ZEEKR 001 OS 4.1 will begin full rollout before February 21st.

ZEEKR 001 OS 4.1 Will Open Full Push Before February 21

The system has been improved in various aspects, including:

Experience Optimization

  1. Optimized seat linkage logic triggered by convenient entry and one-click rest at the same time
  2. Optimized AIQUTING network connection
  3. Optimized user experience when the air conditioning is heating
  4. Optimized radar alarm response time
  5. Solved the occasional display fault on the instrument screen and occasional power system fault prompt during vehicle driving
  6. Fixed the problem of the glove box password not popping up
  7. Improved the stability of the intelligent driving assistance system, optimized the fault light of the driving assistance system and more than 20 optimizations including air conditioning and navigation

Intelligent Driving

  1. Added BSD blind spot warning
  2. Added TSI traffic sign recognition reminder
  3. Added narrow lane wake-up 360° panoramic image

Cabin Interaction

  1. Added central control screen application card 360° panoramic image switch
  2. The bottom menu bar of the central control screen adds sliding adjustment seat heating and ventilation functions
  3. The vehicle travel and energy consumption information are permanently on the left side of the instrument screen

Charging and Energy Supplement

  1. Added low-temperature fast charging preheating

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