Based in Changchun, Audi's electrification strategy is accelerating its implementation.

On November 21, Audi-FAW NEV Co., Ltd. held the Partners’ Gathering and Warm Enclosure Ceremony. With the successful completion of the warm enclosure, the construction process of Audi-FAW NEV Co., Ltd. will enter a new stage.

In just five months, the main building structure of Audi-FAW NEV Co., Ltd. has been completely enclosed, one month ahead of schedule. “Audi-FAW NEV Co., Ltd. represents not only Audi’s new benchmark in digitalization, lean manufacturing, and sustainability, but also showcases the acceleration of Audi’s electrification strategy,” said CEO of Audi-FAW NEV Co., Ltd., Shi Ruizhe.

Dr. Werner Willems, President of Audi China, commented, “Through Audi-FAW NEV Co., Ltd., we hope to further expand Audi’s electric product lineup in China, and, together with our local partners, produce components and develop the latest technologies locally to create a new generation of smart electric cars for the future PPE models.”

The global automobile industry is undergoing tremendous changes. Audi-FAW NEV Co., Ltd. is an important core for Audi in China as it promotes electrification and localization strategies. Audi-FAW NEV Co., Ltd. places digitalization at a high priority throughout the entire enterprise construction and the product lifecycle.

For example, the BIM (Building Information Modeling) management system ensures the efficiency and quality of the project, forming a closed-loop from detection to execution. With the 3D laser scanning technology, construction site high-precision point cloud data can be obtained, and adjustments and optimizations can be made in real-time according to the actual situation. Based on digital technology, Ingolstadt’s construction experts can remotely access and communicate with Chinese colleagues at any time.

Through digital construction, Audi-FAW NEV Co., Ltd. will ensure high-efficiency production while also integrating intelligent concepts throughout the entire production process, building a smart enterprise with a digitized IT architecture network system and a super enterprise cloud system.# IT Architecture Enables Efficient Collaboration and Production

IT architecture allows all devices, products, and maintenance to be interconnected, leading to efficient collaboration within an enterprise. Cloud systems facilitate this collaboration by increasing the flexibility of production, predicting production more accurately through supplier connections, and shortening delivery cycles by connecting with users. This enhances production speed, transparency, efficiency, and quality.

In the future, FAW-Volkswagen Audi Co., Ltd. will strive for lean production through high automation. The automated guided vehicle (AGV) intelligent scheduling algorithm, combined with the benefits of the intelligent warehousing AGVs in the express delivery industry and automotive manufacturing capabilities, allow for highly automated large-volume component distribution in the welding and assembly workshop, achieving leading standards in the industry.

In the core facility, more than one thousand robots will operate during a single shift, with about 1,000 workers working alongside them, achieving a ratio of 1:1 and significantly improving automation rates.

Meanwhile, the entire production base will adopt green energy under Audi’s global “Mission: Zero” initiative. For example, solar photovoltaic systems will be installed on the production base’s roof area, providing a projected total area of more than 300,000 square meters and generating more than 30 million kilowatt-hours of energy per year. In terms of heat supply, biomass fuel will be used for green and clean production. Audi FAW NEV Corporation will also form a water cycle management system through extensive treatment with biofilm and reverse osmosis membranes, realizing effective water reuse.

Audi FAW NEV Corporation will establish an international talent development and operations system to attract a large number of international talents. At the same time, the company will employ Audi’s global highest standards to build a training school with a complete training system and cultivate highly skilled talents. Furthermore, the enterprise will create more job opportunities; the estimated team size at Audi FAW NEV Corporation will reach 3,000.

The company will also establish a supplier-dedicated industrial park in the vicinity to attract more excellent suppliers in the hope of creating a green industry chain together and drive upgrades across the production chain. Ultimately, Audi FAW NEV Corporation and its production base will become the center of an industrial ecology.

The Chinese market has critical significance in promoting Audi’s electric vehicle strategy. With the construction of a production base, a sustainable supply chain system, and the gathering of high-end talents, Audi will increase localization efforts to realize its vision, “In China, for China.”




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