Does the kinetic energy recovery of Changan Lumin disappear on bumpy roads? What is the truth?

On November 22nd, according to a Weibo user named “Wang Xiaolu is very upset,” when the Changan Lumin Nuoyumi was driving on bumpy roads and the brake was applied, regenerative braking would suddenly disappear, causing sudden deceleration and affecting driving safety. After communicating with the manufacturer, it was determined to be a normal situation.

However, the fact is not what was circulated on the internet as “real brake failure” or system malfunction. According to data, when the ESP or ABS of the vehicle equipped with the Bosch iBooster brake system is started, all regenerative energy recovery systems will be stopped and the brake system will be completely converted to mechanical braking.

Therefore, when driving a vehicle with the iBooster system and lightly stepping on the brake, causing both mechanical braking and regenerative braking to start at the same time, if the vehicle is suddenly bumped, triggering the ESP, the iBooster system will directly cut off the vehicle’s regenerative energy recovery system, which will indeed reduce the braking force of the vehicle, and the vehicle will feel as if the “brakes have failed” and suddenly move forward. However, in fact, the braking force of the vehicle still exists.

It is just that the Lumin’s regenerative energy recovery is not adjustable and defaults to strong regenerative energy recovery, which makes the driver feel particularly obvious.

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