rear right seat adjusting the co-pilot’s seat to the front and reclining the backrest to the maximum, putting your feet on the footrest, and turning on the Max version of the rear TV. It really feels like sitting on your own living room sofa.

In terms of seat configuration, the only competitor that can match the L7 is the four-seater version of Avita 11. All configurations are the same, but the cost is the absence of the center seat in the rear row. As for the five-seater version, only the rear seat backrest is adjustable, and all Avita 11 variants do not have a heated steering wheel.The seat configuration of the XPeng G9 is also impressive, but it clearly favors the front row passengers. In terms of the configuration of the front seats, compared to the Ideal L7, it adds a thigh support for the driver and a leg support for the co-driver, making the front row experience very good. However, with adjustable backrests in the rear seats, long cushions and comfortable, soft seats, the ride comfort is good, but the lack of other functions still separates it from the L7 and the four-seater version of the Avita 11.

Like the screen configuration, the seat configuration of the Model Y is also the minimum, with only heated front and rear seats and a heated steering wheel function. The lack of seat ventilation makes it very uncomfortable for me to drive Tesla in the summer. The front seat configuration of the WM Motor M5 is not lacking, but the rear seat only has a heating function.

Audio Comparison: Slightly Inferior to Big Brother, But Still Powerful

The audio configuration of the Ideal L7 is identical to that of the L8, with a maximum power of 1,920W. Although the power is not as good as the L9’s 2,160W, it still has 7.3.4 channels and Dolby panoramic sound, and the actual listening experience is good.

On the audio configuration, the XPeng G9 is equally strong with the L7. The speakers, maximum power, and channel parameters go back and forth, and the actual listening experience is among the top in the 300,000 price range. The advantage of the G9 is that it comes with a driver’s headrest speaker, which allows the driver to emit sound from the headrest speaker while other passengers in the car are resting, without affecting others.

Tesla is still relatively inferior in terms of audio, both in terms of hardware parameters and actual listening experience. Although the Avita 11 does not have an advantage in terms of parameters, the actual listening experience is still much better than Tesla. I don’t know if it’s because of Huawei’s tuning.

In addition, only the Avita 11 in this price range has RNC active noise reduction function. Last year, we tested this function in detail. For more information, you can take a look at our 30万最强 SUV? Avita 11 Test Drive Experience.

The audio parameters of the WM Motor M5 are also impressive. The “HUAWEI SOUND” logo also represents that this sound system was tuned by Huawei. Based on my actual listening experience on the pure EV version, this sound system is the most suitable for listening to music with heavy vocals, and the vocal reproduction is very accurate.### Comparison of Advanced Driving Assistance Systems Hardware: Still in the Top Tier

The Ideal L7 Max version also uses the Ideal AD Max’s Advanced Driving Assistance System (ADAS) hardware, with the following differences from the Pro and Air versions:

  • The ADAS chip has been changed from two Nvidia Orin-X chips to one Horizon Journey 5 chip, reducing the computing power to 128 Tops.
  • The roof-mounted LIDAR has been cancelled, and the number of forward-facing perception cameras has been reduced from two 8 million pixel cameras to one.
  • Due to the decrease in hardware capability, urban navigation assistance is not supported.

The hardware parameters of the Max version are undoubtedly at the top level among current models. Compared with competitors, the XPeng G9 and L7 have similar hardware, while the WmAuto 11 adopts Huawei’s ADAS hardware solution with three LIDARs.

Tesla adopts a pure vision solution, and the overseas version has already removed ultrasonic radar, relying solely on cameras and algorithms to achieve ADAS functions. Evidently, algorithms are more important than hardware for Tesla. As for the WM Motor M5, it is significantly inferior to other models, using the Bosch solution that only supports basic ADAS functions. I tried out the pure electric version, and there was a clear gap in performance compared to other models.

The Ideal L9, XPeng G9, and Jihoo Alpha HI version, which also use the Ideal AD Max hardware or the same hardware solution as the WmAuto 11, were all tested in the 42Mark system. Want to know how they performed specifically? You can check out our video, 2,400 km of Testing, 8T of Material, Who has the Best Navigation Assistance? We will soon be launching the second half of 42Mark, the Elevated Chapter.The advantages of the L7, Ideal’s ideal sedan model, can be summarized as follows based on the above comparisons:

  • Spacious interior: The rear seats are more spacious and comfortable than those of competitors, with ample storage space, making it ideal for daily and long-distance travel even when fully loaded;
  • Excellent ride comfort: The air suspension system continues the Ideal’s consistent comfortable tuning, which can effectively isolate small bumps on the road when set to the highest level, creating a “magic carpet” feeling. Coupled with the excellent NVH brought by the car’s fully laminated double-layer glass and 21 speakers, it creates a “secluded” feeling inside the car;
  • Comfortable seats: The front and rear seats are made of Nappa leather, with soft fillings, and equipped with ventilation, heating, and massage functions. The backrest of the rear seats can be adjusted electrically at a large angle, and the right rear seat even has a specially designed footrest, making it the “queen’s seat” immediately when there’s no one in the front passenger seat;
  • Powerful entertainment features: In addition to the front passenger screen, the Max version also comes with a large rear entertainment screen. Adjusting the seat back to the maximum angle of 20 degrees allows you to fully enjoy the ultimate entertainment experience brought by the big screen and 1,920 W sound system;
  • Mainstream level of ADAS hardware: The Max version’s hardware configuration will support high-level functions such as urban navigation assistance in the future, and even other versions already support high-speed navigation assistance, which is already sufficient for most users. The Ideal’s ADAS software is also completely free, greatly reducing the threshold for users.

In 42Test, we also conducted a deep comparison of Ideal L7 with BMW X5, the benchmark model of five-seat SUVs. If you want to learn more about Ideal L7, you can take a look at this article: Does Ideal L7 become the new benchmark of five-seat SUVs based on actual test data comparing with X5? | 42Test.


Since Ideal’s brand was born, it was designed for family use, and the core of family use lies in whether the car is comfortable enough. Through the above series of comparisons, it is clear that the Ideal L7’s greatest advantage over its competitors is that it has various comfortable and practical configurations in place. When sitting in a car with your family and enjoying the ride’s comfort, you, as the driver, will definitely experience the same joy.There are rumors that by the day before the launch of the Ideal L7, the company had already received more than 20,000 orders, including one from my friend. If you have a daily demand for 3-5 people traveling together and want to buy a 5-seater new energy SUV, then the Ideal L7 is definitely one of the best choices in this price range.

If you have a demand for 6 people traveling together, there are also L8 or L9 to choose from. From the order situation after the release, the release of the Ideal L7 has also brought a large number of orders to the L8/L9.

However, if your requirement is to buy a new energy car with obvious sports properties, then there are obviously better options at the same price range, and none of Ideal’s cars can meet this requirement.

Ideal has proven the vastness of the “family car” market, and the Ideal L7 is undoubtedly another powerful product for the company’s expansion into this market.

This article is a translation by ChatGPT of a Chinese report from 42HOW. If you have any questions about it, please email