Why switch to a new car with five OTA updates per year?

Author: Gao Shangpei

When it comes to the advantages of new energy vehicles, most readers can immediately list a few of them. For example, the fast acceleration, quiet power and high configuration. However, the better OTA upgrade experience is also a major advantage of new energy vehicles. With OTA, the car can continue to enjoy new features even after it is purchased, which brings a strong sense of freshness. In addition, car companies can remotely solve some defects or faults through OTA, reduce recall costs, improve repair frequency, and also reduce users’ time costs.

However, not all new energy vehicle companies’ OTAs can be timely and effective. Most car companies use SOTA upgrades, which usually only optimize the interface of the car machine, navigation and other aspects, and rarely add new features. Zeropark adopts FOTA, which is the whole vehicle upgrade, it can not only upgrade software functions, but also add and optimize some hardware functions to ensure that vehicles are always new.

On November 30, 2022, Zeropark C11 opened its fifth round of OTA upgrades and officially pushed out version V1.02.60. This OTA enables 23 upgrades, including 14 new features and 9 function and configuration optimizations. This is also the fifth OTA of Zeropark C11 within a year.

After this upgrade, Zeropark C11 became a complete model and won wide praise from users. For example, in terms of intelligent driving, the ALC automatic lane change assistance and HWA high-speed driving assistance functions newly added, as well as Leapmotor Pilot’s 22 driver assistance functions, make Zeropark C11 users enjoy a more complete travel experience.

In October 2021, when the SERES C11 was just launched, 9 driving assistance functions were already available. In the following OTA upgrades in December and March of the following year, more than 10 driving assistance functions were successively opened. It can be seen that SERES never delays their promise to consumers on functions, and always strives to update the car in the shortest possible time. Moreover, the entire series of SERES C11 is equipped with 28 perception hardware and has also prepared 128G high-precision map storage space in advance for future upgrades.

On the smart cockpit level update, SERES has also made a lot of efforts. For example, the newly added small SERES 3D image, which integrates 31 application scenarios and realistic interaction, adds fun to the journey. The new power-saving mode, experience mode, and other features also make driving more convenient. In addition, the display layout of some functions has also been optimized through OTA upgrades.

For friends who like to tinker with their own things, the newly added SERES virtual machine can virtualize an open Android operating system in the smart cockpit, which is compatible with 99% of Android applications for users to install by themselves, meeting the diversified entertainment needs of users.

When driving an intelligent car, many people have already become accustomed to checking the status of the vehicle and turning on the air conditioner using their mobile phones before driving. Now, the SERES C11 not only supports mobile APP operation, but also supports smart watches (Apple Watch, OPPO Watch) to connect, enabling users to perform various operations on their watches, which is extremely convenient.# Zero Run C11 Continuously Updates Its Product Through OTA

As you may have noticed, Zero Run’s OTA covers multiple aspects of their product to fully consider the user’s convenience. Some of their functions still have room for optimization, which Zero Run proactively addresses to improve the user experience. This shows that they truly see OTA as a necessary component.

For the average person, owning a car is a substantial investment. If a car has been purchased for less than two years and its functionalities are already outdated, it can be frustrating for the consumer. However, if a car like the Zero Run C11 continuously introduces new features, as well as improves previous issues, consumers will undoubtedly appreciate it. This is the charm of constantly updating.

Of course, Zero Run’s ability to frequently and deeply update its OTA is inseparable from their insistence on full-domain R&D and highly vertical integration. Full-domain R&D allows for smooth communication between various systems, so new technologies can be quickly applied, and development cycles can be shortened. Highly vertical integration achieves more stable and faster supply. The combination of these two factors enables a quick feedback loop, where issues can be quickly identified and addressed, ultimately realizing constant updates for the end user.

In 2022, Zero Run has accumulated over 111,168 deliveries, a year-over-year increase of over 154%, while Zero Run C11 saw a Q4 YoY growth of over 120%. Behind these impressive numbers lies Zero Run C11’s high-standard chassis, electric motor, 8155 chip AI intelligent cockpit, and its continuous refinement of product design. Zero Run has set an excellent example for the industry and has established itself as a benchmark.

Smart manufacturers always consider users as a treasure because users’ feedback is the best optimization solution for products. We believe that in the future, the Zero Run C11 team, who listens to its users’ voices, will continue to adhere to the user-centric mindset, focus on user experience, collect demands that best fit with the user’s pain points, and give users constant updates with high-frequency and rich features, making Zero Run C11 a truly innovative product.# Product Experience.

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