Garage 42 Community Behavior Guidelines 1.0

42 Garage is committed to influencing the future of travel for more people and helping them make more efficient and informed car purchasing decisions.

In order to create a pleasurable community environment, we encourage everyone to follow the guidelines below and work together to maintain our community environment.

Specific guidelines are as follows:

Advocating users to publish content that conforms to contemporary mainstream values

  1. Abide by the Constitution and laws and regulations
  2. Practice core socialist values
  3. Promote patriotism, collectivism, and socialism
  4. Promote the correct views of history, nation, state, and culture
  5. Promote the excellent traditional Chinese culture
  6. Promote social morality, professional ethics, family and personal virtues, and respect public order
  7. Promote the spirit of science and popularize knowledge of science
  8. Advocate positive, healthy, and upward trend and lifestyle

Content prohibited from being published in the community

1. Harming national interests and social order

  • Prohibit publishing content that opposes the basic principles established by the Constitution and undermines the honor and interests of the country;
  • Prohibit publishing content that endangers national security, reveals national secrets, subverts the nation’s political power, undermines national unity, incites ethnic hatred or discrimination, and destroys national solidarity;
  • Prohibit publishing rumors that disturb social order and destabilize society.

2. Harming the image of the country, revolutionary leaders, and heroes and martyrs

  • Strictly prohibit publishing contents that ridicule or derogate the image and spirit of the country and nation;
  • Strictly prohibit insulting the national flag and emblem;
  • Do not distort or impersonate the image of party and state leaders without the authorization or approval of the state by intercepting video clips, making spliced ​​GIFs, etc.;
  • Do not distort or desecrate the deeds and spirits of revolutionary leaders, heroes and martyrs, etc.

3. Disrupting social stability

Note: Prohibiting the dissemination of group events affecting public order and safety, terrorism, disaster information or major traffic accidents not published by news units above provincial level and other similar contents.

4. Unverified and misleading

In the process of community construction, there may be some unverified information, misleading remarks or even rumors. Please do not spread or forward unverified pictures, texts or videos, and do not blindly believe untrue news on the Internet.

If you find similar information, please click the report button. For users who repeatedly publish the above remarks, depending on the severity of the circumstances, the operation team will impose a gag order or ban.#### 5. Obscene, pornographic or inciting criminal behavior
Description: Images or videos of male and female nudity, related to underwear and sex, are all considered pornographic content. Body art, body photography or color painting are considered to be suspected erotica. Other images or videos with suggestive, provocative or sexually explicit content are also considered to be pornographic. Low vulgar content involving pornographic jokes and sex jokes. Users who violate the rules multiple times will be banned.

6. Gambling, violence, murder, panic, and other topics that cause discomfort to others

Description: Prohibited from publishing images, texts or videos suspected of gambling, violence, murder, panic, and congestion that may cause discomfort to others.

7. Unfriendly behavior

  • Contempt: belittling and disdaining others and their content
  • Defamation: fabricating and disseminating false facts to damage the reputation of others
  • Ridicule: using metaphors, exaggeration, uncivilized language, etc. to curse or argue with others, so as to provoke others
  • Provocation: angering others in an unfriendly way, intending to make the other party respond to their comments, causing conflict or confrontation
  • Humiliation: belittling others’ abilities, behavior, physiological or identity characteristics
  • Verbal abuse: making negative evaluations and personal attacks using uncivilized language against others
  • Discrimination: attacks against identities or classifications such as ethnicity, race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, age, region, and physical characteristics

8. Harmful to the healthy growth of minors

Description: In order to create a network environment conducive to the healthy growth of minors, do not publish content that portrays minors’ puppy love; do not publish content that has a bad influence on minors, such as character modeling that is excessively exaggerated and strange and that harms the legitimate rights and interests of minors or that damages the physical and mental health of minors.

9. Promoting negative and pessimistic views of life, worldviews, and values

Description: Operations encourage everyone to pursue a joyful way of life, but do not advocate promoting materialism and hedonism, despair culture, suicide games, and so on. At the same time, do not publish or spread content that destroys the country’s religious policies or promotes cults and feudal superstitions, etc.

10. Violation of user registration avatar, nickname, and introduction rules

Description: The user’s avatar and personal homepage cover image must not use prohibited pictures such as pornographic, bloody, violent or national political images. Prohibited from using pictures or QR codes with advertising sales characteristics. Do not infringe on the portrait rights of others. Don’t steal or deliberately modify/PS other users’ avatars, nicknames, or personal introductions. Nicknames and personal introductions should not use meaningless garbled characters or advertising content.#### 11. Marketing and promotional content

12. Financial information such as investment, financing, equity trading, and financial products

13. Fundraising and crowdfunding information

Note: Charitable causes should be treated with caution to avoid moral manipulation. Please refrain from publishing related content at this time.

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If you have any questions or concerns about how the community handles these topics, please describe the specific issue in the comments. Any ideas or suggestions for improving community standards are welcome below~

This article is a translation by ChatGPT of a Chinese report from 42HOW. If you have any questions about it, please email