Based on the single-chip horizon journey ® 3 chip, Forstar Microelectronics has launched a lightweight parking and cruising integrated solution for mass production.

Recently, Foryoungtech announced the launch of a lightweight solution for parking and driving based on the single-horizon journey ® 3 chip, which is aimed at mass production, providing a higher adaptive version of intelligent driving products for the advancement of intelligent systems in automobile enterprises, and helping to quickly land an integrated parking and driving system with high cost-effectiveness.

Based on this solution, more car models can achieve more complex and reliable integrated parking and driving functions, supporting functions such as active safety, HWA highway auxiliary driving, intelligent parking assist APA, etc. This solution is expected to be put into mass production in the second half of 2023.

The Foryoungtech single-journey ® 3 integrated parking and driving solution has a stack software and hardware depth fusion architecture, equipped with an external sensor combination that supports 5V5R12USS, including a frontal 8 MP camera, 4 surround view cameras that can support up to 3 MP, 12 ultrasonic radars, a frontal radar, and 4 angle radars.

Among them, the frontal perception is equipped with Foryoungtech’s self-developed camera ranging from 2 million pixels to 8 million pixels, with a field of view ranging from 100 degrees to 120 degrees, achieving a wider field of vision, stronger environmental perception, longer detection distance, and earlier target recognition, enabling leading driver assistance functions including gear stick lane changing at the L2.5 level.

In addition, this solution utilizes the powerful perception ability of the Horizon journey ® 3 chip to complete the perception switching of the surround view during the parking process, achieving time-sharing reuse of parking and driving, and using a single SoC to achieve an extreme cost-effective integrated parking and driving solution.

The journey ® 3 chip is built based on Horizon’s self-developed computing acceleration engine BPU ® Bernoulli architecture. The single chip can provide 5TOPS computing power, and the typical power consumption is only 2.5 watts, meeting passive heat dissipation requirements. It is a dual-optimal choice balancing mass production efficiency and cost.

Based on the single journey ® 3 chip, Foryoungtech’s lightweight solution not only upgrades the system performance, but also greatly reduces the system cost. It optimizes the complexity of the whole vehicle control system through flexible software configuration, achieving functions such as high-speed driving assistance, urban driving assistance, and low-speed parking assistance. The flexible extension configuration covers entry-level to mid-to-high-end vehicle models, achieving more intelligent driving assistance functions, and by real-time feedback of sensor data, it is conducive to creating a data loop and driving function upgrades.Since the strategic cooperation between Horizon Robotics and Foryoung Technology in 2019, both parties have jointly leveraged their technological advantages to promote the development and breakthrough of intelligent driving technology. The latest released Domain Controller ADC 15, is a deep consolidation of their strengths. In addition, Foryoung Technology has also developed the ADC 20 and ADC 30 domain controllers based on the Journey® 3 and Journey® 5 chips respectively. Among them, ADC 20 is the first domestically produced domain controller to achieve large-scale production of integrated driving and parking functions, and has been installed in many models such as the Geely All-New Boyue L and the Lynk & Co 09 EM-P with a reusable and cost-efficient high-performance sensor configuration which achieves high-speed NOA and integrated driving and parking functions.

As vehicle EE architecture gradually moves towards domain centralization, integrated driving and parking has become a new trend in intelligent driving mass production. By integrating and sharing the efficient computing resources of the intelligent driving system through integrated driving and parking, the vehicle-integrated intelligent chips play a crucial role as the cornerstone computing power. As a pioneer in promoting the commercial application of intelligent driving in the Chinese passenger car market, Horizon Robotics is the first company in China to achieve large-scale production of vehicle regulation grade chips. Our products cover full-scene automatic driving and intelligent cabin support and we have also established an efficient open computing platform in “chip” plus “toolchain” at the core. Through open cooperation with a series of hardware and software partners, as of the end of 2022, cumulative shipments of Horizon Robotics’ Journey® series chips have exceeded 2 million units.

In the future, Horizon Robotics will continue to fully utilize its own advantages to build a complete chip development platform and toolchain to provide comprehensive technical support and platform guarantee for ecosystem partners. We will comprehensively meet the mass production landing demand of different price ranges and powertrain types, and help integrated driving and parking and even full-scene intelligent driving functions become the new standard equipment in cars, allowing more users to enjoy the benefits of intelligent driving technology.

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