Still the same sentence, it’s better to start early when there is a benefit. Posting earns points, so here I am. I usually don’t bother to look at websites like this.

Here are my driving experiences!

Experience 1: The power is abundant, responsive, accelerates quickly, and brakes stably. The throttle response and kinetic energy recovery are infinitely adjustable, so you can set it as you wish. It also has a single pedal mode.

Experience 2: With infinite driving modes, you can adjust the two-wheel drive, four-wheel drive, dynamic control, traction control, steering, and braking, which increases a lot of playability. I don’t know how to play, but what I care about is the switch between rear-wheel drive and four-wheel drive and the traction control inside. Two-wheel drive can save energy. If you can adjust the traction control, you can control the power output to the wheels. It’s hard to understand this, so I’ll give you an example. There is an off-road base called Houwang Wilderness in Zhongmou County, Zhengzhou City. It is a sandbank, similar to a desert. It is a place for car enthusiasts in Zhengzhou to play. One day, I drove Ideal One there and got stuck in a place with a slope of about 40-50cm, a length of 2-3 meters, and an obstacle-free slope. After getting stuck, no matter how I stepped on the accelerator or set the mode, the wheel would not turn like an oil car to get out of trouble. I contacted the after-sales service, but there was no way to remove the restriction. I called Ideal Rescue, but they couldn’t find me and left me there. The situation at the time was: the car was stuck in the sand. However, no matter how I stepped on the accelerator or set the mode, the wheel would not turn to get out of trouble. Fortunately, a Prado was also waiting for his friend to come and play, but the buddy didn’t bring a tow rope. He said he had been stuck before and had stepped on the accelerator to get out. I don’t know why your car can’t get out. So I waited with him for more than an hour until my friend’s BJ40 and F150 arrived. BJ40 pulled me out. F150 also got stuck in the place where I was, but he stepped on the gas for several times and the wheel turned to get out. This is a sandbank, not a desert. There is still a difference in driving in the desert. Two days after I left, a Wrangler rode up the slope, and a sand motorcyclist who came to watch the fun was smashed to death on the top of the slope. This place is estimated to be completely closed. R7 has the ability to infinitely adjust traction control. It can be used to try to get out of trouble in this situation.Feelings Three: The intelligent battery heating is great, providing protection for the battery throughout the winter, and there’s no need to wait for the battery to heat up when charging at the charging station.

Feelings Four: The panoramic sunroof, rich configuration, full functionality, large rims, electric doors, and locking sound are all better than the Ideal One.

Feelings Five: It looks very good, which is why we bought this car. I am in a car enthusiasts group with Mr. Wang in Jiangsu and Zhejiang. The economic situation in Jiangsu and Zhejiang is better than in our central city, and there are more people who buy this car. People here usually choose BBA for cars that cost 300-400 thousand yuan, Tesla for electric cars, and NIO for even better ones because they can only afford so much, and showing off and face are the primary needs. Although the Model Y has a smaller car and lower configuration, it’s still a great American brand, making it an impressive car. During the New Year, with only twenty to thirty R7’s in Zhengzhou, the local car enthusiasts clubs had very few members. After all, the overall environment is not favorable. I currently own the first and only laser radar car in Zhengzhou.

Feelings Six: The trunk is small, and beauty is sacrificed for it. For ordinary families, it’s still more cost-effective to buy the G9 or Ideal L8.

Feelings Seven: The four-wheel drive is excellent. After the snowstorm, on a cliff on a mountain road with an altitude of 1,200 meters, going uphill was stable, even with ice and snow. However, going downhill was not easy since no car can help. Even the GLS ahead of me had to put on the brake. I don’t think I want to try that again in my lifetime.

This article is a translation by ChatGPT of a Chinese report from 42HOW. If you have any questions about it, please email