BYD's official response to the issue of aluminum shavings blowing from Dolphin air conditioners.

This afternoon, BYD officially responded to the issue of aluminum debris sprayed by the air conditioner of the Dolphin model, which had caused a stir before. BYD stated that it has recently received complaints from individual users, reflecting that the Dolphin vehicle’s air conditioner has the phenomenon of blowing out white powder.

BYD Response

BYD explained that this phenomenon is caused by individual air conditioners in the Dolphin model being abnormally evaporated. After testing, the main component of the powder is aluminum hydroxide (commonly used in stomach medicine), which is harmless to the body. The powder is mainly sprayed out in large particles, which usually naturally settles at the bottom of the car. If inhaled inadvertently, it will also be adsorbed by the nasal cavity and will not cause harm to the human body.

Test Result

Earlier, a car owner sent the white powder sprayed by the air conditioner to a third-party institution for testing. The test report showed that the main component of the white powder compound was aluminum hydroxide, with a main content of 95.3%. Aluminum hydroxide has a certain degree of toxicity, which can neutralize stomach acid and is commonly used to treat gastric ulcer, acid reflux and other gastritis caused by excessive secretion of gastric acid. If inhaled aluminum hydroxide powder for a long time, it may cause pneumoconiosis.

White Powder

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