Just snagged a Tesla Model S Plaid! Wanted to share my excitement!

From the first generation NIO ES6, I started to look at it, my eyes got tired after test driving it so many times, and finally I chose the Extreme Edition 001. I don’t want to wait anymore, better to get it earlier. Here’s a reference for those who are choosing electric cars.


Previously, I drove a 2019 Porsche. Nowadays, I drive a lot every day, around 70 kilometres back and forth. Moreover, there’s a major maintenance coming up, so I decided to replace it. Plus, in recent years, electric cars have developed rapidly, so I’m considering getting an electric car.

Choosing Process


The first car I test drove was the NIO ES6. I must say that my first test drive with NIO gave me a very good impression. I tested the car for about 40 minutes, tried every function, and experienced the feeling when it accelerates to 100 km/h within 3.9 seconds. Before I made my purchase, NIO ET5 was also on my list of choices.


Don’t be surprised that as a Porsche owner, I would consider this brand. After all, they do offer lifetime quality assurance.

WM Motor

If I could choose, I’d prefer a sedan. However, as I have a large daily mileage, I mainly use the car as a tool. Overall, I do feel that the sedan is more comfortable.

Lynk & Co

The reason is the same as WM Motor.

BMW i3

To be honest, buying an i3 for 260,000 RMB might be a good deal, but it’s just not suitable for me. I’m the only one in my family who uses the car, and the rear seats have a hump, therefore, the trunk is too small. It’s a bit of a pity. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask.

Driving Experience after Using it for Nearly 1,000 Kilometres


  • The back of the car can be lifted, and the capacity of the trunk is sufficient for household use, it can hold quite a lot.

  • The back row is spacious, without a hump in the middle, and it’s comfortable for three people to sit.

  • Excellent sound insulation, which is actually what I care about the most. The sound insulation is really good, and it’s comfortable to listen to music. Although the sound system of Extreme Edition is average, it’s still enjoyable. Since electric cars don’t have an engine, I really love this feature.- The power is strong. If you’re willing to step on it, I feel like the 0-50mph acceleration could happen in a split second. (Just a side note, I used to drive a Nissan Xuan Yi and didn’t dare to speed on the road. However, I can confidently say that 90% of the cars on the road are slower than me now. Because I have to drive a long distance every day and have to drive faster.)

  • The battery life is satisfactory. I’m in Chengdu, and the temperature is around 11 degrees Celsius. I can drive about 400 kilometers on a 100%-20% battery level. In theory, this car can also run 400 kilometers under extreme conditions in Shanghai (e.g. driving on highways in winter with air conditioning on). I’m quite satisfied with this.

  • There are many other improvements. I used to drive a Porsche but now drive a NIO. It’s not like I’m downgrading. After all, the driving experience and handling have improved.


  • The car is too wide. I’ve driven more than 60,000 kilometers, which should make me an experienced driver. However, I’m still adapting to the width of this car. It can be awkward from time to time.

  • The in-car system still needs improvement. But if you lower your expectations, it’s not bad. It surprised me, to be honest, because I didn’t have high expectations. But there’s much more room for improvement.

  • It’s still not on the same level as luxury cars. For example, I sometimes feel uncomfortable when I close the car door because of the gap left behind. Of course, I’m not expecting it to be perfect, but it would be nice if it looked better.

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