The latter half of the new energy era only rewards the most determined ones.

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For the whole world, 2022 is a brutal year, but in some fields, it’s still a year of opportunities. The automotive market is a typical representative, especially the new generation of smart electric vehicles that focus on new energy and intelligence. They have emerged as “the hope of the village” in the turbulent 2022.

The more popular a topic is among the public, the easier it is to be misunderstood. The long product cycle of the automotive industry and the complex market environment of new energy vehicles in China make ordinary consumers easily attracted by new players, new logos, and the shallow but visible forms or slogans of discontinued fuel vehicles, but overlook the more steadfast reformers that have hidden for a longer period of time.

Slow down and speed up

This unprecedented historical turning point is important. As a leading domestic independent brand, Geely certainly will not fall behind. In fact, Geely has been exploring and laying out in the field of new energy for more than ten years, covering various technological paths from mainstream tracks such as pure electric and hybrid, to innovative breakthroughs such as battery swapping and methanol.

In recent years, Geely has seen the feasibility of full new energy transformation in advance and predicted specific feasible paths for conversion and implementation. Therefore, Geely has invested a large amount of resources and energy in the two mainstream new energy categories of pure electric and hybrid.

Concentrating resources to solve basic problems first is not only for better quality work but also for a quick sprint. In recent years, Geely has incubated the SEA (Smart Electric Architecture) platform, which is a dedicated, intelligent architecture for pure electric vehicles, and has obtained four world-class vehicle architectures: CMA, BMA, SPA, and SEA. In terms of hybrid, Geely has developed advanced hybrid technology, the LEADINGTECH Hibrid Hi・X.

The birth and implementation of the SEA platform have successfully cultivated high-end pure electric vehicle models such as the Zeekr 001, allowing this nascent brand and its vehicles to have a high starting point. In 2022, the Zeekr brand emerged from its infancy and achieved explosive growth in sales. The second model, the Zeekr 009, will also start delivery in January 2023.

2022 is also the first year of the Thunder Hybrid. After years of silent development by Geely, the Lei Shi Smart Grid Hi-X finally came to market with multiple Thunder Electric Hybrid models within 2022, achieving rapid landing and opening up the hybrid market.

The Lynk brand also benefited from Thunder Hybrid technology, and based on the Lynk E-Motive intelligent hybrid technology, launched multiple hybrid models such as the Lynk 01 EM-F/EM-P, Lynk 03 EM-F, and Lynk 09 EM-P, comprehensively entering the high-end subdivision market of hybrid competition.

Compared with other brands that only seek short-term sales, rush to launch and optimize while delivering, Geely’s approach highlights a more global, realistic, and firm expectation for energy transition. Whether it is pure electric or hybrid, Geely is willing to spend more time developing basic platforms and polishing technical details. The SEA architecture and Thunder Hybrid have realized the industry’s leading technology level.

Only with the most steadfast confidence in energy transition can one truly plan a practical and feasible path from reality and be willing to invest more resources and time in transforming more thorough technical platforms. Finally, in 2022, Geely’s long-term research and development of technology has achieved rapid development.

As of December 2022, Geely’s new energy penetration rate has reached 30.5%, with steady growth in penetration rates each year, with multiple months exceeding 30%. Over the year, the cumulative penetration rate for new energy also reached 23%. The Ji Ke 001 has accumulated 71,941 deliveries, not only successfully winning the explosive identity, but also completing the annual task ahead of schedule.Sometimes, it’s necessary to invest excessively at the appropriate time, even if it slows down your pace temporarily. However, once you achieve great success and surge forward, the power of accumulated strength will be unstoppable.

The Ecological Strategy of “Group Battles”

In the preferred “four new trends” of the industry, new energy and intelligence are always placed at the forefront. The two are interdependent and mutually promoted. The new energy play has relatively fixed performance indicators such as mileage and fuel consumption. In contrast, the smart play is entirely different. The essence of intelligence lies in endless possibilities.

In the consumer digital field, “ecology” is a powerful weapon that reduces the dimension. Whether this “ecology” refers to software-hardware ecology or different types of hardware ecology or development and production chain ecology, it will always give each individual in the entire system an additional competitive advantage.

In terms of intelligence, Geely has taken the path of building a systematic ecology. In the key technological areas of smart architecture, intelligent driving, intelligent cockpit, and chips, Geely has invested corresponding resources and energy. It is precisely to comprehensively master the various key nodes of intelligence and ultimately establish a systematic advantage to break the deadlock.

In 2022, Zeekr introduced the world’s first pure point architecture, called the “Haohan-M” architecture, dedicated to the development of autonomous driving. It has the ability to access intelligent driving systems at level L4 or above. The conceptual car “ZEEKR M-Vision”, which uses this architecture, made its debut and will have mass production conditions in the not-too-distant future, 2024. Zeekr also launched a custom-made model for the well-known self-driving company Waymo.

Advanced intelligent driving represents the long-term goal of automotive intelligence. On the road to autonomous driving, mass production technology is also closely following the latest achievements. In 2022, many of Geely’s models upgraded to the GEEA2.0 electronic architecture with concentrated functional domains, matching Qualcomm 8155 chips, laying the foundation for future intelligent upgrades.Before the implementation of L4 and L5, Geely is focusing on the layout of L2+ and L3 intelligent driving technology. The latest results of early R&D have been applied to mass-produced cars – the new generation of NOA (Navigate On Autopilot) intelligent driving assistance system has been installed on the Borui GE (Geely Auto) model. Leveraging Geely’s intelligent architecture, intelligent cockpit, intelligent driving, and other intelligent systems, further functional upgrades can be achieved through FOTA in the future.

As the global situation evolves, autonomous research and development (R&D) is becoming increasingly important. As the leader of an independently-owned automobile brand, Geely has taken on the responsibility for the development of domestic “core technology” without any hesitation. Its first domestically-produced 7nm vehicle-regulated level intelligent cockpit chip, “Dragon Eagle No. 1,” which was independently researched and developed by Geely, is about to be mass-produced and has been officially unveiled in Wuhan.

Geely’s innovations are not even limited to the ground as they reach into outer space. The “Geely Future Mobility Constellation” has successfully launched its first nine stars in 2022, providing technological security for a three-dimensional travel technology ecosystem ahead of time in terms of sci-fi futures such as intelligent travel, unmanned systems, smart cities, and three-dimensional transportation.

Regardless of new energy or intelligence, as the most important part of automotive transformation, it will not be a simple task, but rather a long-term, complex, and costly process. Automakers must be well-prepared to maintain continuous progress in this historic transformation. To achieve and maintain the most adequate level of preparation, decision-makers must have a constant and firm confidence in transformation, believing that new energy and intelligence will ultimately determine the future direction of the automotive industry.

In terms of new energy, Geely has made several “big moves” after years of lying low, including the world-class intelligent pure electric architecture SEA (Sustainable Experience Architecture) and the Thor hybrid with demonstrating the technical and engineering strength. As for intelligence, Lynk & Co has customized L4 unmanned vehicles for the former star enterprise Waymo, and has delved into black technology fields such as chips and satellites.

It is difficult to achieve, but there always needs to be someone to do it. Geely, as the leader in domestic independent automobile brands, is leading China’s automotive industry through a once-in-a-century transformation, which is both an obligation and a must.




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