Lantu FREE Standard version offers free replacement of 8155 chips. Paid users will receive a points refund.

On January 6th, Voyah Motors held its first Tucao Conference, “You’re Right,” responding to and providing feedback on 680 suggestions made by Voyah’s users during the conference. They also announced the Voyah FREE Standard Edition 8155 chip replacement plan and the Voyah Dreammaker free upgrade fast charging plan. The Voyah FREE Extended Range Edition was also debuted during the live broadcast.

From December 29th to January 3rd, Voyah launched a user Tucao Conference on its official community, inviting users to provide feedback and suggestions on their driving experiences. In the end, the event received 680 pieces of feedback, covering multiple areas ranging from products, sales, services, brand, and operations, such as the car machine lagging, the car key not looking good, and new items being slow to appear in the online store.

Voyah responded to 91% of the user suggestions, and will continue to track and promote their solutions according to their plans. Most users praised this event.

Voyah announced two free upgrade plans: the 8155 chip and the Dreammaker fast charging.

Starting on January 6th, Voyah announced that owners who had purchased the Voyah FREE Standard Edition but had not yet upgraded to the 8155 chip and users who were planning to purchase the Voyah FREE Standard Edition could exchange their smart bundle with the 8155 chip through the Voyah official APP for 0.1 yuan or 1 point and make a reservation for installation. Voyah will refund the cost to users who have already paid to upgrade to the 8155 chip in the form of points.

Voyah stated that the performance of the car machine would be improved three times, and the power consumption would be reduced to 1/4 of the previous power consumption after the Voyah FREE car machine was upgraded with the 8155 chip. The upgraded vehicle machine is smooth to operate, and the navigation and voice interaction functions respond quickly.

In addition, Voyah is also about to release OTA 3.0 to address other issues raised by users, such as Bluetooth key connection failure and synchronization with Meituan and WeChat addresses on the car machine.In addition, the fast charging kit of Voyah Dreamer Low Carbon Edition has been launched on the Voyah Official Mall on December 15. Voyah will arrange store upgrades according to the order of users who have placed orders, and is expected to start installation for users in early January.

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