Meizu's car infotainment system displays leaked images, suggesting the appearance of multi-screen interaction function.

Recently, a test video of Meizu Flyme Auto was exposed online, and the screen showing the mobile application circulation function appeared for the first time.

Car Interface Layout

The car interface seen in the video is definitely not the official interface, but the overall structure is consistent with the official released warming-up picture. Based on the traditional Dock bar, a dynamic adaptive interactive area is placed on the far left, which can display music, navigation, charging and other information; on the far right are the quick shortcuts for car control and high-frequency functions.

Cross-terminal Application Circulation

From the video, we can also see that FlymeAuto’s menu adopts the same-screen multi-page display and supports application split screen function, but the key highlight is the application circulation function similar to multi-screen interaction. This feature was also exhibited in some excellent proposals in the FlymeAuto host’s program solicitation activity in early December 2022.

The point is that multimedia and navigation information can be directly synchronized between the mobile phone and the car, and even the mobile application ecosystem can be directly shared, relieving the car of the need to install unnecessary applications and the constraints of a narrow ecosystem. This is similar to the functionality of Hongmeng’s cockpit.

From the video, we can see that FlymeAuto’s solution directly displays the multiple main screens of the mobile phone on the car’s main interface in a left-right arrangement and supports left-right swiping at the same time. Adding widgets on the main screen of the mobile phone can also be directly synchronized on the car, with low latency.“`

However, it seems that the scaling of the entire interface can be appropriately enlarged. After all, there is a big difference between the reading distance on a mobile phone and the reading distance on a car machine. Too small font size and content will affect the direct use of the car machine in the usual sitting posture.


In fact, it has been nearly two years since the official announcement of FlymeAuto was established, and after the official release of several bright spots last November 11th, it has been four months. Judging from the completeness of the exposed images, the development progress should gradually enter an accelerating state.

As an old friend of the smartphone system, FlymeAuto uses its experience in past smartphone systems to make the car system itself worthy of expectation. Moreover, judging from the current characteristics and beauty of the entire product, this system is different from existing car products. Personally, I think the real-time updating 3D festival desktop and application flow function that matches the festive atmosphere can bring different effects in terms of vision and experience.

So what are your expectations for FlymeAuto? Welcome to interact in the comment area.

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