Ideal L7 officially released: Designed for families of three, price range from 300,000 to 400,000 yuan.

Writing by | Zhang Ruichen

Editing by | Wu Xianzhi

On the evening of February 8, 2023, the Ideal Car held a new product launch conference, officially launching the first five-seater product, the Ideal L7, a five-seater flagship SUV designed for families.

The new product Ideal L7 has three models to choose from: Air, Pro, and Max. The prices are RMB 3.198 million, RMB 3.398 million, and RMB 3.798 million respectively. The three Ideal L7 products cover the price range of 300,000 to 400,000 yuan, and the Ideal L7 Pro and Max will start delivery on March 1, while the Ideal L7 Air will start delivery in early April.

In addition, the Ideal L8Air was also launched to enrich the product line, with a price of RMB 3.398 million and also available for delivery in early April.

In terms of appearance, the design language of the Ideal L series is continued, and the uninterrupted 3D star ring headlights and taillight design are also used. Benjamin, the chief designer of Ideal L7, is also the designer of the latest generation of Porsche 911. The brand-new Ideal L7 has added two new colors, white and red. Many owners of the Ideal L9 used to choose to apply a white-color film after purchasing the car, and now the users of the Ideal L7 can directly choose the white color.

Ideal L7—Flagship level space sitting experience

As the first medium to large five-seater SUV under the Ideal Car, the Ideal L7 has a flagship-level size and space, with dimensions of 5050/1995/1750mm in length, width, and height, respectively, and a wheelbase reaching 3005mm, making the Ideal L7 have impressive space performance.

The highlight of Ideal L7 is undoubtedly the “Queen Seat,” which is equipped with an electric footrest that can be automatically opened, a maximum legroom of 1160mm, a second-row backrest that can be adjusted smoothly from 25 to 40 degrees, and a 270-degree seat that is ergonomically designed to embrace passengers. In addition, the Ideal L7 is also equipped with a B-pillar air outlet, providing a better experience for rear-seat passengers. Of course, in addition to the seating space, the storage space of Ideal L7 is also remarkable, with 26 storage spaces throughout the car, suitable for phones, keys, high-heeled shoes, and handbags. With a super-long trunk depth of 1081mm and the back seat folded down in a 4:2:4 configuration, the Ideal L7 can meet the multi-scenario needs of family users.“`

Ideal L7 comes standard with a large panoramic sunroof with an electric sunshade and a double-layer silver-plated soundproof and heat-insulating windshield. The heat insulation rate exceeds 50% and the ultraviolet ray insulation rate exceeds 99%, which can reduce the temperature in the car by 5 degrees compared with ordinary glass when exposed to direct sunlight. In addition, by removing the headrests of the front seats and opening the camping mode, all seats in Ideal L7 will automatically fold, forming a 1.5m×2.4m bed, which allows people to enjoy the scenery through the 1155mm×910mm panoramic sunroof.

Ideal Automotive has always adhered to the concept of “standard is high-end” for car manufacturing. Ideal L7 is equipped with 5 seats fully wrapped with heating, 4 seats with ventilation, 4 seats with lumbar massage, induction tailgate, 256-color ambient light, electrically adjustable steering wheel with heating, adaptive headlights, seats, welcome lights, and so on.

Ideal L7 – Flagship Audiovisual Entertainment Experience

In camping mode, the sound field will automatically switch to the entire car, and the sound effect will switch to surround mode. The air conditioner will switch to single-zone air conditioning. Adjusting any temperature zone can control the temperature of the entire car.

Moreover, Ideal L7 Max is the only model with rear screens in mainstream 5-seat SUVs. The three 15.7-inch 3K screens use ultra-thin coated anti-reflective technology to reduce glare. In addition, it adopts low blue light display technology to effectively protect eyes.

Ideal L7 is equipped with 21 professional-grade speakers (Max version), dual center speakers, three high-power subwoofers, and four sky speakers. The maximum power of the amplifier is 1,920 watts. Coupled with the 7.3.4 panoramic sound system, it can accurately collect acoustic data from 5 seats through 80 microphone positions, providing users with a better audio and video travel experience.
“`## Ideal L7 – Flagship travel experience

In terms of performance, the Ideal L7 has a self-developed front five-in-one and rear three-in-one intelligent electric four-wheel drive system, reaching a maximum power of 330kW and a maximum torque of 620N・m. Its acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h takes only 5.3 seconds. Although it may not be the most powerful among its peers, such performance is hard to criticize.

With regards to silence, Ideal Motor relies on its self-developed upgraded 1.5T four-cylinder engine, coupled with atomic-level noise optimization for all components. This ensures a difference of less than one decibel between the noise levels of the extended range mode and the pure electric mode.

In terms of endurance, the battery capacity of the Ideal L7 is 42.8 kWh. Its CLTC pure electric cruising range can reach 210 km, enough for daily commuting needs. The CLTC comprehensive cruising range can reach 1315 km, and the WLTC comprehensive cruising range can reach up to 1100 km, further reducing users’ anxiety regarding mileage during travel.

In addition, the Ideal L7 also has a discharge function. The entire vehicle’s battery and generating capacity can reserve more than 200 degrees of electricity, and coupled with its 3.5 kW external discharge function, it can meet basic daily electricity needs.

The Ideal L7Air is equipped with CDC continuously variable damping shock absorbers, while the Ideal L7Pro and Ideal L7Max adopt the Ideal Magic Carpet air suspension. The Ideal Magic Carpet air suspension is a self-developed technology that integrates Ideal Motor’s hardware and software. It enables the Ideal L7 to have five-level adjustable height and three types of suspension styles, which meet the demands of family travel in various scenarios.

Ideal L7 – Flagship safety experience

Over 75% of the body of the Ideal L7 uses high-strength steel, of which, the proportion of hot-formed steel is over 29%. Coupled with its high-strength top pressure-bearing capacity, it can withstand a load of 12 tons. The Ideal L7 is also the first SUV in the mid-to-large 5-seater category with the entire collection of spiral roll, sand roll, side roll and slope roll modes.

The Ideal L7 front seats are also equipped with double pretensioners and double load limiters for safety belts. In the event of a collision, the safety belt in the chest and abdomen area will be pulled back simultaneously, generating a peak force of up to 3000 Nm.

The Ideal L7 is equipped with a high-strength battery box that is higher in cost, stronger in structure, and better in absorbing impact energy to ensure high safety of the battery system.

The airbags and curtains of the Ideal L7 cover a total of 10 positions throughout the vehicle, maintaining a super long pressure retention time of 6 seconds, which reduces head injuries to passengers in secondary collisions. The side airbags for the rear seats are also standard, providing better protection for rear passengers.

In addition to driving safety, the Ideal L7 continues to follow the Ideal Auto’s “Green House” standard, which is only one-quarter of the limit according to the indoor S1 standard in Finland, providing a healthier cabin environment for travel.

Ideal L7 – Flagship Intelligent Space and Intelligent Driving

The AD MAX of the Ideal L7 is equipped with one high-precision lidar, 11 high-definition cameras, one millimeter-wave radar, and 12 ultrasonic radars, and is equipped with two NVIDIA Orin-X chips. The Ideal SS Max is equipped with a digital silicon microphone covering multiple sound zones throughout the vehicle, 3D ToF camera, IR sensor, and two Qualcomm 8155 chips.

In terms of intelligent space, the Ideal L7 has multimodal human-machine interaction capabilities such as multi-zone cross-screen voice interaction, gesture interaction, multi-point touch interaction, and intra-and extra-cabin environmental perception. In complex scenarios where multiple people are speaking in the car, the voice capture accuracy has improved by more than 42% compared to six months ago, and the false positives of gesture interaction have been reduced by more than 50%.

In terms of intelligent driving, both AD Max, Pro, and SS Max have a powerful AI perception capability that can achieve “pluggable” for different sensor types. Through EID environment information display, it can recognize pedestrians, vehicles, delivery vehicles crossing the street, road barriers, changing traffic lights, bollards, and zebra crossings on the ground.And Ideal L7 is equipped with high-speed NOA predictive algorithm, which enables automatic lane changing and acceleration and deceleration. With our self-developed AEB algorithm, Ideal L7 can brake from 60 km/h to a complete stop in response to pedestrians crossing the road in a completely dark night environment.

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