5.3 seconds to reach 100 km/h + four-wheel drive, larger space than X5L, priced between 319,800 to 379,800 yuan, will it dominate the fiercely competitive mid-size SUV market?

Author: The Tram Chief

Setting the benchmark for domestic production, brushing aside piles of snow.

Hello everyone, I’m The Tram Chief. Do you remember which cars we were talking about when we talked about five-seater SUVs? In the past, there have been many different answers, but in the future, the answer may always revolve around one model, the Ideal L7. If you have a budget of over 300,000 RMB for a five-seater car, I recommend you personally experience this car.

△Understand Ideal L7 through a video.

After several years of hot sales with the Ideal ONE and continuous monthly sales breaking ten thousand for the Ideal L9 and L8, Ideal finally launched its first five-seater model. This is an interesting thing: The original positioning of the Ideal ONE was a family car, with both 6/7 seat configurations. After most orders chose the six-seater, Ideal decisively cut the seven-seater version and announced its era of great sales.

This is also an important factor why Ideal ONE has been acclaimed for its success in the past three years: lowering component and management costs internally, providing top-level standard configuration externally, and eliminating consumers’ conflicting intentions.

After stabilizing its market with six-seater cars and a single configuration, Ideal began to expand its market by releasing L9, L8, and L7 models based on vehicle size, and even L6 and L5 in the future.

L8 (339,800-399,800 RMB) and L7 (319,800-379,800 RMB) are mainly differentiated by whether they have Lidar, and combined with intelligent cockpit and intelligent driving solutions, they have made great strides in## Max Model (Full Automatic Driving + Full Cabin Intelligent Cockpit + Air Suspension),

Pro Model (Automatic Driving without LIDAR + Intelligent Cockpit in Front Row + Air Suspension),

Air Model (Automatic Driving without LIDAR + Intelligent Cockpit in Front Row + Suspension without Air)

These are the three versions. And features like dual-motor four-wheel drive, front double-wishbone multi-link, silent electric suction door, silver-plated insulating glass, 7.3.4 panoramic sound, 8155 chip, flagship vehicle safety structure, etc. are still standard.

The differences between the L7 and L8 are not just the size of the body that brings a price difference of RMB 20,000 and a seat difference. Many reserved car owners use “precise knife skills” to describe the ideal product layout of cars, and many bloggers on Weibo also call it “the most Apple-like Chinese car”. This covers two levels, one is the press conference, and the other is the product.

In order to verify what level the non-LIDAR high-speed assisted driving solution has achieved, we have also made an end-to-end clip for everyone to understand the pure visual NOA solution of the current domestic leading level.

Before, shortly after I bought the Ideal L9, I learned about the news that the Ideal L8 was about to be launched, and I did feel a little regretful in my heart. But after experiencing the Ideal L8, Ideal L7, and my own Ideal L9 for ten thousand kilometers, I understood a truth: for family car buyers, they cannot avoid Ideal. As for what model and configuration, it is nothing more than purchasing according to needs.## Ideal L7 Car Purchase Suggestions:

  1. Appearance: White makes the car look bigger, and the new pearl paint is much better than the Ideal One period. There are four free colors and three special colors that require an additional cost of 10,000 yuan.

  2. The interior comes with white, orange, and black as standard, and white is dirt-resistant.

  3. The standard 20-inch wheels are silver-black two-tone; upgrading to 21 inches requires an additional cost of 10,000 yuan.

  4. The electric pedal is not recommended, as it is easy to get dirty and the distance for male users to get on and off is relatively embarrassing, and it is also easy to be damaged, requiring an additional cost of 10,000 yuan.

  5. Recommended models: For a family of three, choose the L7 five-seater Pro model. The carpet air suspension is magical, and the assistive driving is sufficient for public use. For families with more people, choose the L8 Pro six-seater. For flagship users, the L9 Max is the ultimate choice, as its laser radar provides comfortable long-distance and urban NOA.

This article is a translation by ChatGPT of a Chinese report from 42HOW. If you have any questions about it, please email bd@42how.com.